Viking Camp

Viking Camp

Viking Camp is the third Germanian expedition and it is a long and expensive one. Also, it is 10 levels long as there isn't any dungeon to move to when you hit 55 level so you stay here until 60!

Entry level: 50

Dungeon points to complete: 11

Level on which you can complete: 50, boss isn't hard but can drop some good Taliths gear. Here is a setup of a 1st time kill of the boss on Level 50 - click here. Make sure your Mercenaries are in the 58-62 Level range. Make sure your damage dealers are maxed or high on Dexteritty which should be around ~300 and your weapons a little bit upgraded compared to previous dungeon (around 200 damage on damage dealers) and you will have no problem beating the boss. It's easy compared to other bosses.

Enemy and boss levels: 59-61

Minions item level drop: 56-63 Confirmed

Boss item level drop: 58-70 Confirmed

Advanced Dungeon: No

Parent Expedition: Cursed Village

Previous Dungeon: With all its might (Level 45)

Next Dungeon: Hidden Grave (Level 60)


One can already detect the traces of destruction from afar. The village has been devastated and sits lonely on the coast. No fishermen are alive; no joyous children`s voices can be heard; everything is dead. Suddenly multiple voices join together to form a song and the knocking together of beer mugs can be heard. From a safe distance one can see Vikings celebrating something..

Viking Camp


1. Break through the defence wall

2. Be prepared for sneaky attacks

3. Banish the Viking chief from the horn and blow inside it

As soon as you break through the Viking Camp gate you are surrounded by 7 Vikings immediately. You start slicing through

Phase 1

Fearless Viking



Once you cut through all of them you complete the first quest

Quest 1 Completed

Continuing down the camp seems to quiet. You spot an ambush. You decide to attack first.


A weird creature attacks you




Once you kill both you will complete the second quest

Quest 2 Completed

You seem to be ready to confront the Viking chief and see what is that horn behind him

Viking Chief

You attack...

Viking Chief



and you blow the horn behind him and complete the last quest

Quest 3 Completed

Unfortunately blowing the horn awakens a creature that comes from the swamp and stands right in front of you.


Homo Nautilus




Special abilities:

Round 1, 13, 25, 37 or every 12 rounds : Homo Nautilus speaks a short spell. A red light surrounds him and he seems to be able to foresee all attacks on him.

Seems like an increased chance to miss attacks against him

Round 2, 10, 18, 34, 42 etc. every 8 rounds: Homo Nautilus speaks a magic incantation. {random NPC} is distracted by it for 2 Rounds.

Affected NPC will miss its attacks on Homo Nautilus for the next 2 rounds

Round 3, 28, 53 etc. every 25 rounds : Homo Nautilus spits out a slimy liquid. Your whole group has a hard time keeping on their feet.

Seems like an increased chance to miss attacks against him

Round 4, 9, 14, 19 etc. every 5 rounds : Homo Nautilus scares {random NPC} away with a blood-curdling scream. {random NPC} is visibly scared and fights even more defensively.

Deals 0 damage or misses the entire attack

Round 5, 20, 36, 52 etc. every 15 rounds : Homo Nautilus draws a cross in the air and throw his fist in the direction of {random NPC}.

Deals 0 damage or misses the entire attack

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