Gladiatus Guild

Gladiatus Guild

This is the page that will be giving the overall view of what the guild in Gladiatus does and what purpose each individual building has for the benefit of the guild members.

Table of Contents

What is a guild

Players have the choice of creating or joining a guild. In this guild, members through joint effort will be building guild buildings that benefit all players in the guild. Creating a guild costs nothing. The only requirement is level 5. Once the guild is created it will start with 5 buildings - Forum Gladiatorius, Bank, War Master Hall, Library and a Bathhouse, all Level 1. The player who creates the building becomes the Master. Other players may join the guild by finding it and making an application.

Brand new guild looks like this:

Starting guild

and this is how a developed guild looks like:

Developed guild

This is headquarters of the {Guild Name}. All new guild members can have a nice bath in the bathhouse, introduce themselves to older warriors and generally find out more about the guild. Gladiatorius, the forum, is the administrative centre of the guild and is therefore also very important.


When a guild is created it has a name and a tag. The tag is something like a short name for the guild or initials. For example guild name: Burning Legion, tag is [B.L]


A guild can have a homepage. This is essentially a link to external page that can be used as a guild homepage

Guild Description

The guild description is a space where the admins or the master can put all kind of information about the guild. It will be visible to anyone browsing the guild. NB: Guild can be browsed either through another player's profile under his inventory or from the Highscore ranking

Disbanding a guild

The Master can decide to disband the guild which will delete it and all the gold will go to the emperor (nowhere)

Joining a guild

You can only join a guild from the same server. There is no cross-server guild join options.

Guild Logos

The guild can have its own banner and a logo which are combined into the guild flag. Here are the logos you can choose from:

Guild Banners

So you can choose any combination of logo and a banner and your guild flag will be looking something like this:

Guild Ranks

Guild ranks in a guild can be completely modified to your own choice but the default ones are:

Master - He is the owner of the guild. Awarded to the person who creates the guild but can be transferred later

So the master rank has full control of the guild and its administration. He can:

  • Change guild description
  • Change guild logo
  • Change guild homepage
  • Change guild name
  • Administer members
    • Add/remove/edit of ranks
    • Approve guild applications
    • Change player ranks
    • Kick players out of the guild
  • Disband the guild
  • Start building expansions

Admin - Admins are powerful members of the guild who can do everything that the master can, except kick the Master. They can kick other Admins.

Member - this is just a normal member who can use the guild buildings and their benefit but cannot make any changes to the guild organization

Guild Buildings

Guild buildings are all the guild is about. They are very expensive for the individual player so the idea is that everyone donates into the guild bank, the gold will stay in the guild vault and the money will be ready to be used for building. Once the gold needed to construct a building is in the guild bank, the construction itself is instant. There is a discount available on the price of guild buildings. It is 3% of the price per 1 player with Centurio with a maximum of 30% cost reduction. This means that 10 players with Centurio activated in the guild will provide the max discount for buildings. There are 12 buildings and each building has up to 20 Levels. Not all buildings can reach level 20. Each level costs more to expand. At higher levels the buildings are so expensive that by the time the gold is accumulated into the bank, the guild is exposed to attack from another guild and part of this gold can be lost so there are different tactic in how players organize to make the payments. Some guilds decide on a specific date and hour and everyone donates at the same time or players package the donation gold to the admins and they do it when the needed sum is gathered.

Forum Gladiatorius


Gladiatorius, the forum, is the administrative centre of the guild. At the beginning a guild can be administered with 3 members. With every extension, the building provides enough space for another 3 further guild members. Another important function of the forum is the planning of the construction of the city so that the guild district can develop. And of course the forum also represents the guild`s exterior appearance.


Forum is one of the most important buildings in a guild. It is responsible for the overall look of the guild (surroundings improve with the level of the building) and how many members can join the guild and when the forum is clicked gives the general info of the guild as well as guild administration and the guild message form

Level 1:

Price: 3 Gold
Number of members: 3

Level 2

Price: 296 Gold
Number of members: 6

Level 3:

Price: 4.130 Gold
Number of members: 9

Level 4:

Price: 26.796 Gold
Number of members: 12

Level 5

Price: 114.283 Gold
Number of members: 15

Level 6

Price: 375.818 Gold
Number of members: 18

Level 7

Price: 1.018.158 Gold
Number of members: 21

Level 8:

