Germania Dungeons

Germania Dungeons

Germania contains the least number of dungeons but they are all really important. Here are the "end-game" dungeons for the highest level gladiators

Click on each dungeon link (+picture) to open the full guide of the dungeon

Level 40 - Dark Catacombs (Ancient Temple)

Dark Catacombs


Level 49-51

Lord Aesteron

Level 45 - With all its might (The green forest)

With All its might


Level 54-56

Oak Lord

Level 50 - Viking Camp (Cursed Village)

Viking Camp


Level 59-61

Homo Nautilus

Level 80 - Mysterious Laboratory (Death Hill)

Mysterious Laboratory


Level 89-91

Frank N. Stein

Level 102 - Externsteine (The green forest Advanced)



Level 111-113

Wrath Mountain

Level 112 - Late Revenge (Dragon Remains)

Late Revenge


Level 121-123

Valerius Filius Gustavo

Level 120 - Alpha & Omega (Dragon Remains Advanced)


Level 129-131



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