Gladiatus Game Guide

Gladiatus Beginner's Guide

Gladiatus Game Guide

Under Construction (75% done)

This Gladiatus Game/Beginner's guide 2018 will be targeting the newer audience but is also suitable for refreshing the knowledge on older players for some of the basic aspects of the game. The game is about you (the player) being a gladiator fighting in different countries, going on expeditions, dungeons, arenas, events and the underworld. You can train stats, find gear and improve yourself.

Table of Contents

Creating a character





  • Player
  • Dungeons
  • Guilds
  • Search






Character Stats

Speed Server

Tips & Tricks

  • Re-packaging
  • Gold saving techniques
  • Play like a pro

Country View

Town View

  • Work
  • Vendors
  • Magus Hermeticus
  • Auction House
  • Market
  • Horreum


  • Max raid (level*1000)

Circus Turma

Battle Reports




Creating a character

The first thing you need to do to start playing Gladiatus is to create a character on a server. Gladiatus has dedicated servers in 30 different countries:

United Kingdom
Česká Republika
Российская Федерация
الإمارات العربية المتحدة

Once you choose your country this is where you can register for an account:

Register an account

Every country has a number of different servers (Provinces) with different speeds. Most of the servers are running on normal speed but some of the servers are running on higher speeds meaning that leveling and the pace of game is X amount of times quicker than the normal pace of the game


Once you click Sign Up your journey begins right away

*If you want to know what a Speed Server is - Go to Speed Server section of this page

You are greeted with this message


Choose a gender. Yes, choose wisely because you can change it later but definitely not right away or anytime soon.

Choose gender

This is how portraits look over the course of the game

Level 1-10

Gladiator male level 1Gladiator female level 1

Level 10-20

Gladiator male level 10-20Gladiator female level 10-20

Level 20-30

Gladiator male level 20-30Gladiator female level 20-30

Level 30-40

Gladiator male level 30-40Gladiator female level 30-40

Level 40-50

Gladiator male level 40-50Gladiator female level 40-50

Level 50-60

Gladiator male level 50-60Gladiator female level 50-60

Level 60-70

Gladiator male level 60-70Gladiator female level 60-70

Level 70-80

Gladiator male level 70-80Gladiator female level 70-80

Level 80-90+

Gladiator male level 80-90Gladiator female level 80-90

Once you choose your gender you are ready to start playing the game

Overview Screen

You will be placed in the Overview screen where you can see your character, stats, inventory, bags and everything else

Overview screen

We are going to look at all these individually

The next thing you want to do is verify your email so you can enjoy full featured game. Ever since you clicked Sign Up, an email with an activation link has been sent to your registration email address.


The tab next to the Overview screen is the Statistics tab. It shows general info for your character. It's pretty self-explanatory so it doesn't need any real clarification. Just for someone who is wondering about the people mugged (via link) it was an old feature of the game that is no longer in the game but remains on the statistics tab. Also the dungeon drop down menu can show you stats of your dungeon journeys



Victories in Gladiatus are what we call Achievements in other games. They mostly award titles that your character can have. There are several categories of achievements for different accomplishments in the game. These are the main categories of achievements:


Every Victory (achievement) provides Victory points so this measures your total. Different Victories provide different Victory points. From 0 to 30.

Click in-game to check them for more info.


Familia is the tab where your friend list resides. When you add someone as your friend it will appear here along with his name, guild and last online status.


But how do you befriend someone? It's not from the Familia tab. It's from the character screen. When you look at the other player's character profile there will be a "Invite to your familia" button

Add friend


The Pantheon tab can be found on just beneath the Overview menu


It consists of 4 submenus

Pantheon submenus


Quests are fundamental part of the game. Quests can be with time limit (to be done within a certain time frame) or without expiration date.

Quest rewards are:

  • God favors (if the quest awards 0 god favor, it means that you are either at max favor for this god or have reached the daily limit)
  • Gold
  • Experience
  • Honour
  • Items (mostly food and up to Green quality items)

Quest rewards are increased as you level up. The higher your level is, the more Gold,Honour, Experience

Here are some quest facts:

  • Cooldown on taking quests is 30 minutes (lower on levels below 10) and you can have up to 5 active quests at one time
  • You can cancel a quest at any time
  • If you fail a quest due to expired time limit or failed a succession, you can retry the quest for free
  • You can reduce greatly the quest waiting time by using the Wrath Mountain costume + Secret Knowledge of the Ancients pact - to just 5 minutes cooldown
  • If you don't want to wait for the quest cooldown, you can reduce it with 10 minutes for the cost of 3 Rubies or 3 Holy Hourglass. If you have Holy Hourglass it always prevails over Rubies
  • If you switch between Centurio and no-Centurio your quest timers for timed quests will be adjusted accordingly
  • Time limit quests provide better rewards (more Gold, Honour etc.) - Gold, Honour, Experience, Items and Mars favor Diana favor Apollo favor Mercury favor Mierva favor Vulcanus favor
  • When you start playing in a new dungeon or expedition, the quest system will need some time to adjust to what your current dungeon is so if you find incorrect or inadequate quests after a country change or new expedition discovery, just give it some time

There are 6 categories of quests:

Combat Quests

Combat quests

Combat quests involve defeating a number of opponents in all areas of the game - expeditions, dungeons or arenas. There are two types of combat quests. To defeat a number of opponents or to defeat them in succession

Defeat X opponents in succession

Combat quest - Succession

Defeat X opponents (don't have to be in succession)

Combat quest no-succession

Expedition Quests

Expedition quests

Expedition quests involve defeating opponents in one of your current expeditions. Expedition quests never award experience. There are 4 types of expedition quest:

Defeat the boss

Expedition quest - Defeat the boss

Defeat X times opponent Y

Expedition quest - opponents

Defeat X times opponent of your choice

Expedition quest - Random

Defeat every opponent in expedition X

Expedition quest - every opponent

Dungeon Quests

Dungeon quests

Dungeon quests are very similar to the expedition quests. Dungeon quests never award experience. There are 3 types:

Defeat the dungeon boss

Dungeon quest - Kill boss

Defeat every opponent once (this can be a long one and not advisable in some dungeons like Externsteine)

Dungeon quest- defeat each opponent

Defeat X amount of opponents in the dungeon (these can be with time limit)

Dungeon quest - kill opponents

Arena Quests

Arena quests

Arena quests involve winning in the Arena and Arena Provinciarum. Most Arena quests are with a time limit. "Upgrade" battles means that they should be legit battles, in the Arena ranking, Provinciarum or just attacking someone outside Arena but within your level range (-9/+9 levels). Note that the quests always cover both server Arena and the cross-server Arena Provinciarum There are 2 types:

In succession

Arena quest - Succession

and not in succession

Arena quests - No succession

Circus Quests

Circus Quests

Circus quests involve wining in the Cirucs Turma or the Circus Turma Provinciarum. Just like Arena, these are mostly timed limit quests, always work for both server and cross-server Turma. Same as Arena - wins are counted towards the quest if the target is legitimate opponent - (-9/+9 levels) that can actually award gold. Circus quests are 2 types:

In succession

Circus quest - Succession

and not in succession

Circus quest - No Succession

Item Quests

Items Quests

These quests involve you finding items from either expeditions or dungeons. These are always the same quests but with different amount of items to find.

Find X amount of items from expeditions or dungeons

Items Quest

Work Quests

Work Quests

Work Quests involve you going to work. Quests can be to go to a specific work like Stable Boy for X amount of Hours or general work like work anything for X amount of hours.

Work Quest


Missions are one time achievements that your character can achieve and be rewarded. Rewards are in the form of God favors - Mars favor Diana favor Apollo favor Mercury favor Mierva favor Vulcanus favor. Once you complete a certain mission it will pop up on the screen and the mission will be ready to be completed with the button Finish. You can choose to complete then at any time you want but have in mind that completing the missions will increase your total (max) favor with the gods!!! Yes, not only that they give you favor, they also raise your max so you should be completing the missions that you complete right away!

There are 5 categories of Missions that a character can complete:

Character development

Reach level X
Train all skills onto X


Collect all info and bonuses from X expedition opponents
Defeat X different area bosses on an expedition


Defeat X Gladiators in the arena
Reach rank 20,10,5,3,2 and 1 in the arena
Kill X of your opponents in Circus Turma
Achieve X wins in Circus Turma
Reach rank rank 20,10,5,3,2 and 1 in Circus Turma
Complete X different dungeons


Get at least one complete set of green equipment
Improve an item to blue quality
Reach a damage value of X
Reach an armour value of X
Command your first mercenary
Command your second mercenary
Command your third mercenary
Command your fourth mercenary
Fully equip a mercenary
Fully equip two mercenary
Fully equip three mercenary
Fully equip four mercenary
Command four mercenaries of level X or above


Use X permanent upgrades or oils on your equipment
Buy X equipment items from the merchant or in the auction house
Complete X quest


The Gods system is quite a big one. And plays a significant role in Gladiatus. There are 6 Gods - Mars, Mercury, Diana, Apollo, Minerva and Vulcan. The idea of the God system is to gather favor with the 6 gods individually and then spend this favor to activate buffs that boosts certain stats on your character.