Price: 2.425.286 Gold
Number of members: 24

Level 9:

Price: 5.215.001 Gold
Number of members: 27

Level 10:

Price: 10.343.751 Gold
Number of members: 30

Level 11

Price: 19.218.989 Gold
Number of members: 33

Level 12:

Price: 33.834.222 Gold
Number of members: 36

Level 13:

Price: 56.925.897 Gold
Number of members: 39

Level 14:

Price: 92.153.181 Gold
Number of members: 42

Level 15

Price: 144.301.645 Gold
Number of members: 45

Level 16:

Price: 219.511.858 Gold
Number of members: 48

Level 17:

Price: 325.533.800 Gold

Number of members: 51

Level 18:

Price: 472.008.024 Gold

Number of members: 54

Level 19:

Price: 670.774.440 Gold

Number of members: 57

Level 20:

Price: 936.209.559 Gold

Number of members: 60



The treasure trove of the guild and therefore also the centre of its growth. Donation are guarded very carefully here. With every expansion of the guild bank, a larger vault can be built that stores a further 2% of guild gold.


Two dark figures guard the entrance and eye up every visitor to the guild bank. You definitely do not want to start a fight with either of them. Inside the bank, lots of grids prevent unwanted intruders from entering. A bearded merchant with a funny look stands behind the counter. With Roman correctness he documents every donation in the donation book and fills the vault with {Amount of gold in vault}% of the guild gold.

The bank serves the purpose of storing and distributing the guild's gold. People can donate their gold in favor of the guild here by using the Donate button inside the bank. All the donations can be viewed in the Donation Book tab. Increasing the building level only provides better % of gold in the vault. Gold that sits in the vault is % of the total gold in the guild which is protected from guild attacks and cannot be looted. Most guilds don't tend to expand the Bank more than Level 10.

Level: 1-9:

Level: 1 | Price: 0 Gold | Amount of gold in vault: 2%
Level: 2 | Price: 26.316 Gold | Amount of gold in vault: 4%
Level: 3 | Price: 163.166 Gold | Amount of gold in vault: 6%
Level: 4 | Price: 595.464 Gold | Amount of gold in vault: 8%
Level: 5 | Price: 1.625.363 Gold | Amount of gold in vault: 10%
Level: 6 | Price: 3.692.038 Gold | Amount of gold in vault: 12%
Level: 7 | Price: 7.387.997 Gold | Amount of gold in vault: 14%
Level: 8 | Price: 13.473.812 Gold | Amount of gold in vault: 16%
Level: 9 | Price: 22.891.637 Gold | Amount of gold in vault: 18%

Level 10-14:

Level: 10 | Price: 36.777.784 Gold | Amount of gold in vault: 20%
Level: 11 | Price: 56.474.533 Gold | Amount of gold in vault: 22%
Level: 12 | Price: 83.541.289 Gold | Amount of gold in vault: 24%
Level: 13 | Price: 119.765.202 Gold | Amount of gold in vault: 26%
Level: 14 | Price: 167.171.303 Gold | Amount of gold in vault: 28%

Level 15+:

Level: 15 | Price: 228.032.229 Gold | Amount of gold in vault: 30%
Level: 16 | Price: 304.877.581 Gold | Amount of gold in vault: 32%
Level: 17 | Price: 400.502.945 Gold | Amount of gold in vault: 34%
Level: 18 | Price: 517.978.628 Gold | Amount of gold in vault: 36%
Level: 19 | Price: 660.658.112 Gold | Amount of gold in vault: 38%
Level: 20 | Price: 832.186.274 Gold | Amount of gold in vault: 40%

Villa Medici


The guild`s medical centre is always well attended. Every 3 expansion levels, a new treatment room is built for an additional doctor. The treatment quality depends on the expansion level, as 2% more vitality points are healed per level. The emperor`s decree dictates that a Medicus must take 8 hours in between treatments to rest, to avoid making any medical mistakes. So you should be very careful when choosing which guild member needs medical treatment!

Villa Medici doctor

The injured and the sick lie on camp beds. You can hear a patient`s cry for help from treatment room I; he obviously does not want to be helped. Several gladiators rush to Medicus` side, laughing. This makes you wonder whether another guild member might need Medicus` help more urgently.

