Zagrash's Fort on level 78 Guide

Zagrash's Fort on level 78 Guide

Link to this article - https://gladiatus.gamerz-bg.com/article?id=65

As i have described in my dungeon arc (opens in a new tab) every player hits a roadblock on level 78. So far you have comfortably farming Fenrirson in Gioll's Passage (opens in a new tab) but at level 78 you find out that there is a new dungeon in Italy called Zagrash's Fort (opens in a new tab). By that time the Fenrirson items will not satisfy you anymore so even better to try something new. A while ago Zagrash was the last boss in the game so they made him pretty hard. At level 80, just 2 levels after Zagrash's Fort there is another dungeon in Africa - Fairground (new tab). However, he is even harder than Zagrash so you might want to stay in Italy for longer. The reality is that dungeons are hard and if you are a first timer you will probably be fighting lower dungeons than your level. Myself, 8 years of experience, i created an alt recently and reached this point. Heavily geared character i wasn't able to kill Zagrash until level 80 and even at 80 i don't kill him 100% of the times. I got messaged by ENIGMA from Server 28 UK who killed Zagrash a number of times at opening level 78 which is quite a feat of strength. Before the Charisma changes there was a tactic where using 4x Hoplomachus mercenaries were used for their high Charisma so Zagrash will not double hit that often but that's now not working to my knowledge.

Here is a link to ENIGMA's character although by the time you look at this guide he will probably be a lot higher level - https://s28-en.gladiatus.gameforge.com/game/index.php?mod=player&doll=6&p=17142&sh=d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e

So based on this here are some tips

  • Use a Grandmaster/Elite Spear as Tank
  • Use your own dungeon character as Healer
  • Use 3x Samnits or Murmillos or combination of both as Damage Dealers
  • Look for Gaius, Antonius and Lucius items in the Auction house. You can try for Ichorus too but don't put too many of these on your mercs as their HP will get low. Don't go below 3000 or 3500 HP
  • Strengthen your healer with good armor upgrades or constitution. On your mercs, don't wear items that lower your agility or charisma unless super necessary
  • Try items with Dominance or Fire suffix for more HP
  • Make sure all gear on all characters is Conditioned
  • Make sure your weapons are with high damage 200 or more and that your Damage dealer mercs are doing 400 or more damage
  • Make sure your Samnits are the highest possible level for 78 character your Samnits should be between 88-91 level with more than 280 Dexterity as base. This, together with finding Antonius, Gaius or Lucius means frequent scanning of the Auction House
  • Do not expect to defeat him 10 out of 10 tries in the beginning

ENIGMA's stats will change, however, i took screenshots of his setup so here it is

If you want to look at farm status of Zagrash, my hero at this point completely farms Zagrash with this setup on level 84:

Your dungeon hero as healer:


Elite Spear as Tank:


Murmillo (Blue quality, really high on dex, even more than some Samnits)

Damage Dealer 1

Samnit 1

Damage Dealer 2

Samnit 2

Damage Dealer 3

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