In enemy hands

In enemy hands

In enemy hands is the second dungeon on your big return to Italy. It is good buffer dungeon because you will most probably only run it for 3 levels until you go to The last resort in Pirate Harbour Advanced

Entry level: 65

Dungeon points to complete: 13

Level on which you can complete: Boss can be challenging but should not pose any danger to the experienced dungeon hero. Decent geared from previous dungeon should give you a good chance of defeating the boss on entry level. Here is a setup of a 65 level kill - here.

Enemy and boss levels: 72-74

Minions item level drop: 70-76 Confirmed

Boss item level drop: 71-84 Confirmed

Parent Expedition: Barbarian Village

Advanced Dungeon: Yes, Zagrashs Fort (Level 78)

Previous Dungeon: Hidden Grave (Level 60)

Next Dungeon: The Last Resort (Level 68)


Who would have thought that barbarians were capable of building such a well-fortified fort? The towers are manned with archers and guards patrol the main gate. This is certainly the influence of the beaming Roman legion. Through the main gate one can recognise obscure magical activities.
In enemy hands


1. Eliminate the gate guards

2. There is a threatening danger that a rain of arrows is going to come down from the watchtowers. Sneak to the watchtowers and secure your way through the courtyard.

a. Capture the key for the towers from the patrol

b.Eliminate danger through towers

The fort is really fortified. No easy way to sneak in. You are afraid of the towers so without being spotted you take out the gate guards

Phase 1

Gate Guards



Once you take out the two of them you complete the first quest

Quest 1 Completed

You know there is no other way into the fortress but to kill all the watch towers. They are just too dangerous left alone. However, you have to do it silently and you need a key to do that if you want to sneak up the stairs and ambush. Just as you were finishing the gate guards corpses off, you hear the patrol guard rotating around the fort coming to the front gate. You have to attack, perhaps they have the key to the towers.

Phase 2

Again it is two of them




Looks like the 2nd patrol was having keys to the towers on their chain. You pick them up

Quest 2

Now time to take off the towers. It's a lot of work but there is no other way into the court yard.

You see 2 enemies in each of the 4 towers. You go one by one.

Phase 3

Medusas guarding the towers! Do not look into their eyes. Kill them in an ambush and from behind




The first one down...

One Down

The second one is down too...

Two Down

Third one down...

Three Down

and finally the last one is down as well....

Four Down

Quest 3 Completed

All the towers are neutralised so it's time for you to enter the court yard and face the barbarian leader before he does any harm to the Roman centurio.






Special abilities:

Round 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, or every 7 rounds: Trakovar`s whip smacks through the air and blue sparks fly as it hits {Random NPC}`s hand. He is crippled for 3 rounds.

or if it misses

Trakovar`s whip smacks through the air and blue sparks fly as his whips become entangled and his attack fails.

The affected NPC will be doing insufficient damage for 3 rounds. This ability seems to be missing a lot.

Round 2, 14, 26 or every 13 rounds: The end of the whip wraps itself around {Random NPC} and shackles him for 3 rounds.

The affected NPC will not take part in the next 3 rounds at all

Round 3, 10, 18, 25 or every 7 rounds: The whips mercilessly smack down on the group. It`s impossible to know where they will hit and therefore impossible to avoid them.

Hits the entire group for 1200-1400 damage. The attack can miss some NPCs.

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