The treatments in the Villa Medici are currently restoring {Healing} % of your HP

Villa Medici is an important building. Depending on the level of the building, there can be a number of doctors there that can instantly heal you for {Healing} % of your total HP. The number of doctors available also increases with every 3 levels. Every doctor can heal once every 8 hours

Villa Medici healing layout

Level: 1-9:

Level: 1 | Price: 572 Gold | Healing: 2%, 1 Doctor
Level: 2 | Price: 12.946 Gold | Healing: 4%, 1 Doctor
Level: 3 | Price: 80.273 Gold | Healing: 6%, 2 Doctors
Level: 4 | Price: 292.952 Gold | Healing: 8%, 2 Doctors
Level: 5 | Price: 799.636 Gold | Healing: 10%, 2 Doctors
Level: 6 | Price: 1.816.385 Gold | Healing: 12%, 3 Doctors
Level: 7 | Price: 3.634.699 Gold | Healing: 14%, 3 Doctors
Level: 8 | Price: 6.628.760 Gold | Healing: 16%, 3 Doctors
Level: 9 | Price: 11.262.081 Gold | Healing: 18%, 4 Doctors

Level 10-14:

Level: 10 | Price: 18.093.698 Gold | Healing: 20%, 4 Doctors
Level: 11 | Price: 27.783.978 Gold | Healing: 22%, 4 Doctors
Level: 12 | Price: 41.100.107 Gold | Healing: 24%, 5 Doctors
Level: 13 | Price: 58.921.316 Gold | Healing: 26%, 5 Doctors
Level: 14 | Price: 82.243.865 Gold | Healing: 28%, 5 Doctors

Level 15+:

Level: 15 | Price: 112.185.834 Gold | Healing: 30%, 6 Doctors
Level: 16 | Price: 149.991.717 Gold | Healing: 32%, 6 Doctors
Level: 17 | Price: 197.036.870 Gold | Healing: 34%, 6 Doctors
Level: 18 | Price: 254.831.803 Gold | Healing: 36%, 7 Doctors

War Master Hall


The Emperor does not want barbaric wars to take place amongst guilds, so he created the post of the War Master. The War Master`s job is to make sure all guild battles are carried out according to the rules. He also has the job of documenting all guild battles before they are carried out. For every expansion level of the War Master Hall, he can store 2 more guild battle reports and 10 more arena battle reports for each guild member and needs 1 hour(s) less for his documentations.

Your guild seems to have got the most grim looking war master of the whole country. His evil look surveys every person who enters his halls and makes it clear that he will do anything to make sure that the guild battle codex A.L.E.X. is followed. Two filing cabinets are at the end of the hall, one is labelled with the name `Guild Battles` and one is for all the arena battle reports of all guild members.

War Master Hall serves the purpose of fighting other guilds and looking at guild & battle reports. From the War Master Hall tab you can search for an opponent guild to attack. On Level 1 the cooldown to attack another guild is 24 hours but with every building level this is reduced by 1 hour.

Guild Battles tab

He mutely holds the guild war codex A.L.E.X. in his hands and points at the page with the rules: I. The Emperor demands that the guild Gods_Never_Die only fights with guilds that have a maximum of double the amount of members that their guild has. II. The Emperor demands that the guild Gods_Never_Die only fights with guilds that have a minimum of half the amount of members that their guild has. III. The Emperor demands that the guild Gods_Never_Die only seeks battle with guilds that have a level average that`s a maximum of 5 levels under them. IV. The Emperor demands that the two guild war masters of each fighting guild alternately selects random gladiators for the duel battle. V. The Emperor demands that gladiators without opponents are evaluated as winners. VI. The Emperor demands that the trained Medici tend to the defending guild as soon as the battle is over and that the attacking guild, in the case of a victory, receive a fair share of the defending guild`s guild gold. The vault should stay untouched at all times. Ave Emperor.

The Guild Battles tab will show you a log of the last X amount (depends on building level) of guild battles and review them. When the limit is reached, any new battle reports will overwrite the oldest one.

Battle reports tab

The grim war master is especially neat when it comes to arena battle reports. He cuts out all the guild member arena battle reports that are released in the Roman Arena Gazette (tm) and sorts them according to their date. He throws away old reports because he only has space for 80 in the War Master hall for current arena battle reports.

On the Battle Reports tab you can look at individual arena battles of all the guild members and see how they perform. This can be a lot of reports so the higher the building level the more reports you can save. When the limit is reached the oldest reports get overwritten by new reports.