Here is a little explanation on the Gods screen

God System

  1. God's name and how much favor your have and what is the maximum favor you can obtain for this god. The absolute max god favor is 1000. Increasing your max god favor is achieved through completing Missions so complete your missions immediately when you achieve them would be the most efficient way
  2. This is the large icon representing the god. In-game you will see them mostly in their small icons - Mars favor Diana favor Apollo favor Mercury favor Mierva favor Vulcanus favor
  3. This is the maximum favor you can obtain in a day for all gods. Once you reach it, you will no longer be awarded favor with any god
  4. This is Godly bonus rank 1 - This is how you get bonuses from the Gods. By praying to them in 3 Ranks. Each rank gives a different bonus and has a different cooldown
  5. This is Godly bonus rank 2
  6. This is Godly bonus rank 3

Here is a list of all bonuses provided by the Godly bonus ranks


Godly bonus rank 1

Mars godly rank 1

This will increase with level. Certain costumes can lower the cooldown

Godly bonus rank 2

Mars godly rank 2

Provides a holy oil that increases your agility for 3 days. However, if you are at max agility it will not work so it's not very useful. Certain costumes can lower the cooldown

Check more info on Holy Oils here

Godly bonus rank 3

Mars godly rank 3

Prevents all critical hits in your battles in all fights in arenas, dungeons, turma and expeditions. This is useful when you are facing an enemy that has a lot more critical strike than you and you regularly lose because of critical hits on you. It is useful in special occasions. Certain costumes can lower the cooldown


Godly bonus rank 1

Mercury godly rank 1

Increases with level. Certain costumes can lower the cooldown

Godly bonus rank 2

Mercury godly rank 2

Provides a holy oil that increases your intelligence for 3 days. However, if you are at max intelligence it will not work so it's not very useful. Certain costumes can lower the cooldown

Check more info on Holy Oils here

Godly bonus rank 3

Mercury godly rank 3

Reduces the healing powers of your enemies. Mostly usable in Circus Turma or Dungeons. Analyze the Battle reports on your lost Circus/Dungeon battles and if you notice that the enemy is receiving a lot of healing from a good healer, this can increase your odds of winning. Perhaps a good fight for rank 1 and the rank 1 pot would be a good example to use this godly bonus. Perhaps not very useful in general


Godly bonus rank 1

Diana bonus rank 1

Increases with level. Certain costumes can lower the cooldown

Godly bonus rank 2

Diana bonus rank 2

Provides a holy oil that increases your dexterity for 3 days. However, if you are at max dexterity it will not work so it's not very useful. Certain costumes can lower the cooldown

Check more info on Holy Oils here

Godly bonus rank 3

Diana bonus rank 3

Really powerful bonus. If you are struggling on a dungeon boss or a strong opponent in Circus Turma, this will really give you odds of winning. Sadly it only lasts 2 hours


Godly bonus rank 1

Apollo bonus rank 1

Increases with level. Certain costumes can lower the cooldown

Godly bonus rank 2

Apollo bonus rank 2

This is the most powerful of all gods blessings and is the only oil that will always work, regardless of stats. The damage it proves increases with level and lasts for 3 days. Certain costumes can lower the cooldown and increase the length of the oil

Check more info on Holy Oils here

Godly bonus rank 3

Apollo godly rank 3

It is unconfirmed if this can increase the block % above 50%


Godly bonus rank 1

Minerva godly rank 1

Increases with level. Certain costumes can lower the cooldown

Godly bonus rank 2

Minerva goldy rank 2

Provides a holy oil that increases your charisma for 3 days. However, if you are at max charisma it will not work so it's not very useful. Certain costumes can lower the cooldown

Check more info on Holy Oils here

Godly bonus rank 3

Minerva godly rank 3

Prevents all double hits in all battles in dungeons, arenas, turma and expeditions. If you are facing an enemy that double hits you a lot, use it and you might get better odds at winning. Overall, not very useful bonus.


Godly bonus rank 1

Vulcan godly rank 1

Increases with level. Certain costumes can lower the cooldown

Godly bonus rank 2

Vulcan godly rank 2

Very useful oil, however the amount of Armour it proves is very little, ~240 on level 114 character. It lasts for 3 days which is good

Check more info on Holy Oils here

Godly bonus rank 3

Vulcan godly rank 3

Strong buff to your and your mercenaries. 15% armour and max health points 50%


Treasury tab is the home of the pleasant Chest of Divine Faith

In each of these chests there are 12 possible treasures, of 3 different quality levels. Gold are the rarest, silver are uncommon and the bronze ones appear the most. But only upon opening the chest will you find out which divinely fated treasure you have received.

Chest of Divine Fate interface

So essentially the Chest of Divine Fate has possible winnings randomly spawning every time after you do a spin on your current chest. If you want to wait, that's not problem, the current arranged possible winnings will stay until you spin. You need a Divine of Chest Fate "item" to be able to try and get one of the rewards.

Chest of Divine Fate

It drops from once a day for free from Arena fights like Arena or Circus Turma. One guaranteed drop per character per day is the what you can get for free

Chest of Date drop

Otherwise the cost for buying one spin of the Chest of Fate costs 7 Rubies. You can buy Chest of Fate in larger quantities with some discount

5 for 30 Rubies

10 for 50 Rubies

So how does it work?

You click Open and the dice begins to spin on the available rewards. You can stop it anytime with delay or wait for it to finish on its own and you win the reward on which the spin stops

Rewards types

There are 3 types of rewards based on their rarity

Gold border - these are the most expensive or elite items that can spawn as possible rewards. These are the rarest to spawn and include costumes, name change tokens, gender change tokens or large number of smaller quality rewards

Gold border

Silver border - These are common and every time a number of these are guaranteed to spawn as possible winnings. They include Pacts, Gates and Mobilisation and medium amount of smaller quality rewards

Silver border

Normal border - Represents common items. Most of the possible winnings will spawn as normal items.

Normal border


So the actual rewards are premium items that you can mostly buy from the Premium tab in the game. Note that some of the items here cannot be purchased and can only drop from Divine Chest of Fate:

100% Healing Potion

100% Healing Potion

Can spawn in Chest of Divine Fate as 1-3 potions. You get one when you activate Centurio. Cannot be purchased in Premium tab. Usable in Underworld

Holy Hourglass

Holy Hourglass

Used to immediately attack in an Expedition or Dungeon, ignoring the cooldown remaining. Can also shorten cooldown in Quests. These drop from Divine Chest of Fate in quantities from 4 to 15. They can be purchased from the Premium tab for the price of:

1 for 1 Rubies

10 for 8 Rubies

20 for 15 Rubies

Represented by a small icon - Holy Hourglass small icon

Shorten quest cooldown

Shorten expedition cooldown

Shorten dungeon cooldown

Chest of Divine Fate

Chest of Divine Fate

Yes, Chest of Divine Fate itself can be a possible winning. If you win it, you get another chance for a roll.

Fortunas Die of Destiny

Fortunas Die of Destiny

If you don't like your possible winnings, you can change them with Fortunas Die of Destiny. 1 Die re-freshes the possible winning into another set of random winnings.

Fortuna use

They are very common and are often part of the possible winnings and come in pair of 2. You can have multiple dies in pairs of two, just like this example:

2 Fortunas in 1

Dies can be purchased from the Premium tab as well, for the price of:

1 for 2 Rubies

5 for 8 Rubies

10 for 15 Rubies

Fortunas Die can also drop from mobs as part of the primary drop

Fortunas drop



Hamper is essentially 1x Cervisia Cervisiawhich is a special type of food which gives you 1 day of Centurion. More about it here.

Hamper can only drop from Divine Chest.

Magical Bag

Magical Bag

Magical bag is used to purchase extra slots of bags in your inventory. You can read more about it in the Inventory section. These cannot be bought from the Premium vendor which makes them very valuable Chest of Fate reward. Can be 1, 2 or 3 in quantity.

Work Clothing

Work Clothing

Work Clothing is a common reward from the Chest of Fate. It is used to reduce travel time in the Hermit or reset the vendor items and cooldown. Also used in some types of Work.

Can be purchased from the Premium tab for:

1 for 1 Rubies

10 for 8 Rubies

20 for 15 Rubies

Reset the remaining time until new goods arrive, costs 1x Work Clothing. Useful when you are looking for a good Mercenary in the Mercenary vendor or when you need free space to sell your unneeded items to.

Work Clothing use in Vendors

Also reduces time for traveling between Countries and the travel to the Underworld. Costs 5x Work Clothing

Reduce Travel time

Blessing Symbol

Blessing Symbol

Blessing Symbol provides you with 1 Blessing Pact.

