Website Changes Log

Issues Log
Issue ID Issue Date of logging Status Resolution
1 In mobile version clicking links flashes in white. CSS setting within the template I need to find 01.12.2017 On Hold Low priority
11 Formula in stats calculator is wrong with Neptune. Currently removes 3% from total sum but in reality it has to add 3% to total discount. Also training 20 needs adding 16.01.2018 On Hold Don't know how to do it yet
Resolved Issues
4 There seems to be a caching issue that has never happened before and it started today. I have made no changes so i have logged a call with the ISP. Changes to articles or uploads behave weird 07.12.2017 Resolved Turned out to be a caching issue at the hosting provider. Domain caching turned on by a system update they told me....
5 Menu items are either background image or text. Can't be both. 01.12.2017 Resolved Used a custom submenudjo css class in personal.css and it worked.
6 Britannia page is not loading in /britannia-expditions 07.12.2017 Resolved Had to be part of menu to work
7 Looking for a good visitor counter as this one does not filter search crawlers and I can't really see the real visitor count. I don't expect it to be much due to the limited popularity of the game 01.12.2017 Resolved StatCounter - online free version. Great tool
9 Updating reverts changes in my template. Need to copy it as separate so it's not touched by updates 14.12.2017 Resolved Copied the original template and made it my own - Gladiatus for both admin and site. Tested and worked fine on upgrading
8 Submenu text is not bold 11.12.2017 Resolved submenudjo font-weight bold
12 Forging goods have backgrounds. Need to run them one by one and remove background 13.02.2018 Resolved Extracted all 64 forging goods with Photoshop from the main item file in-game
2 Perhaps some links are bad or mistaken. Also grammar mistakes and stupid sentences. Site needs a run-through to identify them 01.12.2017 Resolved Went through the site. Some might still be left but majority is fine
3 Layout needs more Gladiatus menu items if possible 01.12.2017 Resolved The left menu is completely in Gladiatus style. The rest is too hard.
10 Footer is bad so disabled at the moment. Needs fixing 19.08.2019 Resolved Created a new Module and edited some CSS to have a brand new footer


Hours invested into the site: 1178

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Actions Log (these are moved to the front page since 12.11.2018)


- Had a break from Gladiatus in general and from the fanpage. Only minor updates and keeping the site updated and healthy

- 2 weeks ago i returned to Gladiatus to ding level 120 and to finish the Alpha & Omega page. Just did that (2 hours)


- Took Leona's spreadsheet and started comparing actively. I added and corrected another 20+ suffixes (4 hours)

- Prefixes next

- Ok i now have the suffixes list with 'unkown' from the big from restlez (2 hours)


- Added over 30 prefixes and suffixes. Pretty much the hard way.... Took me all day, looking at items in the Auction house and calculating stats and level :( (8 hours)


- Got a huge donation of high level underworld only prefixes from fans from the DE201 server and uploaded them all to the site. Had to translate :( (5 hours)


- Fixed few mistakes on existing prefixes and suffixes pointed out by fans (1 hour)


- Updated the In the Heart of Decay dungeon page with special abilities of Corruption and tips on how to defeat. Tonight will create and upload a setup screenshot (1 hour)

- Finished redesigning the rest of the prefixes (4 hours)

- Added 7 more prefixes that i saved from before. Turned out to be a chore (2 hours)


- Added some more info on the Mercenary page - every country offers different vendor mercs (1 hour)

- Added links to all prefixes and suffixes in the new Materials page one by one with new tab option (4 hours)

- Redesigning the prefix page. Did all of them up to Spurius (6 hours)


- Did some little tweaks on the suffix page and did some recommendation based on fans (3 hours)


- Finished the forging goods (materials) page. All materials are now in tables, with info and what is the best prefix/suffix to smelt for this material and link to every single material (10 hours)

- Forging goods becomes the most important page on the website. It deserves to be on the main menu. Created it under Materials and /materials url