Admins can also see an Administration tab and can say what guild ranks can start battles and what guild ranks can look at reports.

Level: 1-9:

Level: 1 | Price: 42 Gold | Guild battles: 2 | Battle reports: 10
Level: 2 | Price: 960 Gold | Guild battles: 4 | Battle reports: 20
Level: 3 | Price: 5.954 Gold | Guild battles: 6 | Battle reports: 30
Level: 4 | Price: 21.729 Gold | Guild battles: 8 | Battle reports: 40
Level: 5 | Price: 59.311 Gold | Guild battles: 10 | Battle reports: 50
Level: 6 | Price: 134.727 Gold | Guild battles: 12 | Battle reports: 60
Level: 7 | Price: 269.597 Gold | Guild battles: 14 | Battle reports: 70
Level: 8 | Price: 491.677 Gold | Guild battles: 16 | Battle reports: 80
Level: 9 | Price: 835.346 Gold | Guild battles: 18 | Battle reports: 90

Level 10-14:

Level: 10 | Price: 1.342.070 Gold | Guild battles: 20 | Battle reports: 100
Level: 11 | Price: 2.060.830 Gold | Guild battles: 22 | Battle reports: 110
Level: 12 | Price: 3.048.532 Gold | Guild battles: 24 | Battle reports: 120
Level: 13 | Price: 4.370.391 Gold | Guild battles: 26 | Battle reports: 130
Level: 14 | Price: 6.100.303 Gold | Guild battles: 28 | Battle reports: 140

Level 15+:

Level: 15 | Price: 8.321.199 Gold | Guild battles: 30 | Battle reports: 150
Level: 16 | Price: 11.125.388 Gold | Guild battles: 32 | Battle reports: 160
Level: 17 | Price: 14.614.885 Gold | Guild battles: 34 | Battle reports: 170
Level: 18 | Price: 18.901.729 Gold | Guild battles: 36 | Battle reports: 180
Level: 19 | Price: 24.108.293 Gold | Guild battles: 28 | Battle reports: 190
Level: 20 | Price: 30.367.584 Gold | Guild battles: 40 | Battle reports: 200



Knowledge is power and the feather is stronger than the sword has often been asserted in imperial circles. That is why our knowledge of useful recipes is stored in the library. With every expansion level 2 more recipes can be handed in to Ongarius, the library administrator.

Library is where you use and activate the Recipes you find on your adventures. First you deposit the recipe into the library.

Here is what the different recipes do -

Activating the recipe will place a buff on all guild members for 4 hours. Activating comes with a cost in Gold. The higher the level of the recipe, the more stats it buffs. Beware of the prices too. High level recipes 80+ are extremely expensive to activate it might not be worth it.

Recipes in Guild Library

The higher the building level - more recipes can be stored for activating. Multiple recipes can be activated at the same time.

Level: 1-9:

Level: 1 | Price: 0 Gold | Recipes: 2
Level: 2 | Price: 1.397 Gold | Recipes: 4
Level: 3 | Price: 8.665 Gold | Recipes: 6
Level: 4 | Price: 31.622 Gold | Recipes: 8
Level: 5 | Price: 86.316 Gold | Recipes: 10
Level: 6 | Price: 196.069 Gold | Recipes: 12
Level: 7 | Price: 392.347 Gold | Recipes: 14
Level: 8 | Price: 715.541 Gold | Recipes: 16
Level: 9 | Price: 1.215.685 Gold | Recipes: 18

Level 10-14:

Level: 10 | Price: 1.953.125 Gold | Recipes: 20
Level: 11 | Price: 2.999.142 Gold | Recipes: 22
Level: 12 | Price: 4.436.552 Gold | Recipes: 24
Level: 13 | Price: 6.360.263 Gold | Recipes: 26
Level: 14 | Price: 8.877.817 Gold | Recipes: 28

Level 15+:

Level: 15 | Price: 12.109.904 Gold | Recipes: 30
Level: 16 | Price: 16.190.860 Gold | Recipes: 32
Level: 17 | Price: 21.269.152 Gold | Recipes: 34
Level: 18 | Price: 27.507.828 Gold | Recipes: 36
Level: 19 | Price: 35.084.980 Gold | Recipes: 38
Level: 20 | Price: 44.194.173 Gold | Recipes: 40

Negotium X


Dungeon bosses who have been found and defeated by guild members are incarcerated in Negotium X, which is outside the safe walls of the city. With every expansion level, the necessary preparations are made for the incarceration of 2 more bosses. Negotium X gives guild members the possibility to test their strength against captured dungeon bosses (until the boss is dead) without losing any dungeon points.

