Zagrash`s Fort

Zagrash`s Fort

Zagrash`s Fort is the last and the highest level Italy dungeon in Gladiatus. Long ago it was the highest level dungeon in the game and the boss here was the end boss of the game. This boss is so hard that coming out of farming Fenrirson in Gioll Passage you probably even not going to halve the health of Zagrash. My suggestion is that you kill everything and when you reach the boss, cancel the dungeon and start over. If you are competitive and want to beat him, look at the guide on how to gear up and prepare for Zagrash - guide

Entry level: 78

Dungeon points to complete: 15

Level on which you can complete: Realistically 80-85. Extremely hard boss, very possibly the hardest when it comes to current level range boss. If you are a real star, you could try and beat himon 78 but that's nearly impossible and you will probably need help from guild or Magus Hermeticus for weapon upgrades. Generally the requirements to beat him are:

  • Absolute current level Mercenaries (92+ level). Healing from Dungeon character, Grandmaster/Elite Spear for tanking and Samnits and Murmillos for Damage. Murmillos are a bit better here because they have more health and can withstand the devastating mass damage attacks of Zagrash
  • At least 400 damage and Full Dexterity on all 3 Damage mercs, at least 1400 Healing and Full Charisma and Agility on the tank with at least 8500 Armour
  • Get Ichorus gear but don't put too many. You don't want your Mercs to be below 3500 health for sure. At this level you might even get some Gaius/Antonius gear. If you get, that's perfect but Ichorus is also fine as long as you keep them in good health points

He is one of the most complex bosses when it comes to his special abilities. They are devastating mass damage attacks and impenetrable shields that protect him. Read about his special abilities on the bottom of this page. Here is a setup of a 82 level kill which is far from farming - here. For farming state or early kill states read the Zagrash guide here.

Enemy and boss levels: 87-89

Minions item level drop: 85-91 Verified

Boss item level drop: 86-99 Verified

Parent Expedition: Barbarian Village

Advanced Dungeon: This is the Advanced Dungeon of In Enemy hands (Level 65)

Previous Dungeon: Gioll Passage (Level 73)

Next Dungeon: Fairground (Level 80, Africa) or Mysterious Laboratory (Level 80, Germania)


Who would have thought that barbarians were capable of building such a well-fortified fort? The towers are manned with archers and guards patrol the main gate. This is certainly the influence of the beaming Roman legion. Through the main gate one can recognise obscure magical activities.

Zagrash's Fort


1. Eliminate the gate guards

There is a threatening danger that a rain of arrows is going to come down from the watchtowers. Sneak to the watchtowers and secure your way through the courtyard.

2. Capture the key for the towers from the patrol

3. Eliminate danger through towers

4. Rescue the villagers from burning to death

You have heard that villagers have gone missing and they are held in the Barbarian Fort once again. However, this time it's the evil sorcerer Zagrash who is responsible. Nevertheless, you need to go there and save them. You approach the fort but again it is fortified. You need to kill the gate keepers

There are two of them

2x Gate Guards

Gate Guards



Killing both of them completes the first quest

Quest 1 Completed

Just as you take the key from one of the fallen guards the patrol comes on its routine walk to the gate. You decide to take them out before they can alert the towers.

2x Patrol




Killing both guards you find a key

Quest 2 Completed

The key can actually get you access to the towers without alerting the terrible medusas and you will be able to ambush them from behind

You start taking them down one by one. It will take some time so be warned.

8x Medusas




One tower down...

One Tower Down

Two towers down...

Two Towers Down

Three towers down...

Three Towers Down

And the last tower is down...

Four Towers Down

Quest 3 Completed

Now that you have gain access to the courtyard you enter the fort and you need to save the villagers from burning at the stake

You see 2 Druids ready to set the villagers ablaze. You waste no time and cut them down

2x Battle Druid

Battle Druid



Killing them both ensures the safety of the villagers

Quest 4 Completed

Now that the villagers are safe and all the fort is executed by your own hand, it's time to face the Fort master - Zagrash


You Attack...





Special abilities:

The ability he uses in Round 1 looks like it's random from one of the below. Depending on which one he chooses to cast on Round 1, the rotation of the others will change based on that.

Round 1 or 3, 26, 51, 72: Zagrash does a jump in the air and thrusts his fists together. As he comes back down to the floor, he slams his fists on the ground with full force. An earthquake jolts the group for 1 rounds.

It seems that this ability makes most of the group not to take action in the round, only some of the NPCs

Round 2, 22, 42, 62 or every 20 rounds : Zagrash raises his hands to his chest, speaks the magic words and thrusts his hands towards the group. During the next 4 rounds, all attacks pass through him, but blood is suddenly splattering out of the open wounds of the attacker. 

For the next 4 rounds all attacks do 0 damage to Zagrash and he will counter attack these attacks for damage back to the attacker (100-200 damage)

Round 3 or 5, 25, 48, 69 or every 23 rounds : Zagrash spins in a circle and creates a magic swirl. A magical shield appears and covers the whole body of Zagrash. The shield will lose his effect after 15 Rounds.

He casts a shield on himself that absorbs a lot of damage (not sure how many but most attacks will do 0 damage anyway but it will say Zagrash absorbs 0 damage)

Round 1 or 4, 10, 20, 36, 43, 50, 56, 70, 78: Zagrash`s hands are glowing a cobalt blue. The glowing increases and suddenly covers his whole body. Before anyone is able to react, he starts hitting each group member with his weapons.

This is the deadliest attack out there. At the start of the round he will do mass damage to the entire group for 900-100 damage which can double hit and critical hit for 2000 damage!

Round 17, 31, 41, 52, : Zagrash draws a cross in the air and throw his fist in the direction of {random NPC}.

Not sure if it does anything

Round 6, : Zagrash draws a mirror in the air. All actions from {random NPC} are suddenly reversed. The spell loses its power after 5 rounds.

or if it misses

Zagrash depicts a mirror in the air. The group is glad that nothing has happened.

Not sure what it does when it hits

Round 16, 26, : Zagrash describes a cross in the air and throws his fist towards {random NPC}. Magical energy hits {random NPC} and disables {random NPC}`s tongue.

The {random NPC} will skip this round

Round 29, : Zagrash speaks a quick incantation. Surrounded by a green light his wounds begin to close.

Zagrash heals himself for 1320 healing (capable of critical heal)



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