Battle at Hadrian's Wall

Battle at Hadrian's Wall

Battle at Hadrian's Wall

Battle at Hadrian's Wall

„Ave Gladiator!

A cry for help sounds from the northern border of the empire. Grab your weapons, the Roman empire is in trouble.
Will you face the new challenges and fight side by side with your friends and comrades for your empire's victory?

Defeat opposing leaders and their armies with your allies across the whole province. Expect gripping combat and various rewards for victory and defeat.
But remember: the clock is ticking and there isn't much time to force back your opponents and stop them from tearing down Hadrian's Wall!“

A mighty army of the Picts is invading the Roman Empire from the North,
only held back by the Hadrian’s Wall.
Your strength and will to win is needed to keep the Wall from breaking down!

Battle at Hadrian's Wall






Hadrian`s wall is the most northern border of the Roman kingdom. Many small conflicts came to pass along this wall in the past. But now we are facing a far mightier opponent than ever before. Fight, fight and protect the wall! For the emperor! For the kingdom!

The event is an additional expedition with ranking system.

Event Info

How does the event work?

  • As soon as the event has started a new expedition area will appear in your menu when you're in Italy.
  • Clicking on it shows you the first wave of opponents to beat.
  • In contrast to normal expeditions the enemies at the event have a counter, which shows you how often the enemy was beaten by all gladiators on the server.
  • This means that the more active you and your allies are, the quicker you will gain the victory.
  • As soon as all enemies of the first wave are beaten (= the counter reaches e.g. 1000/1000), the next wave is available to attack.
  • At the end there is the leader of the enemies to beat, one single boss, but with an enormous amount of health points which all gladiators have to beat down fight by fight!
  • From the start of the event you have 7 days to beat all enemies including the boss. If you don't succeed in that time frame, the battle / event was lost.


To the weapons!
A huge attack is taking place on Hadrian`s wall and therefore also at Rome`s borders. The emperor has called upon all men fit enough for military service to defend the border. Hadrian`s wall must not fall under any circumstances.

Who can participate?

  • All players with level 7 and higher.

Additional information:

  • The event starts and players have 7 days to finish the event
  • If you click on the tab 'Highscore' in the event area, you can see which rewards await you at the end of the event and how you did compared to other gladiators.
  • There is a highscore for each enemy, with a reward for best player of each wave of enemies, and one overall highscore.
  • The highscore is sorted by points, if you win a fight you receive 1 point, if you lose you receive none.
  • Attention: ALL rewards are only given if the event was finished successfully!


 Ranking is the usual that we've seen from other events. 1 kill = 1 point. There is small a price for 5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45 and 50 points reached
Overall rewards
There is also a price for having the most points on Wave 1, 2, 3, 4 and Total. As usual the rewards are:
Wave 1Most points against Opponent 1 Most points against Opponent 1 - High quality Grindstone. At levels above 100 there is a high chance the grindstone will be Orange and after 112 level - Red
1st opponent event prize
Here is an example of a Grindstone - click.
Wave 2 Most points against opponent 2 Most points against opponent 2 - All favor with gods is fully replenished
2nd opponent event prize
Wave 3 Most points against opponent 3 Most points against opponent 3 - Buff for 6 days after the event is over which grants: 100% more winner's bonus in all arenas as well as a 10% attribute increase (str,dex etc)
3rd opponent event prize
Wave 4 Most points against opponent 4 - Most points against opponent 4 - 113000111,111 Gold (increases with your character level)
4th opponent event prize

Total  Most points in the entire event - Most points in the entire event - Title: Champion of Britannia

Champion of Britannia


You have 16 Event expedition Event expedition Points points every day with the usual 15 Rubies to refill them once they are depleted
Because the event is a wave-based expedition, at first you will only have Opponent 1 available to fight. He is the first wave. After defeating Opponent 1 X amount of times, Opponent 1 becomes inactive and Opponent 2 becomes available - Wave 2. Again after X amount of kills on Opponent 2, it deactivates and Wave 3 starts with Opponent 3 being available. After X amount of kills on Opponent 3 the boss comes. Unlike the rest, the boss is a single kill but with large health pool. When the health of the boss drops to 0 the boss is defeated and the entire event is completed. All the rewards then are distributed as packages/buffs/titles. This needs to happen within the time frame of the event.
Event needed kills
The X amount of kills needed for each wave are determined by the server population and participants in the event. If you are on a lower populated server, the kill amount needed to progress to the next weave + the health of the boss will be reduced
The math behind the number of required kills compared to other waves is the following:
Wave 1 - X Amount based on server population
Wave 2 - 70% of the amount needed for Wave 1
Wave 3 - 30% of the amount needed for Wave 1
Boss - HP is based on server population
Tribal Warrior
Tribal Warrior
Tribal Warrior stats
Tribal Fighter
Tribal Fighter
Tribal Fighter stats
Butcher stats
Cruithne stats

Tips & Tricks

  • Event starts at 0:00 German time (GMT+1) and this is when the event points (Event expedition Points) replenish. Have it in mind. This is regardless of what is your language and server you are playing on
  • There is a bug? where in GMT +2, +3, +4 and so on, the even starts once at 0:00 local time and then the points replenish at GMT +1 which means that on the first day of the event start date you can start spending event points and they will replenish in 1, 2 ,3 and so on horus
  • Dis Pater's Normal costume does not boost event expedition points
  • Level up does not regenerate event expeditions points
  • If more than one players are on the same score, all are receiving the bonuses from this particular ranking, including the Total ranking. Talk to each other!

Rewards for everyone

  • Enemy levels are exactly your character's level
  • Enemies are very weak
  • If you aim for one of the prize rewards or the total, most points are done during Wave 1


Server wide announcement is made when the 1st Wave is defeated

Tribal Warrior
Attack wave defeated
Battle at Hadrian`s Wall: attack wave number 1 has been destroyed. But it was only a partial success. It`s time to charge into battle, for we haven`t won yet.

Server wide announcement is made when the 2nd Wave is defeated

Tribal Fighter
Attack wave defeated
Battle at Hadrian`s Wall: attack wave number 2 has been destroyed. But it was only a partial success. It`s time to charge into battle, for we haven`t won yet.

Server wide announcement is made when the 3rd Wave is defeated

Attack wave defeated
Battle at Hadrian`s Wall: attack wave number 3 has been destroyed. But it was only a partial success. It`s time to charge into battle, for we haven`t won yet.

When the boss is defeated the event is over and an announcement is circulated around the server and all rewards delivered

The event is also followed by a server-wide buff which lasts 4 hours:

Winner's buff

Hadrian`s Wall is secure
Hadrian`s Wall was successfully defended. Rest on your laurels and enjoy the rewards that the Roman people have bestowed upon you.



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