Apart from being rewarded from Chest of Fate, you can buy it from the Premium tab or the Pacts tab for the following prices:

1 for 15 Rubies

5 for 70 Rubies

10 for 130 Rubies

Seal Coins

Seal Coins

Seal Coins provides you with 1 Seal Pact.

Apart from being rewarded from Chest of Fate, you can buy it from the Premium tab or the Pacts tab for the following prices:

1 for 15 Rubies

5 for 70 Rubies

10 for 130 Rubies



Commendation provides you with 1 Honours Pact.

Apart from being rewarded from Chest of Fate, you can buy Blessing Symbol from the Premium tab or the Pacts tab for the following prices:

1 for 15 Rubies

5 for 70 Rubies

10 for 130 Rubies

Secret Formula

Secret Formula

Secret Formula provides you with 1 Secret knowledge Pact.

Apart from being rewarded from Chest of Fate, you can buy Blessing Symbol from the Premium tab or the Pacts tab for the following prices:

1 for 15 Rubies

5 for 70 Rubies

10 for 130 Rubies



Mobilisation restores 3 used expedition points with every activation, until the maximum number has been reached. This cannot be purchased from the Premium tab and only drops from Divine Chest of Faith. Can be 1 or 3 in quantity. Also remember that Underworld is also considered an Expedition and these work in Underworld!!! If you are close to Level 100, keep them!

Gate Key

Gate Key

The gate key restores 3 used dungeon points with every activation, until the maximum number has been reached. This cannot be purchased from the Premium tab and only drops from Divine Chest of Faith. Can be 1 or 3 in quantity.

Arena Parchment

Arena Parchment

This parchment gives you the opportunity to permanently change your name. Can also be purchased from the Premium tab for 50 Rubies

Symbol of Duality

Symbol of Duality

This symbol allows you to change your character`s gender. Can also be purchased from the Premium tab for 20 Rubies

These are the rewards that can be won in the Divine Chest of Fate. Most of these are Premium items and can be found in the Premium tab.


Guild is one of the most important aspects of the game. Joining a guild gives you social interaction, reduces cost for training, provides centralized guild storage, guild market, guild chat and you can heal your character in the Guild Medic. Being such a big topic, there will be a Guilds page on this website as a separate big article.


The Highscore tab leads to several sub-tabs where you can check different rankings on this particular province or server.


By default the general ranking in Gladiatus refers to the "Player" rank and players in the "Player" ranking are scored and sorted based on their Honour points.

Player ranking

The ranking also measures other player stats such as the Level, Honour, Fame, Wins, Victories and Gold

Ranking header

Note - Players represented in Green color are players who are in the same guild as you - guildmates and players in Orange are players that you are friends with (Familia)

Level - Player's level. If clicked it will sort ranking by player's level

Honour - this is the default ranking

Fame - If clicked it will sort ranking by player's fame

Wins - this is the overall summary of arena + circus Turma wins. Basically what you see on the Statistics screen

Victories - The total Victory points accumulated through your achievements. Every Victory (achievement) provides Victory points so this measures your total. Some Victories provide 10 points, some 5 and some 3

Gold - Just like Wins, this is your total stolen/capture gold from your enemies. Summary of arena + circus Turma

There is a button just below the "Player highscore"

7 day highscores

Clicking will show you the Highscore rankings as they are but for the last 7 days. This is a good check who is active on the server.


The default Dungeon highscore is for All-time Highscore and rankings are individual for every dungeon and represent a ranking of players by Max. Fame. Max. Fame represents the total fame acquired from 1 run. Other stats measured here are:

Finished - Number of times a dungeon has been completed by 1 players

Damage & Healing - These are not very well understood yet. It shows max and average numbers

Same as Player highscore, the dungeon highscore has a 7 day variant. It all seems not really relevant.

However, there is one very interesting dungeon ranking - (Dungeon - Boss Items) 

Dungeon items ranking

Here you can see the last 20 items that have dropped from any dungeon in the game, regardless of your level. Yes, you can be level 1 and you can observe the last 20 items that have dropped in Alpha & Omega, the last dungeon in the game (Level 120+)

Alpha & Omega drops

Guilds highscore

The guilds highscore tab shows the server guild ranking. Just like Player ranking, guild ranking is based on Honour. The total amount of Honour from all players in a guild.

Guild Ranking explained

1. Total Gold that the guild holds in the Bank vault

2. Number of players in the guild

3. Total Honour of all Players in the guild (this is how guilds are ranked)

4. Average Honour per player. (Total Honour/Number of players in the guild)

5. Total Fame of all Players in the guild

6. Average Fame per player. (Total Fame/Number of players in the guild)


The search tab lets you search for a Player, a Guild name or a Guild Tag


The Recruiting tab is where you can invite new players to join Gladiatus and start playing on this server. If they are invited through the Recruiting system, they will be connected to you and bring you some rewards.

Every time your recruit does any of these actions, you will receive Recruiting points:







And the rewards where you can spend your earned Recruiting points are:

Recruiting rewards


The Premium tab is where the magic happens when it comes to Rubies. You can buy them and control your inventory of Premium items and activate Pacts


Premium tabs


Jeweller is where you can buy Rubies Rubies and buy Premium items. Premium items are described in the Chest of Divine Fate section.


Rubies Rubies is the premium currency in Gladiatus which can be obtained by purchasing it from the Jeweler for real money

Standard Prices (in EUR) are:

60+5 Rubies for 4.99 (13 Rubies per 1)

150 + 10 Rubies for €9.99 (16 Rubies per 1)

450 + 25 Rubies for €24.99 (19 Rubies per 1)

1050 + 50 Rubies for €49.99 (22 Rubies per 1)

2400 + 100 Rubies for €99.99 (25 Rubies per 1)

The above prices are without any discounts. There are Micro events every few weeks that offer different discounts for buying Rubies. Unless in a hurry, perhaps it's best to wait for one of these. They can be seen in the News feed and are usually with this icon:

Ruby event -30% discount


Banner bonus Rubies

or the Dice game where after a purchase of Rubies you are offered to roll a dice for up to 60% extra Rubies for free

Ruby Blessing event

 However, Rubies can also be obtained without paying in few ways:

  • Very low drop % chance from mobs in the game (Expeditions, Dungeons, Events, Underworld). Here is evidence. There isn't an exact % drop chance but it is extremely low. Can be boosted by Micro Events or costumes
  • From the daily login bonuses. Here is evidence. 1-2 for a daily bonus and if Rubies are awarded from the bonus weekly it could be 4-6 Rubies. Here is evidence.
  • Some Micro Events are buffing the entire server and raising the Ruby drop % from expeditions. Ra's Light Robe event costume increases Ruby drop from expeditions by 8%
  • Event items - Special Food or Event Items can award Rubies or Centurio

Where can you spend Rubies?

  • To reduce cooldown in Expeditions, Dungeons, Recharge Event expedition points, Forging, Centurio,

Rubies can be used in various other ways but will also be discussed in other sections of the guide


Inventory in the Premium tab shows you different premium items that you posses. This is from where you can activate them too.

Inventory (Premium)


Rubies are useful for a lot of aspects in the game. First and foremost, to buy a Centurio

Centurio is the "Premium feature" in Gladiatus. This is what it does:

  • per activation you receive half of a stable boy`s daily wages in Gold for you and your guild
  • a 100% Healing Potion
  • 3% discount on guild buildings for every active Centurio in the guild (max. 30%)
  • only a 5 minute battle block in the arena
  • Expedition point maximum increased to 24
  • Halving of the expedition duration
  • increased expedition point regeneration
  • Dungeon point maximum increased to 24
  • Dungeon duration halved
  • increased dungeon point regeneration

Cost: 15 Rubies for 14 days


Pacts is one of the most fundamental premium features of the game. Pacts can be purchased for Rubies or be won at the Divine Chest of Faith for free.

There are 4 categories of pacts. A Pact of each category costs 15 Rubies for 14 days or a token that drops from Divine Chest of Faith. You can switch from one pact to another within the same category but it has a 24 hour cooldown.


You will become mightier than you ever dreamed of if you choose to make a pact with either the earthly or divine powers! But you will always have to keep in mind that you an only activate one pact from each category. We wouldn`t want the gods to argue about whose favourite you are; this would cause terrible chaos.

