On the Run

On the Run

On the Run is the second dungeon in the game. Unfortunately, depending on how well you managed to equip your mercenaries from level 10 onwards, you might be able to handle the dungeon just fine or have problems getting through. It is recommended that by that time you have purchased and filled all mercenaries slots or at least have 3 but fully equipped ones, you should be able to start farming this dungeon. It is doable on level 11-12 but you have to invest in some equipment and mercenaries. It is a long dungeon but it's absolutely mandatory to fight here if you can as the drops are better than Gustavos. The average length is 12 dungeon points so despite the length of the dungeon it is very adequate in terms of item level drops.

Entry level: 10

Dungeon points to complete: ~12 (varies)

Level on which you can complete: Depends on how many gear/mercenaries you manage to buy and how quick. If you equip yourself some mercenaries and weapons from the Auction house you could do this on ~11 level even.

Enemy and boss levels: 14-16

Minions item level drop: 13-16 Confirmed

Boss item level drop: 15-18 Confirmed

Parent Expedition: Pirate Harbour

Advanced Dungeon: Yes, The Last Resort (Level 73)

Previous Dungeon: Gustavos Country House (Level 10)

Next Dungeon: The Dragon Stronghold (Level 10)


The old harbour is a hideout and meeting point for all sorts of rabble and shady creatures. And amongst the dirt and fish stench filled alleyways, Gnaeus Aurelius Flavio is attempting to flee from his just punishment with some of his followers. The senator, the emperors` former confidante, is being charged with treason and fraternizing with the enemy.

He has to be stopped, before he reaches one of the smuggler`s ships and can escape with any knowledge he has gathered that could be dangerous for the kingdom.

On the Run


1. The senator has disguised himself and is trying to get to the pier undetected.
Fight your way past the traitor`s followers who want to stop you

First, you need to defeat 3 pairs of 2 Gnaeus` Follower

Gnaeus` Follower



Once all 6 Followers are defeated you will proceed to the next step

Step 1 Completed

Now a lot more enemies appear

On the Run Phase 2

You don't have to kill all of them. Go for the 6/6 Suspicious Fishermen

Suspicious Fisheman

Suspicious Fisherman



Fight Suspicious Fisherman until you complete part of the quest. The number of Fisherman needed to reveal the senator and the bodyguards is random.

Step 2 Completed

Now that you have caught up to the Senator and his 2 bodyguards, start attacking them.

On the Run Phase 3


Gnaeus` Bodyguards



After killing the two bodyguards you are left alone with the Senator

Step 3 Completed

You can now strike the boss. Who is he?



Gnaeus Aurelius Flavio



Item level drop: 15-18

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