- Added 5 more suffixes and added 5 more forging goods (1 hour)

- Continued redesigning the forging goods page with Materials, Monster parts and started Gemstones (4 hours)


- Finished adding all materials required for the suffixes (2 hours)

- Started reworking the Forging goods. They will be the new source for what suffixes and prefixes are best to smelt for a certain material (2 hours)


- Re-extracted all 63 forging goods from the main item file and made them with transparent background (1 hour)

- Improved some of the dungeon pages and did a kill setup on Sasama's last journey (1 hour)

- Improved the On the Nile event page (1 hour)


- Finished the suffixes with everything i got. 166 suffixes are all added to the website. Most of them even have the materials required for the suffixe. Created an unknown list and will post for general forums for help. So much work my eyes hurt and i see blurry :( hope it passes so i can continue tomorrow (10 hours)


- I finally got a muse for starting the suffixes list. I spent the whole day doing them and got all the ones that i have in my store (100+) as well as did a top list (9 hours)

- Worked some more on the suffixes at home and added a few more. 64 left for tomorrow (1 hour)

- Did further improvements on the Conquering the source of the Rhine event page (1 hour)


- Completely ready with Bank of Thames Brtiannia expedition. All mobs and analytics are ready (2 hours)


- Done with Cenimagni kills. Now Cassi. Updated the Britannia expeditions page (1 hour)


- Upgrading the Britannia expedition page the whole day. Bibroci, Ancalite each with 100 kills and all stats on the website. Cenimagni with 50 kills and 10 on Cassi (8 hours)


- Dinged 118. I will now start recording Bank of Thames expedition in Britannia. Also have a plan to be more informative. Will do 100 fights of each mob. (1 hour)

- Planning on doing some suffixes. Because materials is insane work i can perhaps upload the scroll screenshots? !!!!!!!

- Defeated Papa Sasama and Shetu bin seth and created setup screenshots (1 hour)

- Wrote down Shetu bin Seth special abilities (0.5 hours)

- Recorded 107 Bibroci kills in Excel and recorded into the Britannia expedition page (4 hours)

- Improvements on the rankbased events (1 hour)


- Did some improvements on the Fairground page - added Papa Sasama special abilities and i expect soon to land a defeat on him to put a screenshot of the setup (1 hour)


- Did some improvements on the Zagrash page and the Dungeon general page (2 hours)


- Improved Revenge of the Dead and Conquest for the source of the Rhine event pages as well as the general Events page (2 hours)


- It is 2 years soon since i started working on the website. I think the site is now super complete with only minor things missing. Yupeee, celebrate! Also i thought i will be working more on the site in my long sick leave from work but i just don't find the same drive anymore. Have the feeling that the time i invest in the site is a little bit wasted. Hopefully it's not.

- Did a revamp on the Events page (1 hour)


- Had to do a pause for health issues and some time in the hospital (improvements for existing problems). All good now. Did some updates since the launch of the new forum revealed some missing pieces on the Game Guide and Guild page (1 hour)


- Final touches on the Guild page. A friend showed me good high level guild examples proving most of the buildings can reach level 20. Page is now done (3 hours)

- Reached Zagrash so improved the Zagrash's Fort page (2 hours)

- Played with new style for the suffix tables. Think i find the right one, white font on black background (1 hour)

- Fixed some mistakes on the Items page and some missing info like what item slots cannot have certain character stats (1 hour)

- Played a little bit with the prefix tables too (0.5 hours)

- Finalized the Dungeon spreadsheet. Couldn't fit it into the dungeon page body as i wanted to instead, uploaded to spreadsheets folder and gave link (0.5 hours)


- Worked on the Guild page the whole day and it's almost done!!! (8 hours)


- Added description, setup kill screenshot and special abilities to Externsteine page (1 hour)

- Continued improvement on the Guild page (4 hours)


