About Me

I am playing Gladiatus since 2010. I am Bulgarian and I play on the Bulgarian Server 2 and the UK server 20. I also have an alt on UK Server 2. In real life I am an IT Manager. I have hobby web design skills but i suppose enough to the job :)

You can reach me on djongov@gamerz-bg.com for any suggestions or wrong info on the site or anything else. Have fun. The website is totally non-commercial, no ads, no revenue. Just for the game.


Main Characters

I used to actively play them. (I am not playing Gladiatus right now)

120 Level - http://s20-en.gladiatus.gameforge.com/game/index.php?mod=player&p=15720

120 Level - http://s2-bg.gladiatus.gameforge.com/game/index.php?mod=player&p=110075

102 Level - https://s2-en.gladiatus.gameforge.com/game/index.php?mod=player&p=993879

95 Level (4x Speed) - https://s30-en.gladiatus.gameforge.com/game/index.php?mod=player&p=15645


I haven't played in years or are just for testing or just for fun. I actually keep them here for myself, so i remember what characters i have across the servers :)

33 Level - For testing low level dungeons (has 5 Rubies)


18 Level - I don't remember this char :) (has 2 Rubies)


95 Level - Very old char i stopped after server merges (has 1 Rubies)


93 Level - Very old char i played on S5 BG (has 13 Rubies)


58 Level - Very old char i stopped after server merges (has 0 Rubies)


18 Level - Don't remember the idea of this char (has 35 Rubies)



1Website Changes Log - here


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