Mysterious Laboratory

Mysterious Laboratory

Mysterious Laboratory is actually an optional dungeon. You could still be in Italy fighting Zagrash or you can be in Africa fighting the Umpokta Tribe. The weird fact about this dungeon is that it doesn't have a suitable expedition to match it so you would only come here for the dungeon and fight a low level expedition. This doesn't make sense so this is one of the very weird dungeons in the game. However, boss is easier than Papa Sasama & Zagrash and the dungeon is actually quicker. If you are an only-dungeon player you might want to try this dungeon out.

Entry level: 80

Dungeon points to complete: 5-10 (varies)

Level on which you can complete: 80-82 probably. Boss is hard. Here is a setup of a level 80 kill - here. And this setup is of a lucky kill. Don't expect to farm the boss. You can achieve farm status on Frank N. Stein only if you beat Zagrash every now and then.

Enemy and boss levels: 89-91

Minions item level drop: 87-93 Verified

Boss item level drop: 88-101 Verified

Parent Expedition: Death Hill

Advanced Dungeon: No

Previous Dungeon: Zagrash's Fort (Level 78, Italy)

Same Level Dungeon: Fairground (Level 80, Africa)

Next Dungeon: Under a Blood-red Sky (Level 86, Africa)


The smell of medicinal equipment flows through the entry port. A meat cleaver pounds on an animal cadaver. Multiple henchmen wash the portioned body parts and lay them on a small transport cart. Only the toughest survive this grotesque sight without nightmares that plague them for the rest of their lives.

Mysterious Laboratory


1. Acquire the key to the gate from the butcher master

2. Eliminate the preparer

3. Eliminate Goldblade

4. Acquire the key to the doctor`s lab from one of the undead priest

Entering the laboratory your only option is to face the butcher master

Butcher Master



You complete the first quest

Quest 1 Completed

You continue to the next room

Phase 2




You also complete the second quest

Quest 2 Completed

You have a choice now. I suggest you go for the Goldblade


Gold Blade



and you complete the third quest

Quest 3 Completed

You go to the last room and you see undead priests. Seems like one of the holds the key to the last chamber with the doctor.

Start killing them

Phase 5

Undead Priest



One of the priests holds the key so if you are lucky you don't have to kill them all. Look for the quest completion to know

Quest 4 Completed

Having the key gives you access to the last room. Entering you are appalled from the atrocities committed. All of a sudden the abominable collection of corpses starts to breath and stands up from the operating table. You don't wait long and attack


Frank N. Stein




Special abilities:

Round 1, 6, 11, 16, 21, 26 etc every 5 rounds : Frank N. Stein's axes are glowing a cobalt blue. The glowing increases and suddenly covers his whole body. Before anyone is able to react, his axes start hitting each group member.

Mass damage to the entire dungeon group for ~530 damage. The attack can be blocked or can crit or be reduced by Armour. The attack can also miss.

Round 2, 12, 22, 32 etc every 10 rounds : Frank N. Stein raises his hands to his chest, speaks the magic words and thrusts his hands towards the group. During the next 5 rounds, all attacks pass through him, but blood is suddenly splattering out of the open wounds of the attacker.

All attacks against Frank N. Stein deal 0 damage for the next 5 rounds

Round 3, 17, 30: Frank N. Steins mouth, located in his stomach, opens and spouts a huge fountain of blood towards the group. It takes 2 rounds for everyone to clean the dripping blood from themselves.

All affected NPCs are skipping 2 rounds. Doesn't seem to affect everyone in the group. Might be random

Round 9: Frank N. Stein speaks a quick incantation. Surrounded by a green light his wounds begin to close.

Frank N. Stein heals himself at the start of the round. ~1350 healing or ~2700 critical heal

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