- Big changes to the Guild Buildings page. Renamed it to Gladiatus Guild. It will be info for guild + buildings. Old links are now broken so the current page is completely useless. I will make it in new fashion of Game Guide page. Did the content of table and some explanation on guild in general. Added the logos and other small info. Ready to do the buildings. (3 hours)

- Changed the main menu item for the Guild. Guild Buildings will not be Guild & Buildings and changed the link /guild. Also moved it up on the main menu where it is more visible (10 min)


- Improved the True Owner dungeon page with setup kill, special abilities and item drop range (1.5 hours)

- Improved the Dungeons and Expedition pages with some images on top and links leading to the Game guide page (1 hour)


- Improved In enemy hands and Last resort dungeon pages (2.5 hours)

- Worked on the dungeon table. Lots of interesting stuff (1.5 hours)


- Had a little trip to Venice for a week so haven't done anything and it 3.1.0 with the Horreum. However i created and finished the Horreum page today! (2 hours)


- Heavy work on the Game Guide page. Completed the Hermit, Expedition and Dungeon guides which was huge. Took me 5 hours (5 hours)


- Improvements on the Hidden Grave dungeon page (1 hour)


- Some improvements on the Items page and added Uridos prefix (30 mins)


- Added a Game Rules page and added some more info on Sasama's last journey dungeon page (30 mins)


- Added Gadriwiens prefix (15 min)

- Updates to the Underworld page (15 min)

- Updates to the Britannia page. Know the Bulgarian names of the first 4 britannia dungeons. (30 mins)


- Decided to put the dungeon boss special skills into the dungeon guides. Did it for Pyro, Nithotep, Lord Aesteron, Oak Lord, Homo Nautilus, Frank N. Stein, Valerius Filius Flavio (2 hours)


- Did some improvements on the Cotumes page (0.5 hours)

- Updated Viking Camp, With all its might and Dark Catacombs with boss kill setup examples (1.5 hours)


- Extracted some more suffixes (0.5 hours)

- Minor updates on the Underworld main page (0.5 hours)

- Greatly improved the dungeon setup and will start using it from now on when giving example of a setup to kill the particular dungeon boss. Did the Nithotep and Lord Aesteron ones. (1 hour)


- Minor fixes on some expedition level item drop ranges (0.5 hours)


- I spent the whole day researching item wearable limits and wrote huge portion of the Game Guide (7 hours)


- New revelations around what item level the characters can wear. I am gathering info and when ready will post it in the Game Guide (2 hours)

- New revelations on some interesting facts around shields and chest armours! Will post in Items page under Items formation (1 hour)


- Added another 13 prefixes that i had learned on my chars but not screenshot the scroll (2 hours)

- Now i am completely out of new prefixes. Everything is added!


- I did a looooot of work today. Added 20 more prefixes, thanks to Miroslav Petrov. (2.5 hours)

- Revamped the whole Formula page. Also spent 3 hours testing the formulas there and most of them didn't work so i had to troubleshoot them (3 hours)

- Added Max hardening, block crit and critical heal value needed to cap, provided by Dark Thanos (1 hour)

- Greatly improved the Character Stats section in Game Guide. Also redesigned the Formulas page one more time. (3 hours)


- Finished the Pacts section on the Game Guide page. Really good looking i think. (2 hours)

- Wrote the Leveling, Speed Servers and some other modifications on the Game page (2 hours)


- Played a little bit with the Africa expedition page (30 min)

- Improved the Underworld page with some more info (30 min)

- Was mining high level prefixes from some high level friends. Got some sweet info (1 hour)

- Added some high level prefixes like Porcius, Gaias, Caldus, Akkcas?, Aulus (1.5 hours)

- BG sever recieved a surprise Reconstruction of Rome event. So i created the page but it's a little tricky being in Bulgarian. Well.. it's done now. Also updated the Items page under Event items (1 hour)


- I am going to be putting verified status on item level drops that are 100% confirmed through enough tries and tests that the chance for mistake is almost 0 - Confirmed (1 hour 45 min)

