Event Costumes

Event Costumes

Event costumes can only be worn at specific time, usually when an event is running. You can't put them on like your normal costumes, anytime you want.

Some facts about Festival/Event costumes

  • They can be worn only at specially designated times of the year
  • Occupy both costume slots (player+underground) at the same time
  • When an event starts and ends the cooldown for changing costumes is removed. You may take advantage of this

Mercurius' Robber's Garments

This costume came with the Desert Nightmare Halloween event in 2015

Mercurius' Robber's GarmentsMercurius' Robber's Garments Female

Mercurius Robbers Garments stats 

(2) Pretty clear. -20% from the price in the General Goods vendor

(3) Increases the packet duration twice. Normal is 7 days, now it's 14 days -2 weeks!

(4) Reduces the overall forging time and also the Forging goods required to complete the forge by 20% while wearing the costume. Works on all current forges

(5) This is really insane! -20% cost for training. Make sure to packet your gold from as early as possible and spend it all when this costume is active, assuming you have all 5 parts


Bubona's Bull Armour

This costume

Bubona's Bull Armour maleBubona's Bull Armour Female

Bubona's Bull Armour stats

(2) 20% more Gold dropped in Dungeons (not much boost as gold dropped in dungeons is quite low)

(3) +5% chance of finding an item in both expedition and in dungeon

(4) 30% more Gold in expeditions. Now that's a good bonus. Make sure that you have Blessing of Apollo pact on and gold will skyrocket

(5) Again, insane stat. Make sure to packet your gold from as early as possible and spend it all when this costume is active, assuming you have all 5 parts


Saturn's Winter Garment

This costume came with the January 2014 update

Saturn's Winter Garment maleSaturn's Winter Garments

Saturn's Winter Garment

(2) Dungeon and expeditions cooldown becomes 2min 30 sec for Centurios and 5 min for non-Centurios.

(3) Normal regeneration of expedition points is 1h30 min for 1 expedition point. With Centurio (+100%) it becomes 45 minutes. This bonus halves the time. Becomes 45 minutes or 22 min 30sec with Centurio.

Saturn's Winter Garmenst bonus 3

(4) Normal regeneration of dungeon points is 1h30min for 1 dungeon point. With Centurio (+50%) it becomes 1h for 1 dungeon point. This bonus halves the time to either 45 minutes or 30 minutes with Centurio.

Saturn's Winter Garmenst bonus 4

(5) Circus or normal Arena, the winner bonus Gold will be multiplied by 3!

Winner's Bonus


Ra's Light Robe

This costume came with the event On the Nile bank in August 2016 and is the newest costume to date

Ra's Light Robe maleRa's Light Robe

Ra's Light Robne stats 

(2) You will not lose durability and therefore conditioning in Arena battles

(3) +3% to all stats

(4) 20% more success change when forging. If your current % chance to succeed is 51%, with this it will be 61%. Try calculate it yourself. 51*1.2=61. This works as a permanent (while you wear the costume) Bronze Clover of Fortune.

Ra's Light Robe bonus 4

(5) You will receive a buff which gives you 8% chance of finding a Ruby on Expeditions. That's quite good.

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