Ice Tundra

Ice Tundra

Ice Tundra



It's cold. The snow is swallowing up every sound. The brave gladiators have icy breath.
The Ice Tundra isn't a place for weaklings - it's filled with creatures on the prowl, whose only fear is that they might starve.
Are you strong enough for this icy hell? Then start your journey now and help travellers and merchants through the Roman Empire's most hostile environment.

Event is an expedition with chance of finding event costume

Event Costume

Saturn's Winter Garment

Saturn's Winter GarmentSaturn's Winter Garment

Saturn's Winter Garment

Event parts usually drop at the first kill of the day

Saturn's Winter Garments

Event is part of the Saturnalia period

  • The event is an expedition with the usual 16 Event Expedition points per day, resetting at 0:00 UK time
  • There will be a Snowball Snowball use in the event for the people who saved some or find them during the event
  •  Players that already have (part of) the costume will be able to drop snowballs. If you haven't collected any part of the Saturn's costume the Snowballs won't work
  • Those snowballs can be dragged on one's avatar, and will give a random buff from the costume bonuses
  • Each player can only find snowballs with buffs he would normally get from his event costume (Saturn's Winter Garment)
  • If a player up to now only has 1 piece of it, he will only find snowballs with that buff, and will have to collect more pieces to drop all of them
  • Snowballs can drop for all players
  • The snowballs can only be used if the player has at least two parts of the costume
  • All snowballs collected before receiving a costume part can be used as soon as the player receives his second costume part
  • When a player uses a snowball he will randomly get one of the 4 buffs of the Saturn's Winter Garment (of course only if he already collected all parts
  • Every snowball buff lasts 1 hour
  • If you activating a buff from the Snowball rolls the same buff you already have - don't worry your Snowball isn't wasted, it will add another hour to your existing buff if you already have it
  • Snowballs only drop in the Tundra
  • Snowball buffs only stack in time -> the power of the buff won't increase
Lemming stats
Snow Fox
Snow Fox
Snow Fox stats
Arctic Wolf
Arctic Wolf
Arctic Wolf stats
Polar Bear
Polar Bear
Polar Bear stats

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