- 3.0.3 version will fix 3 NPC stats in Britannia. GMs were good enough to reveal their names. Edited the Britannia page with the now 3 more known NPC names (15 min)

- Added 5 more prefixes, thanks to Jimmy West. Miroslav Petrov had sent me a lot of the low level ones! I will add them soon (30 min)

- Updated the best players article with updated leveling progress of the top players and fixed an incorrect link to the ford expedition (30 min)


- Continued my work on the Game Guide. Worked hard to complete the Premium and started the Pacts (3 hours)

- Published the Game Guide page!!! It is available now for everyone. Not completed yet but i want it to start appearing in google search to get momentum


- Wild Farm started and i completed the Wild Farm page. It's very good. I am proud of it. Only missing thing is the easter eggs. I need to collect one of each variant and will put them on the Wild Farm page and on the Items page under Event items. (1.5 hours)


- Worked on the Game guide page. Did the Treasury, Highscore and most of the premium items (3 hours)


- Fixed the issue where submenus are not bold (10 mins)

- Worked on the Game Page. Did the Statistics, Victories, Familia and Quests (3 hours)


- Continued work on the Game Guide/Beginner's guide. Progressed quite a lot. Biggest work was Quests but i think i have completed them now (3 hours)


- Wild Farm event was announced. I created the Wild Farm page and planted the initial code (30 min)

- We have a new Dungeon table on the Dungeons page. Gives a pretty good overview. (1 hour)

- Compiled some of the images into the Forging pages (2 hours)

- Updated the video page with all my videos now listed there (30 min)


- Continued work on the prefixes. I know how all prefixes listed, i have inserted all the ones that i have knowledge of. Next i will be playing with the layout (10.5 hours)


- I started creating the prefixes!!! i worked all day on this from morning till noon - 59 prefixes are now on the Prefixes page. (10 hours)


- I have finally found a way to represent the prefixes. Will start working on them soon (2 hours)


- Re-wrote the Boss Analysis page: Dragon vs Dracolich as it was completely wrong with the newest data i have (30 min)

- Wrote new article on The best players in Gladiatus in the world and put it under News (30 min)


- Revamped all the dungeon pages. Fixed the old links and replaced with the new. The default design of the dungeon page is now fixed. (4.5 hours)


- Created an Underworld menu, therefore changed links to Normal, Medium and Hard to canonical friendly links (30 min)

- Finished the Smelting page and completed it. Also changed the links on the main forging page (4 hours)

- Finished the Scrolls page (1 hour)

- Renamed the Workbench page into Repair and Conditioning. It was empty so i completed it (3 hours). Fixed links. Hopefully Google will understand and forgive me for changing names and links


- Completed the Forging page (3 hours)

- Improved the menu assignments + the Forging tools page and the main front Forging page (30 min)


- Finished the items page. It is now completely done! (5 hours)

- Re-arranged some of the Main menu items. I want events to be more on top. Events is my favorite page


- Continued work on the Items page (3 hours)


- Continued work on the Items page - Shoes, Gloves, Amulets, Rings (1.5 hours)

- Worked on Food in Items page (1 hour)

- Improved Items formation section in Items (1 hour)


- Continued work on the Items page (3 hours)


- Finished the Armour page (40 mins)

- Finished the Helmets page (1 hour)


- Did the Shields and Armour pages but Armour is unfinished. (1h 30 min)


- Extracted a lot of items today. Armours, Food, Helms, Shields and some other. I am 70% done with extracting the items. Then it's another big job to add them to the site with their stats (4 hours)

- Revamped the Late Revenge dungeon page because it was in Bulgarian screenshots. Replaced with 4K high res screenshots. This was supposed to be a quick and easy job but it proved daunting. (1 hour)

- Created submenus for all dungeons in the game. Don't know why I didn't do that before. Now every dungeon has a friendly link. Will need to run through all links and fix them