 Blessing pacts

Blessing pacts are mainly concerned with expeditions. There are 5 types of Blessing pacts in the Blessing category. Each costs 15 Rubies for 15 days or 1x Symbol Blessing (Blessing Symbol) won from Chest of Divine Fate

Blessing from Apollo

Blessing from Apollo

Blessing from Apollo stats

This pact, when activated, will increase your Total expedition points from 12 to 18 (No Centurion) and from 24 to 36 (with Centurion). Also, it will not only raise the total expeditions but will recharge you 6 or 12 expedition points! This means that when you have 0, you might switch/purchase this pact, to get extra points to play. This pact is affected by Dis Pater Normal costume too. With it, when your total expedition points are 48, with this pact, they will be 72! There is also 10% chance of not using up an expedition point when you attack in expedition. You can possibly switch between this and other pacts of the Blessing category once a day (due to cooldown) to benefit from these extra points being recharged, which are not in the description of the pact.  So to summarize:

  • 10% chance of not using up an expedition point
  • Increases maximum expeditions but also regenerates the same amount directly when activated
    • +6 with no Centurion
    • +12 with Centurion
    • +24 with Centurion + Dis Pater normal

Required level to activate this pact: 1

Blessing from Ceres

Blessing from Ceres

Blessing from Ceres stats

This pact, when activated, will increase your life points regeneration. Hover your life points and you will notice:

Blessing from Ceres example

Required level to activate this pact: 1

Blessing of Venus

Blessing of Venus

Blessing of Venus stats

Increases your maximum charisma by X (based on level) (beyond the maximum stats)

Required level to activate this pact: 20

Mercury's Blessing

Mercury's Blessing

Mercury's Blessing stats

Required level to activate this pact: 40

These are the bonuses in question:

Mercury's Blessing

It doesn't mean that you will get twice the Gold or Experience. It mans that it will double the effect. Example:

Analytical Battle Analytical battle - Increases experience gain from this mob by 30%. It will become 60%. So if the mob gives you 10 Experience experience, with Analytical Battle it will be 13 Experience and with the pact - 16 Experience

Blessing of Jupiter

Blessing of Jupiter

Blessing of Jupiter stats

This is which part in increased exactly:

Blessing of Jupter example

If pact is activated - these will get from +1225 to 1838, so a bonus of of 613 HP

Required level to activate this pact: 60

Seal Pacts

Seal pacts are generally helping out with items. There are 5 types of Seal pacts in the Seal category. Each costs 15 Rubies for 15 days or 1x Seal Blessing (Blessing Symbol) won from Chest of Divine Fate

Seal of Praetor

Seal of Praetor

Seal of Praetor stats

It increases the items that you can see in Market, Guild Market and Auction House (not wear) with 2 levels. In Market and Guild market this pact allows you to increase the items that you see from +9 above the character level to +11 with this pact. Auction house from +14 to +16.

Required level to activate this pact: 1

Seal of patrician

Seal of patrician

Seal of patrician stats

This reduces in half all the vendor cooldowns from 24 hours (on regular servers) to 12 hours.

Required level to activate this pact: 1

Seal of consulate

Seal of consulate

Seal of consulate stats

This is reducing/increasing the gold value of items sold to and from the vendors

Required level to activate this pact: 20

Seal of quaestor

Seal of quaestor

Seal of quaestor stats

Gold from any work that rewards gold is increased by 3% per hour

Required level to activate this pact: 40

Seal of Aedil

Seal of Aedil

Seal of Aedil stats

Default Market longest period is 24h. This doubles it to 48 hours. Also reduces in half the Market fee which by default is 2, 3 and 4 % of the price for 2h, 8h and 24h

Required level to activate this pact: 60

Honours Pacts

Honours Pacts target combat capabilities of the character. There are 5 types of Honours pacts in this category. Each costs 15 Rubies for 15 days or 1x Commendation (Commendation) won from Chest of Divine Fate

Honour of the berserker

Honour of the berserker

Honour of the berserker stats

Increases pure damage of the character for 25% of the character level. Meaning that if you are for example Level 115, it will give you 29 damage

Required level to activate this pact: 1

Honour of the armourer

Honour of the armourer

Honour of the armourer stats

Increases dexterity based on the character level (beyond the maximum stats)

Required level to activate this pact: 1

Honour of the veteran

Honour of the veteran

Honour of the veteran stats

It gives direct 10% crit chance to your character. If you are at the max 50%, it will become 60%. The best pact in this category

Required level to activate this pact: 20

Honour of the hero

Honour of the hero

Honour of the hero stats

Increases strength by X dependent on your character level (beyond the maximum stats). Knowing that 10 Strength is 1 damage, probably will always be weaker than Honours of the berseker

Required level to activate this pact: 40

Honour of the destroyer

Honour of the destroyer

Honour of the destroyer stats

Interesting pact. Again, value is based on the character level. Might not be so significant on high levels when armors are 20000 armour +

Required level to activate this pact: 60

Secret knowledge of the artefact collector pacts

Secret knowledge pacts are really oriented around items and quests. There are 5 pacts in this category. Each costs 15 Rubies for 15 days or 1x Secret Formula (Secret Formula) won from Chest of Divine Fate

Secret Knowlege of the Ancients

Secret Knowlege of the Ancients

Secret Knowlege of the Ancients stats

This halves the quest cooldown from the default 30 minutes to 15 minutes. Interesting that with Wrath Mountain Scale Armour costume full set it becomes 6 minutes. Go read more on Costumes. Also reduces the default price the reduce cooldown on quests button from 3 Rubies or 3 Holy Hourglass to just 1.

Required level to activate this pact: 1

Secret Knowlege of the beast master

Secret Knowlege of the beast master

Secret Knowlege of the beast master stats

This increases your learning chance for expedition bonuses with 5% on top of what you currently have. If you are entering a new expedition, you might want to turn this on and when you don't need it switch to another pact when the 24 hour cooldown is over.


Required level to activate this pact: 1

Secret Knowlege of the artefact collector

Secret Knowlege of the artefact collector

Secret Knowlege of the artefact collector stats

Increases your overall chance to find an item with 15%. This is a really good pact.

Required level to activate this pact: 20

Secret Knowlege of the assassins

Secret Knowlege of the assassins

Secret Knowlege of the assassins stats

This pact increases your agility by X based on the character level (beyond the maximum stats). Probably the best Secret Knowledge pact. 186 for example is on 94 level. 282 on level 115.

Required level to activate this pact: 40

Secret Knowlege of the immortals

Secret Knowlege of the immortals

Secret Knowlege of the immortals stats

This pact increases your constitution by X based on the character level (beyond the maximum stats). Of the assassins seems to be a lot more reasonable

Required level to activate this pact: 60

City View


Country View



What is special about Gladiatus is that you have an inventory and bags and you can move items inside the inventory and between bags or sell them to vendors by dragging them with your mouse. Also you can equip items by dragging them to the appropriate slot. Here is how:

You have a number of bags each with 40 slots. 2 are available at start, 3rd unlocks at level 10 and the 4th unlocks are level 20. The rest of the bags are paid, with 1x Magical bag or 7x Rubies for a period of 7 days. Bag VII and VIII are twice more expensive - 14x Rubies for 7 days or 2x Magical bag respectively.

These are your bags and how yo can switch between them:


This is how you can move items between bags:

Moving an item between bags



In MMO games like Gladiatus, gearing up is the goal of the game. Items in Gladiatus are very similar to World of Warcraft's items. When you hover an item with the mouse you can see its stats and items come in different qualities. You can also drag the items

This is how to move an item in your inventory:

Moving an item

This is how you can equip an item:

Equip an item

Now a little bit about Items in general. More and extensive info on the Items page but we will cover basics here. Items can occupy from 1 to 6 slots in your inventory so you need to manage it correctly and efficiently to hold as much item as possible.

An item is formed by a base item + Prefix word + Suffix word. The item level of an item is also formed from the level of the base item + the level of the Prefix + the level of the Suffix. More about Prefixes and Suffixes.

Item drops

Items, similar to World of Warcraft come in several come in several colors of quality

Standard (White) - Represents the base item. At lowest levels 1-10 White can drop from expeditions in Grim Wood but they stop dropping beyond it

Ceres (Green) - This is the base quality level of any item that has at least one Prefix or Suffix or both. (on low levels there could be items with no prefix or suffix that are Green or higher quality and have one stats on it)

Neptune (Blue) - This is an upgrade quality over Green. Every stats on the item is increased by 13%

Mars (Purple) - This is an upgrade quality over Blue. Stats are 15% better than Blue.

Jupiter (Orange) - It's very rare for an item to roll an Orange quality and these items represent one of the best items in the game. That's are 17% increased over the Purple

Olympus (Red) - Until 2015 the Red item quality only existed in the game code but had never dropped. With the implementation of the Forge in 2015 the Red items came into existence but are so rare that apart from Forging the % drop chance is so low that has not been recorded. Stats are almost twice as better than Green and 15% better than Orange.

How rare is each quality?

Green 68.58%
Blue 27.40%
Purple 3.30%
Orange 0.70%
Red 0.01%

In one word - Purple, Orange and Red are extremely low with Red being unimaginably low

Purple you can expect to see from the very beginning but very very rarely. The drop % chance increases to a more suitable level from Dark Catacombs.

Orange very rarely in the mid levels 30-40+ and considerably but more often but still very rarely after 102 level

Red is so rare that you wouldn't expect one to drop for months or sometimes a year. Best way to obtain such an item is Forging

Primary and Secondary drops

In Gladiatus there is a primary and a secondary drop. The Primary drops are your regular drops from a mob like items and secondary drops are items such as Forging goods and Scrolls.

