Poisoned Country

Poisoned Country

This is the Lost Harbour dungeon. Long one with something like two bosses. Last dungeon before you depart for Germania. Also this is where you can start to find Purple drops from the boss more often and in higher chances.

Entry level: 35

Dungeon points to complete: 12

Level on which you can complete: 35. In order to defeat the boss on level 35, you will need up to date Mercenary, Most if not all gear to be Uróthiens and Raylos or Sugos and good Weapons. 70 or 80 Damage at least. Here is an example of a first try kill and farm of Nithotep on entry level - 35. Click here.

Enemy and boss levels: 44-46

Minions item level drop: 42-48 Confirmed

Boss item level drop: 45-55 Confirmed

Parent Expedition: Lost Harbour

Advanced Dungeon: Yes, In the Heart of Decay

Previous Dungeon: Chamber of Pyro (Level 30)

Next Dungeon: Dark Catacombs (Level 40, Germania)


The scent of decay and corruption seems almost physically palpable at this place. Something evil has dug its way into the innards of this once flourishing harbour town and has swallowed up all the life within it.

This disaster keeps spreading and bit by bit and it`s taking over the fruitful riverside. We need to put a stop to this terrible disaster...

Poisoned Country


1. Hit the foul rabble back
a. Destroy the Mokele lying in wait in the house ruins

2. Fight your way towards the centre of the harbour town
a. Defeat the undead fishermen
b. Destroy the infected harbour master

There is something poisoning the town and you need to find out what. You know some Mokele creatures are hiding in the city ruins. Find them!




Once you have eradicated them you will complete the first quest

Quest 1 Completed

Now that the Mokele are out of the way you must proceed to the Harbour. However you have someone on your way.

It appears that they are undead fisherman and their master

Phase 2

Undead Fisherman



Once you kill 6 of them you will complete the 2nd part

Quest 2 Completed

Time to face the infected harbour master Haru. He is really hard, like a boss.

Harbour Master Haru



Once you kill him you also complete the last quest in the dungeon

Quest 3 Completed

You are ready to face the follower of the dark god Seth






Special Skills:

Round 1, 16, 31, 46 61 etc: Nithotep softly whispers to the wind. Her seductive sound infiltrates {random NPC}'s spirit and poisons his body for 5 rounds

The affected NPC receives ~124 damage per round for the next 5 rounds.

Round 3, 28, 49, 69 etc: Smiling, Nithotep breaks a small talisman. Her figure becomes invisible for a short time. For 4 rounds, your weapons cannot find their target and every attack is punished with a bolt of lightning from ethereal energy.

Every successful attack against Nithotep also damages the attack for ~20 damage.

Round 12, 27 42 57, 72 etc. every 15 rounds: With dark words, Nithotep asks Seth to stand by her. Her request does not remain unheard. Green light shoots out of her wounds, reassembling flesh and bone.

Nithotep heals herself for ~2194 healing. Can crit


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