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Latest website news


  • Fan requested to have top constitution suffix category. Did it, turned out only 4 suffixes are notable for having any meaningful % of Constitution (for now)
  • Also fixed some mistakes on the Formulas page as well as Items


  • Migration is now complete. There was a few hours of downtime on the site due to simple dns mistake on my part. Apologies for that. All should be back to normal now.


  • Added a lot of missing prefixes and suffixes thanks to the Prefixes and Suffixes thread in the official forum. Not all have been added as some need translating and I just don't have the time do it so please people if you want to help, give me translated stats in the same format as you see them on the site
  • I am planning on migrating the website to a new hosting on Friday (30.11.2018) during the day


  • Changed the Expeditions and Dungeon menus on the main menu to reflect the real ones used in the game. Thanks to DarkThanos for the files


  • I finally dinged level 120 and fought in the Alpha & Omega dungeon!!! I also immediately created the Dungeon page
  • Go check the Alpha & Omega dungeon page


  • Updated site CMS to latest version


  • Small updates on a couple of pages


  • Updated the Desert Nightmare event page with better resolution images


  • Fixed mistakes in the Africanus prefix


  • Made little fixes to some suffixes materials as suggested by fans


  • Added a few more suffixes
  • Added a lot of info on the Britannia page


  • Updated even more mobs in Britannia expedition


  • Updated Brtiannia expedition page with more info on some mobs


  • Updated some more prefixes and suffixes


  • Added more than 30 new prefixes and suffixes to both pages


  • Thanks to fans from DE201 we now have more than 20 ultra high level prefixes! All uploaded to the prefix page


  • Added a few more examples of prefix/suffix
  • Improved the Underworld page


  • Added a few more prefixes and suffixes low levels


  • Added 2 new high level prefixes - Valentine and Tiberius'


  • Prefixes page is now completely redesigned to match the superior style of the suffix page


  • Important! The Materials page is ready. If you want to know what are the best prefixes/suffixes to smelt in order to get a specific material just check the materials page!!! Under each material there will be prefixes or suffixes from which the highest quantity of that material can smelt. Go to the Materials page from the main menu on the left!


  • All known to me suffixes are now up on the page and almost all of them have required materials for forge


  • Improved the "On the Nile" event page


  • Added 166 Suffixes on the Item Suffixes page. Almost done with their material requirements too. There is also a list of Unkown suffixes


  • Improved the main menu by splitting it into Main menu and Other menu to split the important ones and not so important ones
  • Improved the Foods section in the Items page. Gave some examples when it's not a good idea to combine foods
  • Conquering the source of the Rhine event page is fully completed and my most successful yet


  • Updated the Conquest for the Source of the Rhine event with more info as the event progresses
  • Worked on the Suffix page and added 80 suffixes. 64 for tomorrow to upload