Primary and Secondary drops

You can have a Primary and a Secondary drop simultaneously, in 1 kill as shown above.

Secondary drops even work when you lose the battle!

Secondary drop when you loose

Soul bound - Equipping an item makes it Soulbound to your character. This means that if you trade it over to someone else, he will not be able to equip it. You can remove the Soulbound status of an item with an item called Mirror which is a premium item and we will talk more about it in Alchemist vendor section.

Soul bound

Soul bound

Wearing Item levels and visibility

Gladiatus is very specific in terms of how and when you can wear your items. The game in general tries and will let you see and drop items with item levels that you can wear. However, it is reasonable to have a limit to what you can wear. This limit is +16 levels above your character level. This means that if you are level 94, you can only wear items up to level 110 (94+16=110). Item that is more than 16 levels above your character will have its item level in Red, just like in the example below:

This is how a level 94 sees item level 111

High level item

However, the game doesn't really restrict your in equipping a higher level item. It just tries to restrict the ways of obtaining one.

So what happens when you try to equip such an item?

  • If you equip it on your main character - when you fight in Expeditions, it will be all fine. Item will be there and it will be functional. However, in Arena and Arena Provincarum it won't count. It will be just as you have no item in this slot. This is a way of protecting the competitive part of the game from overfeeding a character and for him to dominate other players with unfair item level items
  • If you equip it on your dungeon character - It's all fine. The item will be working and be just like any other in both Dungeons and Circus Turma/Cirucs Provincarum

So it turns out that the game actually allows you to wear any item out there it will just try to restrict you into obtaining a higher item level in the first place. So how is the game doing that:

  • In the Auction House, you can only see items that are +14 levels above your character. That's even lower than what you can "legally" equip. With "Seal of Praetor" Seal Pact you can increase this by 2, eventually seeing up to +16 levels above your character, matching the general rule of your character wearing +16
  • In Market you can only see items that are +9 levels above your character. With Seal of Praetor that goes up to +11 so you can't get a higher item level from the Market and from other players
  • In Guild Market and Guild Warehouse, same rules applies as in Market - +9/+11, so essentially a guild mate cannot transfer you a higher item level just to boost you
  • Expedition enemy will never drop an item that is more than +16 item levels above your character. Even if this particular expedition enemy can drop a higher item level, it will not drop you such a high item level until you level up and cover the +16 rule. This is a very interesting expedition property.
  • Dungeon minions will never drop an item that you can't wear too

So you can see that the game design restricts you from obtaining a higher than +16 item level item. There are however few exceptions and there is a possibility of obtaining a higher item level item but it's so hard and unreasonable that it's not really an issue:

  • Dungeon bosses item level drop range is so wide that most of the times if you defeat a dungeon boss immediately on entry level, if he rolls to drop you an item of his higher item level range, it will be red for you and unwearable. But this isn't really considered unfair because this is usually just a few levels in difference. Here is an example:

Poisoned Country dungeon. Entry level 35. Character is 35 well equipped and can defeat the boss immediately. The boss item level drop range is 45-54. On Level 35, everything above item level 51 will be in red and unwearable. Here is a direct example with a screenshot. So this seems like an example for exception where the game allows for higher item level drops to drop but it doesn't seem like a big issue because it's only few levels above which is not really that bad.

  • Another way of obtaining a higher level item is Forging. The game has a built-in protection that will discourage you from trying to forge items that are more than +16 levels above your character by lowering the forge success chance significantly. This is how it goes:

Forging an item that is exactly +16 item levels above your character, on the limit - the default success chance is 45%

+17 = 43%

+18 = 39%

+19 = 34%

+20 = 27%

+21 = 21%

+22 = 15%

+23 = 12%

+24 = 9%

+25 = 8%

+26 = 6%

+27 = 5%

+28 = 4%

and so on...

You can see that with some luck and using costumes or Micro events that boost forging success chance, it is possible to forge a higher level item but it's so risky and so unreasonable that it's just not worth it. That's why the game allows for these 2 ways of obtaining a higher than +16 level items but they are left in there just because they are not such a big issue and blend in the game just fine.


Whenever you collect and item, through defeating a mob, repairing or forging an item or buying an item from the Auction House, it will not directly come into your inventory. Instead, it will be sent to your character as a package. The package interface can be found on the top left screen of your game interface with this icon:

Packages or Unread Packages if you have "unread" packages

When you click it you will go to the Packages interface

Package interface

so when an item is sent to your character as a package, it will stay there for 7 days (more if you use certain costumes). If you want to use it or just store it in your inventory bags, you can drag it out of the packaging interface.

As packages can grow large in 7 days, the package interface allows for sorting and searching of your items in your package interface. You can search by name, search by type (Armour or gloves or a recipe) and you can set a minimum quality to be shown. For example, if you are looking for these orange materials and you want only orange materials to be shown so you can drag them to your inventory but you don't want any other quality, you can set type of object to Forging goods, then set the minimum quality to Orange and show only orange materials.

Package system is often used as additional storage because the bag slots and inventory are just not enough to hold all of your items that you find on your adventures. Just be aware that when a package expires it will "sell" the item for the amount it costs to a vendor in Gold and the will deposit the gold directly to your active gold on the character. This may sound good, at least the item is not deleted, at least you will get the gold worth of and this is indeed very generous but there is a danger of piling up too much gold and be easy prey to attackers. Best to spend the gold as soon as the package expires or just do not let the items expire and sell them to vendors at your convenience.


GoldGold is represented with the icon Gold and is the most essential part of the game.

You can obtain gold in the following ways:

  • By fighting in Expeditions
  • By fighting in Dungeons
  • By fighting in the Arenas
  • By fighting in the Underworld
  • By participating in Events
  • By Working
  • By selling items in Vendors/Market
  • By activating Centurio or Centurio related foods

Gold is used for:

  • Training stats of your character
  • Purchasing items from vendors/market/auction house
  • Forging/smelting/repairing of items
  • Traveling between countries
  • Upgrading items in Magus Hermeticus
  • Build Guild buildings by donating gold to the Guild Bank


You level up when you reach the experience points required for the next level. So this is what happens when you level up:

Level Up

  • You will receive Gold. The amount is higher as the levels go up
  • Cooldown for quests will be reset
  • Your character will be healed to max HP
  • Expedition and Dungeons points will be refilled to max
  • Your max trainable stats (Str, Dex, Agi...) will increase. Formula is (trained stat*1.5)+Char Level

Let's talk about leveling itself. As any game the higher the level, the higher it is to level up. However, in Gladiatus after level 84, the experience required to level up increases exponentially (almost). After level 100, you could expect 1 level to take almost a month (this really depends on play style and Underworld costumes usage)

The formulas for the required experience to level up is

From level 1-52


From level 53-79


From level 80 - Unknown

If you want to level up quick, you could use a mix of Blessing pacts and utilize your expeditions to the max, meaning that you should not fight enemies that you lose against. Also after level 100, it is really important which UW (Underworld) costume you use. The best one for leveling is Dis Pater Normal costume. You should also play on events, they are almost always involving an extra expedition which you can fight and in and gain experience. You could also play with Cervisia and other 1 day Centurio items and use them only when below 12 expedition and dungeon points so they can effectively refresh extra points. Also, good advice is not to stay on full points for a long period of time as these are wasted points.

When you start the game not all features are available right away. Some of them unlock as you level up

  • Market - Unlocks at Level
  • Auction House - Unlocks at Level
  • Vendors - Unlock at Level
  • Dungeons and Circus Turma - Unlock at Level 10
  • Underworld - Unlocks at Level 100

Character stats

Character stats is a huge topic and this article will be highly scientific getting to every detail for every stat out there

Non-combat stats

A character in Gladiatus has a lot of stats. Here are some of the non-combat character statistics you can gather from your journeys in the game:

Honour Honour - Honour is obtained by winning fights in Expeditions and Arenas (not Circus) with Expeditions granting the most. Honour does not give any direct benefits but player's rank in a server (province) is determined by Honour standing

Experience Experience - Participating in a fight, whether it is in Expedition, Dungeon or Arena fights grants experience. You need a certain amount of experience to level up. You can get 1-2 experience even if you lose a fight.

Level Level - You level up when you reach the experience points required for the next level. Read more about it in the Leveling section.

