Gladiatus Videos


This is the page where i will share my Gladiatus videos. You can check out my Youtube channel

I will list the individual videos here with some description on each

Forging a Red Gaius sword

This is a video of me forging a Red Gaius sword. Not the best item level but still very strong after reinforcement

Forging Orange Mateus sword

This is a video of me forging an orange Mateus sword

Forging Orange Gaius Sword


Forging two swords with results

Forging a Red Lucius Helm

Forging Lucius ring on 28% Red

Forging 100% Red Antonius Sword

Forging Antonius Sword on 40% Red

Finally, enough resources to forge an entirely Red weapon on 100% that will have no chance to fail

Crafting Gaius Axe of Agression on 24% Red

Crafting Antonius Weapon on 33% Red

Crafting Lucius Amulet - Various colors

Crafting Antonius Sword of Fatuity on 29% Red

How forging quality is calculated

Gladiatus Beginner's Guide 2018 - 1-5 Level

Re-trying a failed forge

How to stay in Underworld even if you die

How to change workbench requirements

Level 108 Defeating Dis Pater on Hard