Only the cleverest guild leaders come up with the ingenious idea of working at Negotium X. Everyone can have monsters and gladiators, but catching dungeon bosses takes quite some doing... or quite some craziness. The muffled sound of angry dungeon bosses echoes through the thick walls. The rocks are covered in claw scratches and dried blood. Now and again severely injured gladiators, who have attempted to defeat prisoners from the fort, are carried past you.

The Negotium X has got X cells at the moment and therefore has space for X dungeon boss(es).

Negotium X is a jail for dungeon bosses. Whenever a boss is defeated, he is taken to the Negotium X where anyone from the guild, regardless of level can try himself in a dungeon fight against this boss. It is entirely designed for training purposes, however the fights are real so your items suffer durability. How many bosses the Negotium can hold depends on the building level. Administrators of the Negotium can decide if they want to release a boss from the Negotium to free space for another. Master/Admins can decide what guild ranks can attack the bosses, catch dungeon bosses or release them. The same boss can be jailed many times. If a player who tries himself against a Negotium jailed boss defeats him, he dies and frees space in the jail cell. The capture of the boss itself happens automatically. Whenever there is a free slot, any dungeon boss kill of a boss will automatically be taken to free cell.

Negotium X interface

Level: 1-9:

Level: 1 | Price: 572 Gold | Bosses: 2
Level: 2 | Price: 12.946 Gold | Bosses: 4
Level: 3 | Price: 80.273 Gold | Bosses: 6
Level: 4 | Price: 292.952 Gold | Bosses: 8
Level: 5 | Price: 799.636 Gold | Bosses: 10
Level: 6 | Price: 1.816.385 Gold | Bosses: 12
Level: 7 | Price: 3.634.699 Gold | Bosses: 14
Level: 8 | Price: 6.628.760 Gold | Bosses: 16
Level: 9 | Price: 11.262.081 Gold | Bosses: 18

Level 10-14:

Level: 10 | Price: 18.093.698 Gold | Bosses: 20
Level: 11 | Price: 27.783.978 Gold | Bosses: 22
Level: 12 | Price: 41.100.107 Gold | Bosses: 24
Level: 13 | Price: 58.921.316 Gold | Bosses: 26
Level: 14 | Price: 82.243.865 Gold | Bosses: 28

Level 15+:

Level: 15 | Price: 112.185.834 Gold | Bosses: 30
Level: 16 | Price: 149.991.717 Gold | Bosses: 32
Level: 17 | Price: 197.036.870 Gold | Bosses: 34
Level: 18 | Price: 254.831.803 Gold | Bosses: 36
Level: 19 | Price: 325.026.341 Gold | Bosses: 38
Level: 20 | Price: 409.413.666 Gold | Bosses: 40



The templum is consecrated to all the great gods. Every guild member can secure support from a divinity of his choice. The temple director can give each guild member 1 more hours of prayer time per upgrade level. During prayer the believer feels the divine presence of his divinity and the divine blessing associated with it.

The monotone singsong of the prayers, the torches, the divine insignia and the scent of the mix of prayer herbs grants the temple a very special aura. A small shrine has been lovingly arranged for each grand God. The question is: What are you here to pray for?

Templum (Temple) is a building devoted to praying to the gods. You can pray to any of the 6 gods and you can pray for god's favor. This is just another way of obtaining god's favor of your choice. 1 Hour praying time rewards 1 Favour with the selected god. It resembles going to work. You cannot do anything else while praying. The higher the Building level the more hours you can pray. Actually the building level corresponds exactly to the number of hours players will be available to pray.

Pray to the gods

The second purpose is to Pray for the Underworld

You can summon Proserpina`s mother Ceres through prayer here. Your praying will then decide how much Ceres will support you against Dīs Pater on the next day in the Underworld. For the injustice of what was done to her daughter, the goddess of fertility provides all with a regeneration buff - in full knowledge that healing is only possible in this manner. Dīs Pater should never be allowed to keep someone in the Underworld through the consumption of food ever again.

