Hidden Grave

Hidden Grave

The long waited return to Italy. You feel stronger but are you ready for this dark dungeon? It's one of the most interesting dungeons in the game and one with a formidable boss. However, there is one thing you should know - the dungeon can be very long depending on the Skeleton Wall. Boss drops very good items and the item level drop here should feel like a fresh breath after you've stayed and fought for 10 levels in the Viking Camp. Beware, boss is hard!

Entry level: 60

Dungeon points to complete: 8-13 (varies)

Level on which you can complete: Boss is strong. Very well geared you might be able to do it on 60-61 level. Just keep your Mercenary at high level ~70 and make sure you have no gaps in your gear. Also, probably a good idea to update your healer with ~1000 Healing so he can cope with the increased strength of the boss. Here is a setup of a Level 60 kill - here.

Enemy and boss levels: 69-71

Minions item level drop: 67-73 Confirmed

Boss item level drop: 68-80 Confirmed

Advanced Dungeon: No

Parent Expedition: Ancient Temple

Previous Dungeon: Viking Camp (Level 50, Germania)

Next Dungeon: In enemy hands (Level 65)


The temple`s old pomposity helps us to surmise how mighty the constructors of it must have been. The ascent is threateningly calm. From the inside you can hear knocks and aggressive muttering and swearing. Tomb raiders try their luck. Except for the two of them, the hall is empty. Besides the trenched hole a dirty fountain and a beautiful mural painting are the only eye catchers.

Hidden Grave


A tomb raider and his henchman are searching for the key to the secret entry into the mysterious inner temple. Defeat both of them and get the key artefact.
Defeat the tomb raider

1. Defeat his henchman

2. Beat the watchdogs

3. Analyse the collapsed trap

4. Fight your way through the skeleton warrior

As stated by the first quest there is a raider and his henchmen in front. You waste no time and attack them both.





Quest 1.1 Completed

and the Tomb Rider

Grave Robber



You complete the first quest

Quest 1.2 Completed

You continue to advance to the Watchdogs.

Phase 2




After you kill both you will complete Quest 2

Quest 2 Completed

You continue on the right and start analysing the collapsed trap

Phase 3




You kill the 2 zombies and complete the quest

Quest 3 Completed

You continue to advance in the grave and you hit a huge skeleton wall... and yes... they are 7...  and yes ... you most of the times need to kill them all.

Phase 4

Rarely you can actually push through the wall and make it out before you kill all of them but that's rare (see example below)

Hidden Grave

Skeleton Warrior



After the long fight through the skeleton wall you finally complete the last quest

Quest 4 Completed

You now face the boss... and what a boss he is...





Special abilities:

Round 1, 19, 37, 55, : Nekromar's axes are glowing a cobalt blue. The glowing increases and suddenly covers his whole body. Before anyone is able to react, his axes start hitting each group member.

Mass damage for the entire group ~400-500 damage

Round 2, 6, 10, 14 etc. every 4 rounds: Nekromar changes his strategy and no longer directly hits his opponent, but hits his neighbour instead.

Nekromar will ignore hitting the tank and will hit whoever is next in line after your tank (depends on how you have placed your NPCs)

Round 3, 20, 35, 51 etc every 15 rounds : Nekromar raises his hands to his chest, speaks the magic words and thrusts his hands towards the group. During the next 2 rounds, all attacks pass through him, but blood is suddenly splattering out of the open wounds of the attacker.

All attacks against Nekromar will hit for 0 damage and also he will retaliate some of them back to the attacker. Nekromar counters {attacking NPC's} attack. {attacking NPC's} receive 50-100 damage.

Round 4, 36, 67, every 33 rounds: Nekromar's back wings are starting to shiver and are suddenly covered in icicles. It is getting cold around him. A glassy layer of ice is spreading on the floor and heading towards the group. Everyone has a hard time trying not to fall on the floor. After 2 rounds, the layer of ice dissolves.

Next 2 rounds the entire group (excepts the Tank) will skip rounds and will not attack

Round 5, 25, 45, 65 etc. every 20 rounds: Nekromar spins in a circle and creates a magic swirl. A magical shield appears and covers the whole body of Nekromar. The shield will lose his effect after 10 Rounds.

He casts a shield on him reducing damage taken

Round 32, 54, etc. every 22 rounds : Nekromar speaks a quick incantation. Surrounded by a green light his wounds begin to close.

Nekromar heals himself for ~1051 Healing and Critical for 2102 Healing

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