Wild Farm

Wild Farm

Wild Farm

Wild Farm

Event takes place on Easter



Spring is on it's way, and the young minds are going a little crazy again. We all know what they are up to, aren't we?
Be prepared to to face Bertha and Babe again. They don't know mercy, and they've already tasted freedom before!

 Wild Farm

The Roman Empire is awash with a feathered frenzy!

The weather is gradually warming up across the Empire, and young minds are starting to go a little crazy. During the night, a group of novice gladiators decided to play a prank and let loose the animals on all of the city`s farms. Now it`s up to the experienced warriors to herd these beasts together again. Do you think you have what it takes to stand up to Bertha`s rage? Then head out onto the streets and start rounding them all up

Bertha the Broo…
Bertha the Broody Hen
Bertha the Broody Hen stats
Babe the Runawa…
Babe the Runaway Sow
Babe the Runaway Sow stats
Billy the Grouc…
Billy the Grouchy Goat
Billy the Grouchy Goat stats
Brutus the Bers…
Brutus the Berserker Bull
Brutus the Berserker Bull stats
  • The event is an extra expedition which works just like other event expeditions with 16 Event Expedition points available every day and recharging with new at 0:00 German Time (GMT+1) time
  • Any player can recharge for another 16 Event Expedition points for the cost of 15 Rubies at any time
  • Every opponent costs 1x Event Expedition points and the boss 2x Event Expedition points
  • It's scalable expedition. It means that the opponent's level will scale based on your character level. Levels of opponents are quite high and can be challenging at low levels. On high levels this changes and they don't or barely penetrate the armor and are doing low or 0 damage to the experienced gladiator
    • Opponent 1 Level = Character level +5
    • Opponent 2 Level = Character level + 10
    • Opponent 3 Level = Character level +15
    • Boss Level = Character level +20
  • Opponents award extra gold and experience
  • Dis Pater Normal and Leveling up does not have any effect on the expedition points
  • Dis Pater Normal costume provides 100% item drop from the event expeditions
  • Event also is dropping a costume

Bubona's Bull Armour

Bubona's Bull Armour maleBubona's Bull Armour Female

Bubona's Bull Armour stats

(2) 20% more Gold dropped in Dungeons (not much boost as gold dropped in dungeons is quite low)

(3) +5% chance of finding an item in both expedition and in dungeon

(4) 30% more Gold in expeditions. Now that's a good bonus. Make sure that you have Blessing of Apollo pact on and gold will skyrocket

(5) Again, insane stat. Make sure to packet your gold from as early as possible and spend it all when this costume is active, assuming you have all 5 parts

Check out the Costumes page for extended info on the costume and other costumes

  • The costume pieces will have a chance to drop on the first event expedition kill of the day

Bubona's Bull Armour piece drop

  • Costume may not drop every day but if you participate every day of the event you are guaranteed to have it in the end
  • During the event the mobs from the event expedition will start to drop event bunnies

Golden Bunny

Golden Bunny

Golden Bunny description

The Golden Bunny will be available during the Wild Farm event and when dragged onto your character picture will award 1 random buff from the Bubona's Bull Armour costume properties for 1 hour. Note however, that the Bunnies will not work if you don't have any piece of the Bubona armour collected. Also, which costume property the Bunny will award relies entirely on the number of discovered set pieces. If you have them all, it will just randomly award one. If it awards you the same buff, it will increase it's duration with another hour (making it 2, 3 and etc)

  • During the event all enemies from all sources will start to drop Easter Eggs. Easter eggs are special event food which is low on healing powers but has buffs, just like other Event items


Egg (blue)

Easter egg

Easter egg (blue) stats

Egg (gold)

Easter egg (gold)

Easter egg (gold) stats 

Egg (green)

Easter Egg (green)

Easter Egg (green) stats


Easter egg ()

Easter egg () stats

Egg (bronze)

Easter egg (bronze)

Easter egg (bronze) stats

Egg (purple)

Easter egg (purple)

Easter egg (purple) stats

Egg (red)

Easter egg (red)

Easter egg (red) stats

Egg (turquoise)

Egg (turquoise)

Egg (turquoise) stats

Egg (yellow)

Easter egg (yellow)

Easter egg (yellow) stats

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