Welcome to the best Gladiatus fansite

This is the newest Gladiatus 2018 Fansite. Here you can find:

Currently in development:

- Item suffixes

- Game guide (published but under construction) 75% done

- Gladiatus Beginner's Guide or Gladiatus Start Up guide

Huge announcement !!! Game Guide / Gladiatus Beginner's Guide is now published. Not completely ready but there are lots of stuff in there.

The items page is now completed!!!! All of Gladiatus' items are there. Go check it out - /items

Everything you need about Forging is now ready. Forging, materials (Forging goods), Smelting, Repairing, Scrolls

This is what is completed:

Gladiatus Expeditions with detailed stats of each monster - What level, experience, Honour, Gold, Item level they drop and what stats they have. And this is for every monster in the game!!!


Gladiatus Dungeon guides - I have created detailed dungeon guides for all Gladiatus dungeons except Alpha & Omega (under construction)

Wrath Mountain


Gladiatus Underworld guides - I have detailed Underworld rules and how it works. I have guides for Normal, Medium and Hard with all the enemies you will face there and some extended info on each one. I have detailed explanation on how the Dis Pater costumes work

Dis PaterDis Pater Armor Hard

Gladiatus Costumes - I have created a detailed guide on all costumes in the game including what each set bonus rewards with screenshots and detailed explanation

Wrath Mountain

Gladiatus Events - I have created and is still in development a guide on Gladiatus events, Event Costumes and expeditions

Ra's Light Robe

Gladiatus Formulas - I am collecting information on how Gladiatus works and what formulas exist. Trying to keep them up to date to the newest versions

Gladiatus Patches - I am keeping track on the Gladiatus Updates. Something you can definitely read on the official boards but I will structure it different

Gladiatus Gallery - Screenshots of Orange and Red drops and interesting situations as well as ancient screenshots from the earlier versions

Gladiatus Guild Buildings - All the Guild Buildings and their costs (not updated for new changes yet)

Gladiatus Calculator - Calculator on the costs of Training

Gladiatus Videos - I even have videos of the game. Leveling up, forging a Red Weapon ( Red Gaius Weapon ) and so on. Make sure to visit the Videos sections as well

This is a nice simulator for arena fights... if you are wondering who would win - http://gladiatussimulator.tk/

Last but not least - The Gladiatus Crazy Addon! Absolute necessity - http://gladiatuscrazyaddon.tk/

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