- Extracted on photoshop the Weapon images and their stats and added them to the Items page (2 hours)


- Did a lot of background work in preparation for the pages in progress. A lot of scrolls are recorded now. Last night i did the screenshots (3 hours)

- Compiled all of my pending videos into whole videos of crafting and uploaded to Youtube. Will have to link on site here (2.5 hours)

- Updated to 3.4.5 (0 hours)


- Created the Bread and Games for the people event page (1.5 hours)


- Worked on the Beginner's guide. Also wrote a number of questions with unknown answers in the forums. I posted 37 questions. Took me a while to compile them. (6 hours in total today)


- Started the Beginner's guide. After 6 hours of work on it i am a bit shocked how much the entire guide will take. I will let the article stay unpublished until it has some good content. Took me 6 hours today to work on it.


- Did a lot of work on the Events. All great improvements. All Events will be based on the same structure (3 hours)


- Worked on the calculator wrong numbers. After 1 hour of playing it seems that the Neptune discount is the fault. It removes 3% from the total sum instead of adding 3% to the total discount. Needs re-working (1 hour)

- Researched the existing formulas. Made changes to some of them and stamped (up to date 2018) on the working ones. (2 hours)


- Gone through ALL of the dungeon pages and improved them. I've corrected mistakes and added Previous and Next Dungeon links. (4 hours)


- Started the War Against The Numidians page to prepare for 15th (1 hour)

- Significant improvements to the general Dungeons page (1 hour)


- Finished the Mercenary page. Couple of screenshots of higher level stats on some mercs left but i will do it anyway


- Finished the Mercenary page although not completely finished (2 hours)

- New News article


- Took some break

- Recorded a number of scrolls and their prefixes and suffixes so they are now ready to be put into pages

- Renewed the Expedition images of Germania, Italy, Africa and Britannia with high-res images and put the town images into the expedition pages

- Created an Items Menu and assigned to all pages

- Started putting Prefixes into the Prefixes pages. Did Demonkillers and Lothays as tests. Let's see how it goes

Total of 3hours 30 min work today


- Ok i am now running on my own template and i am no longer bound to the Beez3 default template. Therefore updating the system should not revert changes. Will see on next update. Took 3 hours to create the new template and fix errors

- Updated the costumes page with most costumes as gifs! I single-handedly recorded videos of the costumes and then converted them to gifs. Uploaded and replaced on costumes where possible. Missing a few. 3 hours.


- Worked on the new Items page. 3 hours

- Resolved issue #6 and fixed the menus and links to Brtiannia

- With issue #6 resolved Britannia expedition page has its links to each individual expeditions working. 1 hour

- Redesigned the Admin panel layout. 1h 30 min

- Updated the CMS. 30 min


- Worked on the Forging pages and created all of them. 2 hours


- Finished the Forging Tools page and extracted images of the tools and removed background on all of them. 2 hours


- Worked a little bit on the menu improvement. Changed the padding from 5 to 7 px in layout.css:794. Logged an issue where text is not bold get's knocked in inheritance


- Caching issue resolved. Wasted more than 5 hours of troubleshooting and posting on the Joomla forums :(

- Found a solution to the menu problem. Instead of using images that get low res on higher res monitors/devices, i switched to menu2.jpg background and text which scales to resolutions. Menu is now refined and good looking. Took me 2 hours

- Created the menu highlighting when you hover on a menu item. Took me only 15 minutes. Menus are now great. Perhaps in the future i can put something above and below the menus for more awesomeness


- Researching the caching issue

- Updated the Ice Tundra page with the expedition mobs

- Updated extensions

- Created topics in the official Joomla forums for the two issues i have right now


- Finished the Forging goods expedition drops! Took me good 3 hours

- Created the entire Britannia page! Yey. There is missing info like the opponent names but i got the expedition names, entry levels and opponents images. Took me 3 hours

