Gustavos Country House

Gustavos Country House

Gustavos Country House is the first dungeon in the game. Therefore it's quite easy. Also, it is populated with a lot of enemies but you only need to fight 3 to get to the boss!

Entry level: 10

Dungeon points to complete: 4-6 (more if quests not followed)

Level on which you can complete: 10. Easy dungeon. Could be done with what's offered from the game on level 10

Enemy and boss levels: 9-10

Minions item level drop: 9-10 Confirmed

Boss item level drop: 10-12 Confirmed

Parent Expedition: Grimwood

Advanced Dungeon: No

Previous Dungeon: None, this is the first dungeon in the game

Next Dungeon: On the Run (Level 10)


Hidden deep in Grimwood, there is a path flanked by murky looking trees. A cool breeze of air gives every passer-by goosebumps. The dark presence of evil beings crushes all hope and the whole place is marked by an eerie silence.

Gustavos Country House


1. Fight your way through the group of lunatic rippers

2. Fight your way to the south

Your first opponent is the Lunatic Ripper. Randomly there can be one or two.

Lunatic Ripper



Now that the Lunatic is out of the way, remember to go SOUTH as directed by the quest: "Fight your way to the south". This means that you don't have to kill the 8/8 or the 10/10 Medusa.

The right way!

Fight the Wild Pigs. They can be 2, 3 or 4

Wild Pig



 Just like the Medusa, the 3/3 XXX are also optional. You can face the boss directly. He is


King Gustavo



Drops Item level: 10-12

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