Expeditions and Dungeons

Welcome to the best Gladiatus fansite

This is the newest Gladiatus 2016 Fansite. Here you can find:

Gladiatus Expeditions with detailed stats of each NPC - What level, experience, Honour, Gold, Item level they drop and what stats they have. And this is for every NPC in the game


Gladiatus Dungeon guides - I have created detailed dungeon guides for all Gladiatus dungeons except Late Revenge ( coming soon ) and later or if someone helps me - Alpha & Omega

Wrath Mountain


Gladiatus Underworld guides - I have detailed Underworld rules and how it works. I have guides for Normal, Medium and Hard with all the enemies you will face there and some extended info on each one. I have detailed explanation on how the new Dis Pater costumes work

Dis PaterDis Pater Armor Hard

Gladiatus Costumes - I have created a detailed guide on all costumes in the game including what each set bonus rewards with screenshots and detailed explanation

Wrath Mountain

Gladiatus Events - I have created and is still in development a guide on Gladiatus events, Event Costumes and expeditions

Ra's Light Robe

Gladiatus Formulas - I am collecting information on how Gladiatus works and what formulas exist. Trying to keep them up to date to the newest versions

Gladiatus Patches - I am keeping track on the Gladiatus Updates. Something you can definitely read on the official boards but I will structure it different

Gladiatus Gallery - Screenshots of Orange drops and interesting situations as well as ancient screenshots from the earlier versions

Gladiatus Guild Buildings - All the Guild Buildings and they costs

Gladiatus Calculator - Calculator on the costs of Training

Gladiatus Videos - I even have videos of the game. Leveling up, forging a Red Weapon ( Red Gaius Weapon ) and so on. Make sure to visit the Videos sections as well

This is a nice simulator for arena fights... if you are wondering who would win - http://gladiatussimulator.tk/

Use the menu to navigate to the different sections