- Improved the Underworld page

- Created the Icy Tundra page

- Updated the Events page


- Improved the Underworld main page with the costume descriptions and also added a couple of screenshots

- Uploaded new Orange drops into the Orange drops gallery


- Created the Forging Tools, Smelting and Workbench base pages. Did a couple of screenshots

- Finished the Battle at Hadrian's Wall event page

- Created a News page for my winning of 2017 Server 20 UK event and the insane red grindstone i got as reward from 1st opponent prize

- Tried to make a prefix and suffix page but it failed, didn't like how it was going so discarded it


- Did a lot of work on the forging goods. Actually manually edited and extracted images of every single of the 64 forging goods and almost finished the Forging goods page

- Polishing touches on the Battle at Hadrian's Wall page

- Implemented a Current Issues log on top of this page

- Implemented Future plans log


- I start to extract all the forging goods for the Forging goods page

- Battle at Hadrian's Wall is now at its final stage so i have the necessary picture to complete it


- Couldn't spend a lot of time on the site today. Just started preparing for the big Forging page


- Added the Tribal Fighter to the Battle at Hadrian's Wall event as it progressed

- Edited the Zagrash guide with new info from ENIGMA - the source of the guide

- Edited a link mistake in Sasama's Last Journey

- Wrote a dungeon mercenary guide and placed in the Gladiatus Dungeon general page


- Created the Zagrash at level 78 guide


- Updated the Events page with prettier links and images

- Created the Battle at Hadrian's Wall event page. Will finish when more opponents are revealed

- Created an Events menu but having issues with the layout

- Created a Training and Buildings calculator page by installing Sourcerer which allows to paste javascript and transferred the code from the html custom page into the proper Joomla page. Working well

- Reversed the ordering of this page timeline to be from newest to oldest (manually ouch)

- Added the Britannia overview picture

- Started writing down the Forging page. Will be a huge one

- Created the Britannia dungeons and Britannia expedition pages and linked them to the general dungeon and expedition pages

- Will soon start to draft Britannia expeditions with the help of some forum volunteers


- Updated the Costumes page with some rewording and changes the () for costume pieces

- Finished the Event Costumes page with the final 2 costumes

- Redesigned the Underworld page with all the explanations for every Underworld costume

- Updated the website and its plugins to the latest version. Have been keeping it up to date this past year


- Created the page for Event - Desert Nightmare as well as updated some of the other event pages like On the Nile bank

- Created a page for Event costumes and added all event costumes with details

- Updated the Events page


-Created a new Red Items gallery as my first one just dropped

-Created links in each expedition general page - Italy, Africa and Germania so there can be easy access to lower expeditions

-Created the Late Revenge full dungeon guide


-Centered the Underworld and Expedition nameplates vertically

-Created links to individual expeditions

-Created some customisations on the admin page


-Created Boss Analysis: Dragon vs Dracolich


-Finished the Underworld Normal guide


-Holiday over so started working again. I will have less time now but almost everything that is hard work is now done

-Polished the Gallery pages and created the Orange drops gallery with all the screenshots that i have for orange drops

-Went through some dungeons and corrected spelling mistakes and fixed links

-Created the Costumes page. It took me well over 3 hours but i have all costumes with deep explanation and screenshots on their bonuses

-Created the Guild Buildings page

-Updated the meta description and keywords on most of the pages hoping that they will rank up in Google


-Finished the Under the Blood-red Sky dungeon guide

-Finished Germania Expedition page. Now all Expedition pages are complete!!!

-Finished the Into the Heart of the Decay dungeon guide

-Finished the Sasama's Last Journey site which will be my last dungeon guide. There are only two left - Late Revenge and Alpha & Omega. Both might not come soon as I am only 108.5 Level and until I reach them it will take me a while

-Redesigned the Dungeons Overview page with a list of all the dungeons in the game


- Created the Underworld pages for Normal Medium and Hard

- Started the Medium Underworld but for some reason it took me to Hard. I couldn't go back so I pushed for completing hard. It took me 20 Rubies and 5x 100% Potions to finally complete it. While i was doing it i recorded everything and created what is now the Hard page. From it i created templates for Normal and Medium so i only need to run them now in the next few weeks. Huge work!