This is basically the way to increase HP regeneration in the Underworld. Praying for X amount of time will provide X amount + % on HP regeneration. Note that the bonus regeneration from praying will be available the next day (Server time 00:00 +).

Pray for the Underworld

You can end praying whenever you want but while you pray - it is just like praying to the gods or going to work. You cannot do anything else.

End prayer

Level: 1-9:

Level: 1 | Price: 22 Gold | Prayer time: 1
Level: 2 | Price: 512 Gold | Prayer time: 2
Level: 3 | Price: 3.174 Gold | Prayer time: 3
Level: 4 | Price: 11.585 Gold | Prayer time: 4
Level: 5 | Price: 31.622 Gold | Prayer time: 5
Level: 6 | Price: 71.831 Gold | Prayer time: 6
Level: 7 | Price: 143.739 Gold | Prayer time: 7
Level: 8 | Price: 262.144 Gold | Prayer time: 8
Level: 9 | Price: 445.375 Gold | Prayer time: 9


Level 10-14:

Level: 10 | Price: 715.541 Gold | Prayer time: 10
Level: 11 | Price: 1.098.758 Gold | Prayer time: 11
Level: 12 | Price: 1.625.363 Gold | Prayer time: 12
Level: 13 | Price: 2.330.129 Gold | Prayer time: 13
Level: 14 | Price: 3.252.453 Gold | Prayer time: 14

Level 15+:

Level: 15 | Price: 4.436.552Gold | Prayer time: 15
Level: 16 | Price: 5.931.641 Gold | Prayer time: 16
Level: 17 | Price: 7.792.110 Gold | Prayer time: 17
Level: 18 | Price: 10.077.696 Gold | Prayer time: 18
Level: 19 | Price: 12.853.641 Gold | Prayer time: 17
Level: 20 | Price: 16.190.861 Gold | Prayer time: 18



The bathhouse is a favourite hangout for lots of gladiators. It is magnificently decorated, smells wonderful and provides a pleasant distraction after a long day of work on the field of honour. Idyllic harp-playing, a nice conversation in Vox Logus and wine from the winery ``ludi officinae ferraria``all have a hand in increasing regeneration by 1% per expansion level.

A marble etched portrait is prominently displayed at the entrance. It illustrates the scene of our emperor driving through the streets, on a victory parade through Rome. Hundreds of scantily clad women watch the emperor in awe, and in the guest houses countless suckling pigs are being served. Furthermore one can see Greek athletes running a marathon naked, magnificent chariot races taking place in Circus Maximus and in the background one you can also see a large area on fire that was once Karthago. This scene from recent history is often talked about in Vox Logus and a glass of wine from the winery `Ludi Officinae Ferraria` is then raised to it.

The bathhouse just as it says in the description is a place to chat and relax via the Vox Logus . It also provides passive HP regeneration for all guild members. Each Level of building provides 1% HP regen

HP Regen from Bathhouse

Vox Logus I and Vox Logus II

The Vox Logus lounges are where the talking and relaxing is happening. It is a place where players can write and leave messages for others to read. Often the guild Master and Admins use it to leave messages to the rest of the guild - like rules or donation schedules or tips and tricks. Unlike the Mass Guild messages these stick so imagine the Vox Logus as wallboard. Vox Logus I is for general use and Vox Logus II is only reserved for Admins.

Admins can decide which guild rank can write/read/delete messages in the Vox Logus.

Level: 1-9:

Level: 1 | Price: 0 Gold | Regeneration: +1
Level: 2 | Price: 4.874 Gold | Regeneration: +2
Level: 3 | Price: 30.224 Gold | Regeneration: +3
Level: 4 | Price: 110.301 Gold | Regeneration: +4
Level: 5 | Price: 301.077 Gold | Regeneration: +5
Level: 6 | Price: 683.901 Gold | Regeneration: +6
Level: 7 | Price: 1.368.528 Gold | Regeneration: +7
Level: 8 | Price: 2.495.845 Gold | Regeneration: +8
Level: 9 | Price: 4.240.372 Gold | Regeneration: +9

Level 10-14:

Level: 10 | Price: 6.812.597 Gold | Regeneration: +10%
Level: 11 | Price: 10.461.159 Gold | Regeneration: +11%
Level: 12 | Price: 15.474.917 Gold | Regeneration: +12%
Level: 13 | Price: 22.184.917 Gold | Regeneration: +13%
Level: 14 | Price: 30.966.269 Gold | Regeneration: +14%

