Dark Catacombs

Dark Catacombs

Dark Catacombs is the first dungeon in Germania on your first visit to Germania. A long dungeon but the boss rewards good items

Entry level: 40

Dungeon points to complete: 11

Level on which you can complete: 40. If you want to beat the boss on level 40, you will need to have ~Level 50 mercenaries, you need good and up to date weapons with or with almost 100 damage, and you need Uróthiens and Raylos gear on your damage dealers so their damage is high - 170 +. Here is a setup that is enough to land a kill on Lord Aesteron - click.

Enemy and boss levels: 49-51

Minions item level drop: 47-53 Confirmed

Boss item level drop: 50-61 Confirmed

Advanced Dungeon: No

Parent Expedition: Cave Temple

Previous Dungeon: Poisoned Country (Level 35, Africa)

Next Dungeon: With all its might (Level 45)


A short cry and then everything is calm again except for the gruelling cracking sounds of insects. The aura of the dead is like a slap in the face with a bull whip for all the visitors of this place. Hate, Wrath, Sorrow, Luck, Euphoria, Despair, Lethargy - it all wraps itself around your heart like a bell and constricts it. The first steps into the temple are the hardest and after that the menacing ban of extreme tension clutches at every intruder.

Dark Catacombs


1. The fearsome sounds wear you down. Eliminate all Skeletons and Monster Insects.
Kill the mutated crypt beetle at Bone Mountain

Kill the mutated crypt beetle at the urn closet

Kill the skeleton at the victims` candles

Kill the skeleton in Bone Mountain

2. A chant begins.
Disturb the pagan ritual

3. The lift to the catacombs won`t work. Some cogs are missing.
Search the old priest chamber for the cogs

The first quest gives you a lot of choices where to start. It is completely up to you so let's start with the Skeleton on the right

Phase 1


Skeleton Warrior



And with killing him you also complete the task

Task 1

Let's go with the other skeleton next

Phase 2

It appears that it is another Skeleton Warrior

Skeleton Warrior



and you complete the second task

Task 2

Now let's kill the mutated Beetles as well

Go with any of the two

Phase 3

Mutated Crypt Bug



and the other one

Phase 4

Mutated Crypt Bug



and you complete the last task from the Quest 1

Task 4

With the first quest completed you move to the next one

2. A chant begins.
Disturb the pagan ritual

You see five ritualists doing a pagan ritual. You attack them

Phase 5

Undead Priest



You slowly go slicing through all five and once you are done with them you complete quest No. 2

Task 5

So your only chance now to find the cogs for the third quest is to look in the room.

Phase 6

You see a zombie like figure, you attack.

Priest Zombie



and by killing it you complete the last quest and you are ready to face the boss

You've always known that you had to confront the huge Skeleton figure in the middle. However you had no idea how strong and powerful this skeleton boss is


Lord Aesteron




Special abilities:

Round 1, 12, 23 etc. every 12 rounds: Lord Aesteron hits {random NPC} in the head with the hilt of his sword. {random NPC} looses his orientation for 4 rounds. This is if Lord Aesteron's attack is successful. If it misses it will be Lord Aesteron swings a sword knob at {random NPC}, who knowingly perceives this diabolic plan and steps to the side

This is a extra attack made by Lord Aesteron on a random NPC. If it succeeds the affected NPC will not take part in the next 4 rounds.

Round 2, 8, 14, 20 etc. every 7 rounds : Lord Aesteron changes his strategy and no longer directly hits his opponent, but hits his neighbour instead.

Just like Pyro, every 7 rounds he will not attack the Tank but he will attack whoever you have next in NPC order.

Round 3, 18, 35 etc. every 16 rounds: Lord Aesteron draws a mirror in the air. All actions from {random NPC} are suddenly reversed. The spell loses its power after 3 rounds. This is if the spell succeeds. If it doesn't it says Lord Aesteron depicts a mirror in the air. The group is glad that nothing has happened.

If successful, randomly affects 1 NPC and prevents it from taking action in the next 3 rounds.

Round 26, 48, 70, 92: Lord Aesteron speaks a quick incantation. Surrounded by a green light his wounds begin to close.

Lord Aesteron will heal himself for ~755 healing


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