Fame Fame - Fame is just like Honour, which is shown in player rankings. Fame is generated in Dungeons and Circus Turma wins only and comes in a lot lower numbers than Honour

Character statistics

There are 6 character stats in Gladiatus. Strength, Dexterity, Agility, Constitution, Charisma and Intelligence. Players start with 5 points of each. These stats are trained with Gold only. There are couple of ways to get discounts on how much gold stats cost. By being in a guild and level of Training Grounds in the guild, costumes, Micro events. Here is a link to the calculator page where you can play with costs - In-game, if you hover your mouse on the below stats you can see explanations as well


Strength - Increases damage of your character and chance to block

10 Strength = 1 Damage

10% of Strength [round down] = Block value

Dexterity - Increases % hit chance of your character and chance of you doing a double hit or a critical hit

10% of Dexterity [round down] = Critical attack value

For % hit chance and double hit, read further below

Agility - Decreases the % hit chance of your opponent and the chance that they will double hit or critical hit you

10% of Agility [round down] = Resilience/hardening value

Constitution - Increases life points (Health points) and regeneration of life points

Max Health points = Health points from level + Health points through constitution + Health points from items + Health points from reinforcements

Health points from level = Character Level *25

Health points through constitution = (Constitution*2)-50

Base Health points Regeneration (per Hour) = Through Level + Through Constitution

Through Level = Character Level *2

Through Constitution = Constitution *2

Every other buff to Health points regeneration is on top of the Base Health points regeneration

Example. from guild, buffs, blessings, costumes

Charisma - Increases the chance for a double hit, also increases Threat in dungeons

for double hit values look read further below

Intelligence - Increases chance of learning against expedition opponents, Increases healing in dungeon battles and the chance of critical healing, Increases healing from food, Reduces opponent's chance of a double hit

There is a cap on how much of these stats you can have. The formula is:

Maximum of a stat (Strength, Dexterity, A...) = Basic trained stat + (basic / 2) + Character Level


Character Level = 115

Basic Strength (through training) = 226

Formula = 226 + (226/2) + 115 = 226 + 113 + 115 = 454

Strength through items or dusts or holy oils cannot go higher than the max. Buffs that can increase the max stat temporary are pacts, Godly rank 1 buffs and reinforcements (excluding dusts)

Max stat explained

Maximum stats through training = Character Level *5 (from Level 1-40 the cap is 200)

Example: Character Level = 115. 115*5 = 575

Max train stat explained

Health points

Another really important stat is health points. We already mentioned that Health points are closely related to Constitution stat and your character level. When you receive damage, your health drops with the amount of damage you have received. In Gladiatus you can heal yourself by eating food. More you can read more about it on the Food page. There are other ways to heal yourself, like using the Guild Medic, regenerate health over time just by waiting or using a 100% healing potion.

Combat statistics

Combat stats are directly linked to main character stats above

Armour - Armour is gained through wearing items. All items can grant Armour, even Weapons and Jewellery. Armour absorbs damage - If your opponent does 350 damage and your armour absorption is 150 damage, he will hit you for 200. Armor works always (except for when it's removed by a Godly blessing)

Minimal armour absorption = (Armour/74)-(Armour/74)/660+1 [round up]
If result is negative then it is 0

Maximal armour absorption = (Armour/66)+(Armour/660) [round down]

In the end the Armour absorption looks like this

Absorb example

Resilience/hardening value - Strength and Items can grant you hardening value. Resilience and hardening value seem to be the same thing. Resilience value increases your character's chance of avoiding critical hits from your opponents. Works together with Agility stat to reduce critical hits on your. However, the maximum reduction is 25%

Chance to avoid critical hits = (Resilience * 52 / (Character Level-8 )) / 4

Your maximum cap for amassing hardening value is = FLOOR.MATH(24.5*4*(Character Level-8)/52)+1 . Anything above this rating will just be waste as the cap is 25%

Blocking value- Successful block reduces the damage inflicted on you by 50%. Have in mind that Damage and absorption from Armour both varies with minimum and maximum damage dealt or absorbed so often the blocked attack (damage reduced in half) can be so low that it can be completely absorbed by Armour, dealing 0 damage in total . Blocking % comes from your Blocking value from Strength and Items. Maximum blocking chance is 50%

Total Blocking value = (Strength/10) [round down] + Block value from items

Chance to block a hit = (Blocking value * 52 / (Character Level-8 )) / 6

Your maximum cap for amassing Blocking value is = FLOOR.MATH(49.5*6*(Character Level-8)/52)+1

Damage - Damage is how much health points you can reduce from your opponent with a single hit. Damage is formed from your weapon damage + Damage from Strength + Damage from items

Minimal damage = Minimal damage of weapon + damage through items + (Strength / 10)

Maximal damage = Maximal damage of weapon + damage through items + (Strength / 10)

Chance to hit - This is the chance of your character to hit your opponent at all. It depends on your Dexterity and your opponent's Agility. Formula is:

Your Dexterity/(Your Dexterity + Enemies Agility) x 100 [round down]

Double hit - Chance to make 2 hits in 1 round of attack. Depends on  your Charisma and Dexterity and your opponent's Agility and Intelligence

Chance for double hit = Your Charisma * Your Dexterity / Enemy Intelligence / Enemy Agility * 10

Critical hit - Chance to do 2x damage on your attack. This counts for every attack. You can double hit and the 2 hits you make in 1 round can be critical strikes. Maximum of 50% critical hit chance is allowed (60% with Pact). Your % to land a critical hit depends on your critical attack value from Dexterity and through items.

Total Critical attack value = (Dexterity/10) [round down] + Critical attack value from items

Chance for critical hit = (Critical attack value * 52 / (Character Level-8 )) / 5

Your maximum cap for amassing Critical hit value = FLOOR.MATH(49.5*5*(Character Level-8)/52)+1

Healing - In Dungeons and Circus Turma, one of the NPCs can heal. Healing is essentially returning some life points to a damaged character. Healing is increased by items and Intellect. Healing has also some properties:

Normal Healing - How much a character can heal is calculated with the following formula: 4/5* intelligence [round down] + healing from objects

Critical Healing is % chance for healing twice as much (Normal Healing*2). Critical healing % chance depends on Critical healing value. It comes from Intelligence and Healing

Total Critical healing value = (Intelligence/5) [round down] + Critical healing value from items

Your maximum cap for amassing Critical healing value = FLOOR.MATH(89.5*7*(Character Level-8)/52)+1

Chance for Critical healing = (Critical healing * 52 / (level-8 ) / 8

Fighting in Gladiatus

Battles in Gladiatus are based on rounds. When the fight begins, Round 1 starts. In each round, Attacker and Defender are exchanging attacks. The first to attack is always the Defender. The winner is determined by whoever does the most damage in a certain number of rounds or whoever dies (reaches 0 Health points) first.

Expeditions - Until death or whoever takes more damage in 20 rounds

Arena - Until death or whoever makes more damage in 15 rounds

Dungeons - Until death with no limit on rounds but the more rounds pass the stronger the dungeon mob becomes (particularly in damage)

Circus Turma - Until death or whoever makes more damage in 50 rounds

Every round is also based on RNG. Because most of the combat stats are maxed at 50% cap and because chance to hit rarely surpasses 60% the randomness of who hits who successfully in a fight or who lands a critical hit is very big. Therefore it is possible to beat a stronger opponent with "lucky" hits. Of course this cannot happen when the difference in powerful two gladiators are is too vast but on close stats the "luck" can really make a difference.

The fights can be examined in the Battle Reports in details

Speed Server

Speed server is a special server in which the game runs at faster pace. The speed servers were implemented by Gameforge so that new players can catch up quicker and not be discouraged by the huge time required to level up on the high levels. You can recognize if the server is a speed server by opening the drop-down menu in the Register form:

Speed Servers

Servers can be in different speeds from x2 up to x5. So what exactly is "quicker" in these servers. Let's answer it. How shorter is the below is entirely dependent on how many times the server is speeded (x5 or x4 etc.):

  • Shorter Expedition, Dungeon, Underworld, Arena and Circus Turma cooldowns
  • Quicker regeneration of Expedition and dungeon points
  • Shorter quest cooldown and shorter time on time limit quests
  • Shorter travel time in the Hermit
  • Shorter cooldowns in vendors
  • Quicker Auction House cycle
  • Shorter Forging cooldowns
  • Increased max daily favor with gods
  • Quicker cooldowns on Godly Ranks 1, 2 and 3
  • Shorter buff duration on oils and reinforcements
  • You work quicker. 8 hour stable boy on speed 4 = 2 hours of actual work

Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks that probably won't be known by the new gladiator


If you have a package that is about to expire but you are not ready to be sold for gold or you want to be packaged again, you can re-package it for another 7 days by dragging it to your inventory and re-cycle it through one of the game systems and be sent over as a package. Few suggestions:

1. Place on guild/normal Market for 1g and immediately cancel the trade. The item will then be send back as a package and this will only cost you 1g

2. Start repairing the item (won't work if 100% conditioned) but cancel it right away. This way you will only pay for the fee to put the item. When cancelled the item will be sent back as a package

Gold-saving techniques

The art of being a successful and good Gladiator is to spend your gold wisely. The only good reasons to spend gold is to train stats and to purchase items from the Auction house or spend gold on buffs. This means that you don't want to be spending gold for unnecessary items, hugely overpriced items in the Auction house, items that you don't really need and can't get value out of them after and last but not least - lose as little gold as you can from Arena attacks. We know that the more gold you hold in your character, the more an Arena attacker will plunder from you. This means that at any time you should be minimizing the gold that you hold in your character. However, this is easier said than done. We said earlier that we shouldn't be spending gold on useless items, or items that cost more to buy then to sell in a vendor later. You might not have enough gold to train a stat in the Training ground and the gold needed for training the stat can be so far away that holding this much gold until you are ready to train can be really reckless and risky. So here are few suggestions on how to rotate gold in and out so you save it for later, while maintaining none or very little gold on your character, being safe from attacks.

