The True Owner

The True Owner

The True Owner is the Advanced Dungeon of The Dragon Stronghold in Misty Mountains. It is in between The Last Resort and Gioll Passage with 2-3 levels difference. Knowing that The Last Resort is 14 dungeon points long this one is a real upgrade in any direction

Entry level: 70

Dungeon points to complete: 12

Level on which you can complete: 70. The boss isn't challenging for the well-geared. If you are farming Captain Kratos in your previous dungeon you will only need a slight upgrade to be able to beat Gernasch. Here is a setup of a level 70 kill - here.

Enemy and boss levels: 77-83 Verified

Minions item level drop: 78-91 Verified
Boss item level drop: 81-89

Parent Expedition: Misty Mountains

Advanced Dungeon: This is the Advanced Dungeon of The Dragon Stronghold (Level 10)

Previous Dungeon: The Last Resort (Level 68)

Next Dungeon: Gioll Passage (Level 73)


There`s always something special about entering the lair of a dragon. At least that`s what a courageous hero`s widow would say! Fame, glory and the dragon`s hoard await the brave. Jewels, gold, magical weapons and golden eggs from happy hens! The cave is covered in spider webs, filled with monsters, overgrown with poisonous plants, full of deadly traps and dripping with blood... fair play to those who don`t wish to enter, but then they will certainly win less fame in their lives!
The True Owner


1. Fight your way out of the cave system

2. Move the lever and deactivate the pitfall trap

3. Show Barakun that you will get past him

Entering the cave system, right on the entrance you are faced by the evil Cerberus. You have no option but to eliminate them





Once you have killed all 4 you will complete the first quest

Quest 1 Completed

Now that you have entered the cave system you move on but stumble upon a trap. It must have a lever system that disables the trap so you go back and find it. However, it is guarded by a large group of Undersea Divers

6/6 Undersea Divers

You attack them

Undersea Diver



Once you kill them you pull the lever and disable the trap

Quest 2 Completed

You go through a glorious throne room with dragon head statues and in the end you see a large gate and a huge creature guarding it. Determination is high so you charge without wasting any time





You also complete the last quest and you are able to enter the gate where the treasure is

Quest 3 Completed

You enter the hall and gaze upon the marvelous treasures but you know that where there is treasure, there is also a Dragon guarding it.

You see a huge Dragon ahead


You attack





Special abilities:

Round 1, 9, 17 or every 8 rounds: Gernasch breathes in deeply and blows a cloud of smoke, enveloping {random NPC}. {random NPC} loses orientation for 4 rounds.

{random NPC} will have higher chance to miss an attack (not confirmed what it actually does)

Round 2, 10, 14, 18 or every 4 rounds : A blue flash of lightning hits {random NPC}, but he remains completely uninjured.

or it hits successfully

A blue flash of lightning hits {random NPC} and weakens him for 4 rounds.

(not confirmed what it actually does)

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