Gladiatus Dungeons

Gladiatus Dungeons

Gladiatus Dungeons

Dungeons in Gladiatus are adventures against mighty enemies. You and your group of 5 will defeat legendary bosses throughout the game and find epic gear. All you need to know about the basics of the dungeons you can read it on the Game guide page and the dungeons themselves with all the details will be here. Just read on.

Alpha & Omega

Here are some facts about dungeons:

  • Dungeons become available at level 10
  • There are 25 dungeons in the game. Waiting for Britannia dungeons
  • Dungeon opponents are harder than expedition opponents because you fight them with a 5 member party of your dungeon version of your characters + 4 NPCs
  • Defeating the dungeon boss usually is really hard if you try it on the same level as the entry level, except for the first two dungeons
  • Dungeon boss drops a minimum of Blue quality item with 100% chance to drop an item
  • Dungeon bosses drop higher item level than minions, very often even higher than what the player can equip
  • Dungeon monsters and boss share the same level range. Boss isn't higher level than the minions but is always far stronger
  • Dungeon monsters within a dungeon are levels = Entry level + 9-11 levels. Example: Dark Catacombs. Entry level is 40 so all the mobs inside spawn randomly from 49-51 level, including the boss
  • Stats of the monsters in a dungeon vary depending on the spawned level
  • Dungeon monsters are known to drop Orange quality items more than expedition monsters, at least on low-mid levels
  • You can have Orange drops in dungeons on lower levels but the drop % chance is really low. It becomes a little bit higher in Externsteine (Level 102) and above.
  • The quickest dungeon is Gustavos Country House (Level 10) 4 dungeon points to complete in Italy and the longest is Alpha & Omega (Level 120) in Germania with 20 dungeon points to complete
  • Normal regeneration of a dungeon point is 1 hour 30 minutes for 1 point. With Centurion this is reduced to 1 hour for dungeon point. Different costumes can lower that even more or micro events throughout the year
  • Dungeon points start at 12 and can become 24 with Centurion. Underworld medium difficulty costume prize can increase them to 48 dungeon points
  • First really hard bosses are Zagrash in Italy at level 78 (Zagrash's Fort) and Papa Sasama in Africa at level 80 (Fairground). These two bosses can really be a roadblock for you, even if you are decently geared. At that level (78 or 80) you will be comfortably farming Fenrirson in Italy starting from level 73 (Gioll Passage). Quick dungeon and easy boss. However, at around 78 you might want to go and progress and this is where you hit the wall. You can't beat those two bosses who are next in line and therefore going to Africa at 80 is a bit pointless. You just need to gear up and give them a hard time. The guide to handle this is here -


Choose a country:

Italy (Level 10/15/60/65/68/70/73/78)

Africa (Level 20/25/30/35/80/86/90/92)

Germania (Level 40/45/50/80/102/112/120)

Britannia (Level 120+ No dungeons in Britannia yet)

Check out the Dungeon table with super detailed info of all 25 dungeons!!! - here.

Dungeon Arc

The dungeon experience in Gladiatus follows the following leveling arc:

In short - Italy -> Africa -> Germania -> Italy -> Africa -> Germania. Here is how:

  1. You start in Italy at level 1. Dungeons unlock at level 10 and you will be doing Gustavos Country House, On the Run and The Dragon Stronghold. There is a 4th low level dungeon in Italy called The cave of dark intrigue but it is very hard and you probably will stick longer with The Dragon Stronghold and then go straight to Africa. Africa unlocks at level 20 but you might not be ready to fight there as opponents are too hard so you might stay in Italy until around level 24-25
  2. Once in Africa you will stay there until level 40 and go through different dungeons which will all be relatively easy if you scale your gear well. At level 40 you can return to Italy
  3. Once in Italy at level 40 prepare for a long stay there. First set of dungeons are all nice, easy and loot is good. At level 73 and If you are decently geared you will find yourself farming Fenrirson in Gioll's Passage. However going from there is where the challenge begins. You will be farming Fenrirson for a while and at level 78 you will want to progress to the next dungeon - Zagrash's Fort. This is the problem - Zagrash, the boss. Back in 2011 when Germania country was not introduced into the game, Zagrash was the final boss in Gladiatus. And he is hard... damn hard. Read this article if you are up to the challenge to try and beat him on current level -
  4. What makes the situation at level 80 even more complicated is that at level 80 you have the option to return to Africa and try yourself in the dungeon Fairground with Papa Sasama as a boss. Problem is that he is even harder than Zagrash. There is a dungeon in Germania that opens up on Level 80 and is called - Mysterious Laboratory. However, there is a problem there. Dungeon is level 80 but there isn't a suitable expedition to match this level. So in the end you will be stuck in Italy for as long as it takes for you to be ready to beat Papa Sasama. This could be at 85 or even later, depending on your gear and mercenaries.
  5. The next dungeon after Papa Sasama in Fairground is Under a Blood-red Sky which unlocks at level 86. The dungeons is many times easier than Fairground so whether you have successfully faced Zagrash and Papa Sasama or not, now you are traveling to Africa for sure. You will be farming Under a Blood-red Sky for 4 levels until you reach level 90.
  6. At level 90 In the Heart of Decay unlocks. Not a hugely hard dungeon but the loot becomes very sweet. Lucius starts to drop and some high damage weapons. Make sure you are geared enough to farm In the Heart of Decay and this dungeon will gear you up
  7. Weirdly, at level 92 Fairground's advanced dungeon unlocks - Sasama's last journey. It just 2 levels after In the Heart of Decay so you might not be ready to face the mighty boss in Sasama's last journey. Just take your time, there isn't any reason to hurry. Sasama's last journey is the final dungeon in Africa and you next dungeon is in Germania and is in 10 levels on 102. Make sure that you start farming Sasama's last journey as soon as possible. Item level drop there is high and will prepare you for the high levels (100+)
  8. After a long fight in Sasama's last journey, (10 levels from 92 to 102) you will travel to Germania and face the first of the high level dungeons in Germania - Externsteine. The dungeon is quick and offers high level drops and most of all - Orange drops will now be a lot more frequent than before. The bad news is that from Externsteine on level 102, your next dungeon is again 10 levels ahead - on 112. And another bad news is that the it will take you more than a year of regular playing to get from 102 to 112 so prepare yourself with patience and enjoy the game. It is very exciting at level 102+
  9. Once you reach the long-waited 112 level you can now enter the last dungeon in the game - Late Revenge. Item level drops would seem significantly higher than Externsteine and will reward you well if you are lucky with some more Orange drops. However, it is known that Late Revenge seems to be a lot lower in terms of Orange drops chance than Externsteine. Not to worry, by level 112 Forging will be a huge part of the game and what drops from the dungeon will matter but will worry you a lot less
  10. Another 8 levels after (on level 120) awaits you the last (currently) dungeon in the game. The advanced dungeon of Late Revenge - Alpha & Omega. However, you will be at a crossroad. To stay and fight in Germania and try yourself in Alpha & Omega or travel to the new continent - Britannia where the expeditions are legendary but there are no dungeons yet.

Dungeons and bosses sorted by Level

*Hit chance, Double hit, Chance for critical hit, Chance to block a hit, Chance to avoid critical hits will be different with your characters because these are based on your character's stats versus the boss'


Name of the dungeon: Gustavos Country House
Name of the Boss: King Gustavo
Level: 9-11
Required Level for the area: 10
Location: Italy – Grimwood – Normal

King Gustavo
King Gustavo

Name of the dungeon: On the Run
Name of the Boss: Gnaeus Aurelius Flavio
Level: 14-16
Required Level for the area: 10
Location: Italy – Pirate Harbour – Normal
Gnaeus Aurelius Flavio

Name of the dungeon: The Dragon Stronghold
Name of the Boss: Oribas
Level: 19-21
Required Level for the area: 10
Location: Italy – Misty Mountains – Normal


Name of the dungeon: The Cave of Dark intrigue
Name of the Boss: Hell Dog
Level: 24-26
Required Level for the area: 15
Location: Italy – Wolf Cave – Normal