Level 15+:

Level: 15 | Price: 42.239.949Gold | Regeneration: +15%
Level: 16 | Price: 56.474.533 Gold | Regeneration: +16%
Level: 17 | Price: 74.187.865 Gold | Regeneration: +17%
Level: 18 | Price: 95.948.679 Gold | Regeneration: +18%
Level: 19 | Price: 122.378.164 Gold | Regeneration: +19%
Level: 20 | Price: 154.151.483 Gold | Regeneration: +20%

Guild market


The guild market enables tough gladiators to do their shopping in peace without any competitors around. Only guild members are allowed to stroll around and survey the goods here. The emperor puts a market administrator in charge of each guild. He makes sure that the emperor gets his cut and that all trade regulations of the trade codex A.N.D.I. are complied with. For every expansion level, a new market stall is built so that every guild member can offer 2 more items

It`s really nice to go out in the sunshine and see some familiar faces at the market. Exempt from the world of the battle for the best items for a few hours, you can have a nice chitchat with other people at the market. Even the Emperor`s market administrator enjoys a good joke, though he always has the trade codex A.N.D.I. with him.

You can see items from level 0 to Character Level +9

So the Guild market is just like the public Market but only guild members can see it. It is primarily used for re-packaging gold or exchanging scrolls. It doesn't work well for buffing other players by giving them items because the visibility on the market is only +9 levels above the character level. This is very low as the normal visibility of a character is +16.

The market fees are just like the normal Market.

when put on 2h duration: 2%

when put on 8 h duration: 3%

when put on 24h duration: 4%

However, this time the gold from fees goes into the Guild Bank instead of the Emperor. This is a good motivator for not asking for fees when re-packing gold for a guild mate.

The amount of items 1 player can put increases with building level. 1 Level = 2 Items

Access log

The Guild market keeps a strict log of all the transactions there. They are in the manner of: "18.05.2018 12:25: XXX sold Dragon ring to YYY for 2300000 Gold." The Access log is in the Administration tab but is visible to all guild members.

Rights system

Admins can also decide what guild ranks can buy and sell items on the market.

Level: 1-9:

Level: 1 | Price: 87 Gold | Items: 2
Level: 2 | Price: 1.975 Gold | Items: 4
Level: 3 | Price: 12.251 Gold | Items: 6
Level: 4 | Price: 44.710 Gold | Items: 8
Level: 5 | Price: 122.039 Gold | Items: 10
Level: 6 | Price: 277.215 Gold | Items: 12
Level: 7 | Price: 554.725 Gold | Items: 14
Level: 8 | Price: 1.011.677 Gold | Items: 16
Level: 9 | Price: 1.718.811 Gold | Items: 18

Level 10-14:

Level: 10 | Price: 2.761.448 Gold | Items: 20
Level: 11 | Price: 4.240.372 Gold | Items: 22
Level: 12 | Price: 6.272.671 Gold | Items: 24
Level: 13 | Price: 8.992.532 Gold | Items: 26
Level: 14 | Price: 12.552.004 Gold | Items: 28

Level 15+:

Level: 15 | Price: 17.121.728 Gold | Items: 30
Level: 16 | Price: 22.891.637 Gold | Items: 32
Level: 17 | Price: 30.071.638 Gold | Items: 34
Level: 18 | Price: 38.892.262 Gold | Items: 36
Level: 19 | Price: 49.605.307 Gold | Items: 38
Level: 20 | Price: 62.484.445 Gold | Items: 40



The guild`s warehouse is very strictly administrated. Quest- and soul bound items are completely out of place here. Every person who stores something here or wants to take something with him or her is watched like a hawk; after all, no one is supposed to get hold of items that aren`t consistent with his or her reputation. With every level, space is made for one shelf. The emperor only allows a maximum of 12 shelves in each guild district of a guild.

Warehouse's purpose is to store items. Items that you want to share with other guild mates or just to get them out of your bags. The space available for storage depends on the building level. Each level provides 1 "Shelf" with a maximum of 12 shelves. This is what a shelf is:

24 (6x4) slot storage space:

1 Shelf in Warehouse

If you upgrade to Level 2, the second half will be available too for a total of 48 slots (6x8) which can now be filled with Mercenary or Forging goods or Grindstones

2 Shelves in Warehouse

When you hover your mouse over an item that is stored in the Warehouse you will see who is the owner.

