Gioll Passage

Gioll Passage

Gioll Passage is the Advanced Dungeon of The Cave of Dark intrigue in the Wolf Cave expedition. It's one of the intermediate Italy dungeons in the mid-high levels and is probably going to serve you only a few levels. It has a strong boss with a strong drop. Real challenge fro the best of Gladiators. It's only 6 dungeon points in length so you can properly farm this dungeon. Boss drops are very good.

Entry level: 73

Dungeon points to complete: 6

Level on which you can complete: Boss is hard this time. If you are top geared you can expect to beat him on 73-75 and you better do because the drops are good and the dungeon is quick. Now, here is a setup of the very minimum to kill him. This is a lucky kill that is 1 in 10 but at least gives you an idea of what you need in terms of stats. Mercs should be 300 or 300+ damage. All 80+ in level and full Dex. Healer should be ~1100 healing and tank must be full on Charisma and Agility. Here is the setup of the bare minimum to defeat him - here.

Enemy and boss levels: 82-84

Minions item level drop: 80-86 Verified

Boss item level drop: 83-92 Verified

Parent Expedition: Wolf Cave

Advanced Dungeon: This is the Advanced Dungeon of The Cave of Dark intrigue (Level 15)

Previous Dungeon: The True Owner (Level 70)

Next Dungeon: Zagrash's Fort (Level 78)


The sweet odour of decay streams through the cave`s entrance and one can hear bones splintering. The wolf pack has assembled and is rejoicing in the gifts of nature. There is no safe way past the wolf pack, and whoever wishes to enter the cave system must first pit himself against the hungry wolves.

Gioll Passage


1. Free the atrium from the wolf pack

2. Find the key for the entrance

3. Find the key for the gate to the drip stone cave

Entering the cave you see 3 wolves eating from a carcass. You disrupt the feast and attack them

3x Wolves




Killing all 3 completes the first quest

Quest 1 Completed

Now that the wolf pack is no more you move on to the next chamber to find the key to the lair entrance

You find a dwarf

1x Hell Dwarf

Hell Dwarf



And you find the key and complete the 2nd quest

Quest 2 Completed

Now that you can enter the lair you search for another way to enter the inner lair where you think the infamous beast lives

You find a very unpleasant man who actually attacks you first. You defend

1x Nasty Journeyman

Nasty Journeyman



Killing him actually finds you the key you are looking for and now you can enter the lair where the ferocious beast is

Quest 3 Completed

You enter the lair and you see a great white dire wolf. You know the beast. You have heard about it. It's Fenrirson






Special abilities:

Round 1, 8, 15 or every 7 rounds: Fenrirson attacks {randon NPC} with a ferocious leap.

Deals 1000 damage

Round 2, 9, 16, 25, 31, 38 or every 7 rounds : Fenrirson releases a fear-inducing cry that fills all group members with terrifying fear.

Seems to be lowering Dexterity of the group

Random number of {randon NPCs} runs like mad from Fenrirson.

Skipping the round fleeing in fear

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