Gladiatus Costumes

Gladiatus Costumes

Gladiatus costumes are giving bonuses to the one who wears them but with one rule - bonuses are not with direct benefits to the strength of the hero (it won't make you better at fighting)

There are 3 types of costumes:

1. Everywear Costumes

The normal costumes. Can be found in Expeditions, Dungeons and Chest of Divine Fate or Daily rolls. Read more about them in this page below

Everywear costume

2. Underworld Costumes

Are reward from completing Underworld in Normal, Medium or Hard. Read about it here.

Underworld costume

3. Festival/Event Costumes

Festival Costumes are found like normal costumes but only during a certain event. They are also worn only during events. Read more about events here.

Event costume


Everywear Costumes

Costumes are essential part of the game. They boost certain non-combat aspects of the game. They can drop from expeditions, dungeons, Daily bonuses or Divine Chest of Faith rolls. Every "background" piece of every costume can only be found from a Divine Chest of Faith roll.

Costumes are of several parts where you receive bonuses on 1, 3 and 5 or even 7th part. This is a complete list of all costumes and their bonuses:

Vulcanus Forge

Vulcanus Forge maleVulcanus Forge

Vulcanus Forge stats

Costume stats explained:

(1) Reduces the merchant goods refresh(cooldown) by 25%. From 24h to 18h

Vulcanus bonus 1

(2) Increases how much a new packet stays in the storage by 2 days. From 7d to 9d

Vulcanus bonus 2

(3) Circus Turma cooldown goes down from 5 to 4 minutes with Centurio and from 15 to 13 minutes without Centurio

Vulcanuis bonus 3

Feronia's Earthen Shield

Feronia's Earthen Shield maleFeronia's Earthen Shield female

Feronia's Earthen Shield stats

Costume stats explained:

(1) It doubles your regeneration through level and constitution, which is not a lot. Below is with 300 Constitution and will double up from 1k to 2k per hour

Feronia's Earthen Shield bonus 1

(2) You know the rank 1 buff in the God's buffs? It is normally 24 hours. Now it's 18 hours

Feronia's Earthen Shield bonus 2

(3) When they steal gold from you with an Arena or Turma attack, your Gold loss will be 40% less. If they were going to take 10000Gold from you, with the costume they will loot 6000Gold

Neptune's Fluid Might

Neptune's Fluid Might maleNeptune's Fluid Might female

Neptune's Fluid Might stats

Costume stats explained:

(1) Rank 2 Godly buff is with a cooldown of 3 days or 72 hours. Now it is 60 hours or 2 days, 12 hours

Neptune's Fluid Might bonus 1

(2) It increases the duration of your oils from, again rank 2 godly buffs, with 12 hours. From 3 days to 3 days, 12 hours.

Neptune's Fluid Might bonus 2

(3) Plain 3 % reduce on Training costs. Could be a lot. Switch to this costume if you have collected a lot of packeted gold and train it

Aelous' Aerial Freedom

Aeolis' Aerial Freedom maleAelous' Aerial Freedom

Aelous' Aerial Freedom stats

Costume stats explained:

(1) There is no cost for traveling between countries. Not a big deal on high levels but you get this on only 1 part of the set so it can be very early on

No cost for travel

(2) Every day on your login bonus you will receive +2 grace points from all gods. This is particularly useful if you don't do a lot of quests and you have no way of filling up your god grace

Aelous' Aerial Freedom bonus 1

Aelous' Aerial Freedom bonus 2-2

(3) Dungeon cooldown is down from 5 to to 4 minutes for Centurios and from 10 to 8 minutes for non Centurios

Wrath Mountain's Scale Armour

Wrath Mountain's Scale Armour maleWrath Mountain's Scale Armour female

Wrath Mountain's Scale Armour stats

Costume stats explained:

(1) Cooldown on attacking you in the Arena and Turma is increased from 30 minutes to 38 minutes

(2) Rank 4 Godly buffs cooldown reduced from 6 days to 5 days.

Wrath Mountain's Scale Armour bonus 2

(5) Increases the daily maximum limit of godly grace from 60 to 75.

Wrath Mountain's Scale Armour bonus 3

(7) Reduces quest cooldown from 30 minutes to 21 minutes

Wrath Mountain's Scale Armour bonus 4

That's pretty cool if you add the Secret Knowledge of the Ancients the quest cooldown becomes 6 minutes!!! (for some reason)

Wrath Mountain's Scale Armour bonus 4 - 2

 6 minutes cooldown on quests

Eagle Eyes

Eagle Eyes maleEagle Eyes female

Eagle Eyes stats

Costume stats explained:

(1) Your login bonus now gives you 1 additional grace point from every god

Eagle Eyes bonus 1

(2) Every quest awards points with a god. But until high level they are actually 0 points. This increases the rewarded points from quest completions by 1

Eagle Eyes bonus 2

(3) The Expedition entry level is reduced by 2. Now this on low level might not be something special but on level 106 to be able to visit Koman Mountain or Dragon Remains on level 110 means quite a lot. On these high levels you are leveling at 1month+ per level so seeing the next dungeon 2 months ahead is actually quite a reward.

Juno's Breath of Life

Juno's Breath of Life maleJuno's Breath of Life

Juno's Breath of Life stats

Costume stats explained:

(1) Healing items (Food) heal 50% more through intelligence then usual. Yes, food healing is dependent on intelligence and this costume boosts that

Juno's Breath of Life bonus 1

(2) Same as Feronia's Shield of Earth's but here is double - 200%. Again that's not quite a lot. Probably at 3000/hour on around 300 Constitution

(3) Expeditions cooldown is down from 5 to to 4 minutes for Centurios and from 10 to 8 minutes for non Centurios

Pluto's Deadly Mist

Pluto's Deadly Mist malePluto's Deadly Mist female

Pluto's Deadly Mist stats

Costume stats explained:

(1) Circus Turma cooldown goes down from 5 to 4:30 minutes with Centurio and from 15 to 13:30 minutes without Centurio

(2) Same as Eagle Eyes bonus 2 but this one concerns only Arena and Turma quests. Increases the godly bonus from missions +1

Pluto's Deadly Mist bonus 2

(3) Arena cooldown goes down from 5 to 4 minutes for Centurio and from 15 to 12 minutes for non Centurio

When using costumes that grant you the same bonuses, those will be summed when used!
For example:

Pluto gives you 10% cooldown for each attack in Circus Turma, and Vulcanus gives you 20% cooldown for each attack in turma. That equals to a total of 30% cooldown for attacks in Circus Turma.

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