Warehouse item owner

On the Administration tab you can see Access log very similar to the one in the Guild market.

Deposit an item is in green - 18.05.2018 08:19: Black_Hawk has put Shadow Rune into the warehouse. (Amount: 11)

Withdrawing an item is in red - 18.05.2018 08:19: Black_Hawk has taken Shadow Rune from the warehouse. (Amount: 10)

Admins can also administrate what guild ranks can put or withdraw items.

Important note! In order to reduce buffing of other players with items, warehouse withdraws also have item level limit. Same as Market limit, items more than 9 levels above your character level will be in Red and cannot be withdrawn.

Level: 1-9:

Level: 1 | Price: 19.683 Gold | 1 Shelf
Level: 2 | Price: 445.375 Gold | 2 Shelves
Level: 3 | Price: 2.761.448 Gold | 3 Shelves
Level: 4 | Price: 10.077.696 Gold | 4 Shelves
Level: 5 | Price: 27.507.828 Gold | 5 Shelves
Level: 6 | Price: 62.484.445 Gold | 6 Shelves
Level: 7 | Price: 125.035.251 Gold | 7 Shelves
Level: 8 | Price: 228.032.229 Gold | 8 Shelves
Level: 9 | Price: 387.420.489 Gold | 9 Shelves

Level 10-14:

Level: 10 | Price: 622.431.111 Gold | 10 Shelves
Level: 11 | Price: 955.780.962 Gold | 11 Shelves
Level: 12 | Price: 1.413.861.601 Gold | 12 Shelves
Level: 13 | Price: 2.026.918.926 Gold | 12 Shelves
Level: 14 | Price: 2.829.224.778 Gold | 12 Shelves

Level 15+:

Level: 15 | Price: 3.859.241.517 Gold | 12 Shelves
Level: 16 | Price: 5.159.780.352 Gold | 12 Shelves

Training grounds


There are tough rules at the training ground, but the comradely advice from other members helps each gladiator to become quicker during training and therefore also saves money. Every expansion level saves each guild member 2% of the expensive training costs in the arena.

As you step onto the training ground, the metallic scent of blood tickles in your nose. Cries of pain and slanderous outcries are a daily occurrence here. But that is just the way it is here. The training master coordinates all the gladiators and monitors every course of movement. The grindstone is the punishment for lack of commitment- and no one wants to risk that.

The training with your guild comrades is saving you {Building Level*2} % of expensive training costs during training.

So the Training grounds are exactly this - reducing the training cost of your Character stats - Strength, Dexterity, Agility, Charisma and Intelligence. It is the most important building in the whole guild structure and probably in the entire game.

Level: 1-9:
Training gounds Level 1-9
Level: 1 | Price: 456 Gold | Discount: 2%
Level: 2 | Price: 10.337 Gold | Discount: 4%
Level: 3 | Price: 64.096 Gold | Discount: 6%
Level: 4 | Price: 233.916 Gold | Discount: 8%
Level: 5 | Price: 638.492 Gold | Discount: 10%
Level: 6 | Price: 1.450.345 Gold | Discount: 12%
Level: 7 | Price: 2.902.230 Gold | Discount: 14%
Level: 8 | Price: 5.292.924 Gold | Discount: 16%
Level: 9 | Price: 8.992.532 Gold | Discount: 18%


Level 10-14:

Level: 10 | Price: 14.447.434 Gold | Discount: 20%
Level: 11 | Price: 22.184.917 Gold | Discount: 22%
Level: 12 | Price: 32.817.563 Gold | Discount: 24%
Level: 13 | Price: 47.047.420 Gold | Discount: 26%
Level: 14 | Price: 65.669.981 Gold | Discount: 28%

Level 15+:

Level: 15 | Price: 89.578.007Gold | Discount: 30%
Level: 16 | Price: 119.765.202 Gold | Discount: 32%
Level: 17 | Price: 157.329.759 Gold | Discount: 34%
Level: 18 | Price: 203.477.786 Gold | Discount: 36%
Level: 19 | Price: 259.526.635 Gold | Discount: 38%
Level: 20 | Price: 326.908.123 Gold | Discount: 40%

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