Selling Amulets and Scrolls - Amulets and Scrolls are the two most expensive types of items in Gladiatus. You can use them to your benefit. Save in your inventory bags amulets and forging scrolls that you don't need to use right away. When you amass a certain number of amulets or scrolls, sell some of them (or all) to the vendor, enough to train stat of your choice in the Training grounds. Now you've spent your gold and have the amulets/scrolls in the vendor. You will continue fighting in expeditions, dungeons and arenas and as you win enough gold to buy an amulet, go to the vendor and buy it back. That's how you've spend your gold immediately. Do it again for the rest of the amulets/scrolls in the vendor. When you buy them all back, repeat it all over again. Sell them, train a stat, start buying them one by one so you can stay low on gold and repeat and repeat. The higher the quality of the amulets, the more they cost. Best to use Blue, Purple and Orange ones. This is the most common form of gold-saving. It becomes harder when you need millions of gold to train 1 point but that's where you can increase the use of scrolls where amulets will become too low on gold value. There are no downsides to this approach. It just might be harder once you reach the stats training costs in millions and you should be on the lookout for vendor cooldowns. You don't want to forget about it and for it to reset while your amulets and scrolls are sold and you haven't bought them back yet. Happened to all of us a number of times of course, but best if you minimize it.

Gold re-packaging - Another way of saving gold is through repacking it. For this one however, you need to be in a guild and you need the help of a guild mate. The idea is to make the gold your character holds into a package, where it can stay in the Packaging system for at least 7 days, safe from all harm. So how does it work. You are Player 1 and the guild mate will be called Player 2. Let's say you have 1 million gold that you want to package. You will write a guild message asking "Please can someone pack 1 mil gold for me". Player 2 is online and would like to help. He will then pick one item out of his inventory and will place it in the Guild Market. Player 2 needs to be aware of the Market view limitations and not to put item that is too high level for you to see. Best if forging goods are used, they have no item level and are considered to be Level 1 when it comes to Market. So you are asking for 1 million gold. He will put the material in the Guild Market and will place a cost for it of 1 million gold. However, the Guild Market has 2% fee for placing a 2 hour sell. On 1 million gold this is 20000 in fee. Why should he pay for it, when is the one doing you a favor, he could ask, and he would be right. Different guilds have different rules. Some people don't care about the fee but some might do. If you want to be on the safe side, you could just say that you want the fee to be included so you can cover the cost of the Player 2 doing the repacking for you. You just might want to make it clear that you want the fee to be included on the first message asking for the re-pack by saying "Please can someone pack 1 mil gold + fee for me". Let's get back to Player 2 preparing the material for selling. If no fee is included, he would place the material at exactly 1 mil gold for you to buy. If fee is included, he will add it on the initial placing of the material. Instead of 1.000.000 gold he will put it for 1.020.000 gold. Once published in the Market, it's now your turn to either buy it immediately (if you have the gold ready) or start amassing the gold by selling items and stuff. Once you are ready (try not to be too slow about it, as the other player is waiting for you) buy the material placed by Player 2. Now, your gold is with him and his material is with you. Take your material sold by Player 2 in your inventory and place it on the Guild Market. Place it for 1.000.000 gold. You will pay fee again. Player 2 will take the gold from the 1st purchase and buy the material you placed the 2nd time, thus you receiving 1 mil gold for it and he gets his material back. Now, you have 1 million gold packed into a package safe from attacks. The cost of doing this is: involving another player + 2x times 2% fee. in our case packaging 1 million gold, you will have to pay 40k in fees. This is the most used method for safeguarding larger amounts of gold and is the most common form of gold saving used out there. You can use both 1 and 2 suggestions at the same time. For small summs and everyday use you can use the amulets and scrolls and for larger summs you can use Gold re-packaging.

Play like a pro - In this section we will discuss how the pro players play the game. This is certainly not the necessary way that YOU need to play as this one involves being online very very often and have a good and supporting guild and also would investing real life money.

Now, what does it take to play like a pro? Well, we basically said it earlier. Train stats efficiently, don't waste gold to attackers and make sure your gear is good so you can profit from other players and steal their gold

  • Training stats - if you want to train like a pro, you need to do in the most efficient way. All stats are important and should be trained with the exception of maybe Strength. Strength you can leave to natural growth through levels. It's just that Strength is not as beneficial as the other stats. 10 Strength will grant you only 1 damage and only 1 block rating. Everything else should be trained and not be ignored. Dexterity is arguably your best stat you might want to train it harder than the other. On the other hand it is expensive. Agility is also a very important stat and is cheap to train. Intelligence and Charisma are important too. You could either keep them trained the same, have them equalized or equalize them in their cost for gold or just prioritize Agility and Dexterity and train them harder and when they become unbearably expensive, turn to Charisma and Intelligence too. This doesn't mean that you should ignore them. When we say prioritize, you could do something like train 2 points of Agility and Dexterity and 1 point Charisma and Intelligence per cycle.
  • Training efficiently - Pro players in Gladiatus always tend to train for the lowest possible cost. To be a pro and train like a pro, find a guild that has high level of Training Grounds. A Level 20 Training Grounds will reduce training costs by 40%. Do not overspend on training when there are no training cost reduction buffs. Pro players will sometime re-package gold and re-package it again until a costume event comes along where they can put on an event costume which reduces training cost with another -20%. Then they will use all the re-packed and re-packed gold all at once and train insane amounts of stats in one go.
  • Gear - No matter how trained you are, you also need good items. Good items in lower levels will come mainly from your adventures and Auction house. However, if you are in a good guild (you will be, you are a pro) you can ask a high level character in your guild to craft a weapon or another good piece of equipment for you that will be in your usable range. Example: He can craft you a Purple/Orange or with more luck even Red Gaius weapon that you can wear on level as low as 75. Imagine how a 300 damage weapon will transform your play on level 75 or 80. On high levels, like 90 or 100+ they will need to start forging your own gear and get help with high quality orange/red materials from your guild mates so you can start forging your own good Lucius and Gaius/Antonius gear. Pro players wear Orange/Red items and are hardly beatable in their level range, especially grouped with efficient high training stats. Being good geared and godly trained means that they beat a lot of Gladiators in Arena and Cirucs. Gold that can be plundered from other players should not be underestimated. It can be millions, especially with the Hard Underworld costume.
  • Rubies - Being a pro unfortunately, rarely comes free. You will have to have Centurio and most (all except Seal) pacts running 24/7 on you. We said that you will forge yourself the best gear out there and being Orange/Red, you won't risk precious materials on low % chance forges, so you will have to secure them with purchasing Gold forging tools. On active servers, you could even make millions and millions of gold by buying Gold forging tools and selling them on the Market to other players. A single Gold Clover can go for millions of gold
  • Maximizing stats - It is almost impossible without being pushed by other players (which is no longer disallowed but might still be illegal if caught) to maximize your stats on low or mid levels. Certainly achievable on levels 110 + but the Gladiator must have followed the above guidelines since the character creation. The max stats cap is Character Level*5 which means that on level 100 you can train 500 of each stat. If your character has been following the Play like a Pro guidelines since Level 1, it could be possible that 500 of each stat is trained by Level 100. However, selling Gold Forging tools is probably a must at some point to each it. A lot of the players in Britannia (120+) are maxed in stats which means that the riches of Britannia are enormous
  • Smart spending gold - One of the requirements to be pro, as we mentioned, is to spend gold only in an efficient way. What does that mean? Yes, most of the gold is spent on training but there is significant gold wasted on, especially on low, mid and early high levels for various items or mercenary and for equipping all of your characters. One good advice is not to spend gold on buffs that you know you will replace easily, not to buy Auction House items that are 2x overpriced compared to vendor price (unless necessary, of course we are not skipping this awesome weapon or Mercenary, just because it is 2x vendor value) and not to go into stupid bidding wars with other players in the Auction House.
  • Be Active - that goes without saying. You need to be very active. You should avoid having your cooldowns stay full. Don't let your Expedition points stay full. Same goes for Expedition points and your Underworld cooldowns. Being efficient doesn't mean you have to be a robot who stays online 24/7. If you play it smart, you could have breaks. Worst, mathematically speaking, is to have full cooldowns. Spend your God's favors on cooldown, Do not let your efficient packs such as Blessing pacts run out without noticing. Take rests from the game but just don't do it when full on expedition/dungeon/underworld points. Play on game events. There are at least 2 major events every month. Don't stay offline exactly for the events. They are always related to good buffs or extra expeditions that can bring you training cost reductions or a lot more to fight and farm gold and items from. Do small things like, exhausting all your expedition points before activating Dis Pater Normal costume. Watch your Centurio run out date and time and use Cervisia or other Centio +1 day boosts to maximize your Expedition points. Do not let Centurio expire when you are on full points as when you active you are not getting as much refunded. These things might feel like small or irrelevant in the bigger picture but they are not! They are huge long-term.