Hell Dog

Name of the dungeon: Temple of Perdition
Name of the Boss: Themba
Level: 29-31
Required Level for the area: 20
Location: Africa – Voodoo Temple – Normal


Name of the dungeon: Abducted
Name of the Boss: Shetu
Level: 34-36
Required Level for the area: 25
Location: Africa – Bridge – Normal


Name of the dungeon: Chamber of Pyro
Name of the Boss: Pyro
Level: 39-41
Required Level for the area: 30
Location: Africa – Blood Cave – Normal


Name of the dungeon: Poisoned Country
Name of the Boss: Nithotep
Level: 44-46
Required Level for the area: 35
Location: Africa – Lost Harbour – Normal


Name of the dungeon: Dark Catacombs
Name of the Boss: Lord Aesteron
Level: 49-51
Required Level for the area: 40
Location: Germania – Cave Temple – Normal

Lord Aesteron

Name of the dungeon: With all its might
Name of the Boss: Oak Lord
Level: 54-56
Required Level for the area: 45
Location: Germania – The Green Forest – Normal

Oak Lord

Name of the dungeon: Viking Camp
Name of the Boss: Homo Nautilus
Level: 59-61
Required Level for the area: 50
Location: Germania – Cursed Village – Normal

Homo Nautilus

Name of the dungeon: Hidden Grave
Name of the Boss: Nekromar
Level: 59-61
Required Level for the area: 60
Location: Italy – Ancient Temple – Normal


Name of the dungeon: In enemy hands
Name of the Boss: Trakovar
Level: 74-76
Required Level for the area: 65
Location: Italy – Barbarian Village – Normal


Name of the dungeon: The Last Resort
Name of the Boss: Captian Kratos
Level: 77-79
Required Level for the area: 68
Location: Italy – Pirate Harbour – Advanced

Captain Kratos

Name of the dungeon: The True Owner
Name of the Boss: Gernasch
Level: 79-81
Required Level for the area: 70
Location: Italy – Misty Mountains – Advanced


Name of the dungeon: Gioll Passage
Name of the Boss: Fenrirson
Level: 82-84
Required Level for the area: 73
Location: Italy – Wolf Cave – Advanced


Name of the dungeon: Zagrash's Fort
Name of the Boss: Zagrash
Level: 87-89
Required Level for the area: 78
Location: Italy – Barbarian Village – Advanced


Name of the dungeon: Mysterious Laboratory
Name of the Boss: Frank N.Stein
Level: 89-91
Required Level for the area: 80
Location: Germania – Death Hill – Normal

Frank N.Stein

Name of the dungeon: Fairground
Name of the Boss: Papa Sasama
Level: 89-91
Required Level for the area: 80
Location: Africa – Umpokta Tribe – Normal

Papa Sasama

Name of the dungeon: Under a Blood-red Sky
Name of the Boss: Shetu bin Seth
Level: 95-97
Required Level for the area: 86
Location: Africa – Bridge – Advanced

Shetu bin Seth

Name of the dungeon: In the Heart of Decay
Name of the Boss: Corruption
Level: 99-101
Required Level for the area: 90
Location: Africa – Lost Harbour – Advanced


Name of the dungeon: Sasama's last journey
Name of the Boss: Akhekhu
Level: 101-103
Required Level for the area: 92
Location: Africa – Umpokta Tribe – Advanced


Name of the dungeon: Externsteine
Name of the Boss: Wrath Mountain
Level: 111-113
Required Level for the area: 102
Location: Germania – The Green Forest – Advanced

Wrath Mountain

Name of the dungeon: Late Revenge
Name of the Boss: Valerius Filius Gustavo
Level: 121-123
Required Level for the area: 112
Location: Germania – Dragon Remains – Normal

Valerius Filius Gustavo

Name of the dungeon: Alpha & Omega
Name of the Boss: Dracolich
Level: 129-131
Required Level for the area: 120
Location: Germania – Dragon Remains – Advanced


Dracolich stats

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