Reconstruction of Rome

Reconstruction of Rome

Reconstruction of Rome

Event takes place when a group of servers merge and the event kicks in right after the merge

Last one:

05.04-13.04 2018

Reconstruction of Rome

Help with the reconstruction!

United anything is possible! Find Wood, Stone or Silk and you get bonus as a group, if you are faster than the rest

This event is a server-wide donation event with a ranking system. During the event the mobs around the world will start dropping 3 of the building block materials that will help us reconstruct Rome. Players will have 7 days to gather the required number of resources

Wood - Wood

Stone - Stone

Cloth - Cloth

These materials will drop as secondary drops from mobs

Material drop

So in order to donate the materials you have you need to place them into your inventory and go to the event interface

insert event interface button

The amount that should be donated is server specific, based on the population and activity of the server

Donation progress

below that is your donation progress which shows how many of each material you have donated and how many in total

Wood donation progressStone donation progressCloth donation progressTotal amount of donated material

Being a server-wide event you compete on how much you donate with other players on the server


You can see how other servers in your group who are also trying to rebuild are doing

Realm comparison

The rewards for the top 20 players who donated the most in total materials is:

  • 50 Rubies
  • Chests of divine fate
  • 14 days of Centurio (gets activated/extended automatically)

 The servers that complete the challenge first will receive a buff called "The Celebrations" which will last 3(?) days and will grant:

  •  Training cost reduced by 20%
  • 25% more chance to find Ruby in expeditions
  • 20% more gold from expeditions

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