Country View

The Country view button is where you can find the Hermit and the Expeditions

Country View


Hermit is an important character in Gladiatus.



The Hermit is a different guy in every country

A very arduous, small pathway leads you into the top of the nebulous mountains. At this remote place a hermit has his home, a man of wisdom and mystery. They say he lives here because he is able to hear the voices of the gods here. In a small cave, not far from the mountain top, sits a small and ragged man. Somehow you had imagined the hermit to be more impressive.

So what is the Hermit's purpose?

  • Traveling between Countries (Italy, Africa, Germania and Britannia) for a cost of Gold. Prices you can see on the Expeditions page.

Your current honour isn`t enough for you? You want to be praised in other countries?

  • Traveling to the Underworld (Normal, Medium Hard)

To be able to enter the underworld you will first have to prove yourself in this world. (If you are below Level 100) - Come back to me once you have reached level 100.

  • Changing your character name (you will need a token, look at Treasury)

Hihi. You want to make history with a more powerful name?

official way (Costs: 10% honour, 30.240 
Your documents are changed against a small charge. Thereby you loose some of your high profile.

Bribe arena manager (Costs: 1 
Your documents are being faked.

  • Changing your character gender (you will need a token, look at Treasury)

You`re unhappy and don`t feel comfortable in your own skin? How about transforming your soul into another body?

Costs 20 Ruby


This will be a very basic guide on what Expeditions are. If you are looking for particular expedition opponents and info on them, check out the big Expeditions page.

Expeditions are the most essential part of the game. Expeditions are "areas' in the country that you can fight in and unlock at a certain level. Fighting in an expedition costs expedition points - Expedition points. 1 Attack against and expedition opponent costs 1 Expedition points. The normal amount of expedition points you have is 12. If you are using Centurio they become 24. With certain Micro Events or Dis Pater Normal Costume they can increase even further. Attacking an opponent and spending an expedition point triggers a cooldown. The default cooldown is 10 minutes, with Centurio 5 minutes and different Micro Events or Costume can decrease this cooldown even further. If you don't want to wait for the cooldown and you want to attack immediately, you can do so but it will cost you 1x Ruby or 1x Holy Hourglass. If you have Holy Hourglass it will always take precedence over Ruby.

Now a little more about the expeditions

When you first enter an expedition you can only see the first opponent and the rest will be unknown

Enemy Unknown

Expedition layout

Only when you defeat the opponent, the others will be unveiled. Every expedition is comprised of 4 opponents. 1-3 are normal opponents where 1 is the weakest, 2nd one is harder and the 3rd one is very hard. The 4th opponent is a Boss and you can recognize him with his special portrait. He is very very hard. Especially when fighting the expedition on its level range.

Expedition opponents grant the most Gold, Honour and Experience in Gladiatus. How much it really depends on the level of the Expedition opponents. If you hover your mouse on the expedition opponent portrait you will be presented with some info about this opponent

However, at first you will know very little about the opponent and you will have to learn it by fighting the opponent more and more.

Enemy unknown

This is how a completely learned opponent will look like

Opponent stats

However, this info is not very specific and will not give you exact details of the stats of the opponent. You can see this on the Expeditions page where I have a lot more info on expeditions in general.

Have in mind that Event expeditions and Underworld are also types of expeditions and the same rules apply there. More info on their respective sections and pages.

There is a chance to learn each of these bonuses on each attack you make against this opponent. The % chance to learn them depends on your Character's Intelligence stat. The more you have it the higher the chance to learn a bonus. If you don't want to wait you can immediately learn the bonus but it will cost you Ruby. How much depends on what's your % chance to learn it from fighting. The higher the chance, the lower the price. This can be done by clicking on the bonus itself. If you only hover the bonus it will show you the bonus description and what is the % chance to learn it

Chance to learn a bonus

There are 4 types of bonuses that can be learned and improved for each expedition opponent:


Bonus Gold


Analytical Battle

Bonus experience

Analytical Battle

Sixth sense for loot

Bonus item level drop

Sixth sense for loot


Bonus Honour


Fighting in Expeditions

So when you engage an expedition opponent you will be fighting him for 20 rounds or until someone dies (gets to 0 health points). In case nobody dies in these 20 rounds, the winner will be the one who did most damage in these 20 rounds.

You can observe the details of the fight, just after the fight on the battle report or after from the Battle reports interface

Expedition fight


Just like Expeditions, dungeons are a very essential part of the game. Dungeons are bigger challenges where the opponents are a lot stronger than expeditions but you go in and face them with a group of 5 people. These are not other players but these are NPCs that you recruit to fight with you. Let's start from the beginning. Dungeons become available at Level 10

Dungeon annoucement

So once you level up to 10, you will notice that there is a second character you can control. This is called the Dungeon character. He is just like your main character, should be equipped with items, can receive buffs. However, he doesn't need training as he will clone the stats of your main character. This means that if you have a pact boosting your stats, the dungeon character will receive them too. The dungeon character will only play part in your Dungeon and Arena Circus fights. He will not take any part in Expeditions or Arena fights so he will not have any need for healing.

Dungeon characters view

We said that going into a Dungeon or a Circus Turma fight, the group will be of 5 characters. This is your dungeon character + 4 Mercenary that you can equip. Everything you need to know about the Mercenary types you can read on the Mercenary page. Mercenary can be purchased from the Mercenary vendor or the Auction House. They don't drop from expeditions or dungeons.

This is where you can drag your Mercenary to activate them

Mercenary slots

Once the slot is populated with a Mercenary, another character tab will appear. Click it and you will see the stats of the Mercenary and open the character inventory. Just like any other character all 4 Mercenary need to be fully equipped with items. So essentially in total you need to take care of the gear of 6 characters. Main Character + Dungeon Character + 4 NPCs.

A party of 5 in any game is usually comprised of a Tank who will soak up damage, a healer who will heal the wounded characters and 3 damage dealers. All 5 dungeon characters, your dungeon char + the 4 Mercenary each has this function control. It can be found on the right upper side of the character inventory and it is there for the dungeon character or any of the 4 Mercenary.

Dungeon character controls

What it basically does is it sets what this NPC will do in a dungeon fight. Tank, Heal or do damage.

So where can you find dungeons? Dungeons are tight to Expeditions. If the particular expedition has a dungeon there will be a Dungeon tab next to it

Dungeon location

If there is no Dungeon tab - it means that there is no dungeon in this expedition. For a complete list of dungeons check out the big Dungeons page.

So once you click the Dungeon tab you will be presented with the options to enter the dungeon.

Enter Dungeon

Some expedition has a Normal and Advanced version of the dungeon where the Advanced version will be for a higher level

Once you enter the dungeon you will see the dungeon overview

Dungeon overview

Dungeons just like expeditions are based on attacks costing dungeon points - Dungeon point. Attacks are made on the current active dungeon minion and you can attack by clicking the Combat. Same as expeditions, 12 points by default, 24 with Centurio and 48 with Dis Pater Medium costume. However, they regenerate slower than expedition points. Once every 1h 30 min without Centurio. Good to note that dungeons have timers to complete them. 48 hours (2 days) and if you don't complete it by then it will be reset to its beginning. The cooldown, same as expeditions is 5 minutes and can be lowered by Micro Events or costumes. If you want to skip the cooldown immediately, it cots 1x Ruby or 1x Holy Hourglass. If you have Holy Hourglass it will always take precedence over Ruby.

You can also cancel a dungeon and start from the beginning whenever you want by clicking the Cancel dungeon button. Good use of the cancel button is where you are not strong enough to defeat the boss but you have already defeated the minions and there is nothing other than the boss to fight. In that case you can fight up to the boss and cancel dungeon to re-enter and that way you will be at least farming the minions for higher items instead of going back to a previous dungeon where you know you can complete it.

Cancel Dungeon button

So once you start the dungeon you will be fighting dungeon minions and the end game is to kill the dungeon boss. The dungeon boss is a lot harder than the minions but his rewards are quite awesome. He always drops an item (100% chance) and this item is always at least of Blue quality.

To get to the boss you have to complete the dungeon quests. Dungeon quests are mostly concerned with just killing the minions but sometimes they are connected to finding an item to proceed ahead or just defeat some of the minions. Here is an example of quests in the Hidden Grave dungeon.

Dungeon quests example

Once you complete the quests the boss will be ready to be engaged. Defeating the boss completes the dungeon and you can startover

Dungeon minions and boss reward very few experience points and gold even on high levels. A dungeon opponent win will grant you gold, experience and instead of Honour - Fame. Fame is a stat that we talked about in the Character stats section of this page.

So for more info on the Dungeons go to the Dungeons page.

Fighting in Dungeons

So a fight in dungeon

Town View


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