- Finished the Gioll Passage dungeon guide

- Finished the Zagrash's Fort dungeon guide

- All Italy Dungeons are finished!!!


- Finished the The True Owner dungeon guide

- Server got rolled back so i was able to do some Dragon Remains charting for free

- Created a table with the expeditions sorted by Entry level on the main Expedition page

- Created an Event page that will host description of the repeatable events going through the game

- Added the newest event - On the Nile River

- Created a Game Update page which will contain all the patch information


- Finished the Italy Expedition page! Party! Only missing part are the dungeon links for dungeons that i have not done yet.

- Finished the African Expedition page! Party! Same with the missing links to dungeons. I will connect them when they are done.

- Finished the In enemy hands dungeon guide


- Finished Chamber of Pyro dungeon guide

- Finished Poisoned Country dungeon guide

- Finished Fairground dungeon guide

- Finished all of the Expedition charts. This is a big moment. I will be writing down the stats from the charts to the page under each Expedition enemy. I have spent at least 100 rubies and at least 25 hours to chart the African expeditions


- Think most of the initial design on the page is done. It may change again but for now I am going to leave it mostly like this. I have found a solution around the boss frame and is now resolved

- All Italy expeditions have their stats discovered. Moving to Africa

- Doing the African expedition charts with 2 characters with Dis Pater + Centurion (72 expedition points) so i am trying to chart it before tomorrow end

- Created the African Dungeon page

- Created the Temple of Perdition and Abduction dungeon guides. Now working on Chamber of Pyro but it requires so many dungeon points that i am currently on 0


- Recreated most of the missing css customisations. I still have trouble with the boss png fix. Took me good 6 hours so far

- Started the Underworld page. Also downloaded all the Underworld enemies and their stats - on Normal

- Dinged level 110 so i start examining the Dragon Remains expedition

- Updated the header image to include a high level gladiator, Dracolich and Dis Pater. The highest level enemies in Gladiatus

- Finally succeeded in fixing the bosspng. I am going to start investigating the Italy expeditions and few more dungeons

24.7.2016 - A lot to do in work and outside of work so haven't got the time, also i need to recover from a disaster

- Updated the website's CMS and it removed my manual CSS configurations. It's kind of a disaster. I haven't noticed it in 2 days so it overwrote my backups as well. I have to re-do it now :(


-Drop % analysis

02.07.2016 - Had a business trip for a week so no work on the site. However upon my return i immediately:

- Created the Dark Catacombs dungeon page

- Created the Viking Camp dungeon page

- Created the Mysterious Laboratory dungeon page

- Created the Germania dungeon page and all the previews

This makes my Germania Dungeons all ready and I will be waiting for level 112 to do Late revenge


- Completed the stats and rewards for the Germania expedition page

- Created the entire Italy and Africa Expedition pages as well as improved the general Expedition page


- Changed more Germany links to Germania.

- Did a big change on the Level, Gold, Experience and Honour and replaced text with icons - Gold, Honour, Level and Experience. Applied it to the whole Germania Expedition page.

- Finished the Hidden Grave dungeon guide as it was so huge that my dungeon points were not enough


- Renamed Germany to Germania and fixed all the links to Germania

- Created the The Dragon Stronghold dungeon page

- Created the The Cave of Dark intrigue dungeon page

- Created the the Hidden Grave dungeon page

- Linked up all my research Excel spreadsheets to the site so they are accessible from anyone on this link - click here.


- Finished testing all Germany Expeditions

- Created the Externsteine dungeon page

- Created the With all its might dungeon page


- Created the Gustavos Country House dungeon page

- Created the On the Run dungeon page


- Created a calculator and begun testing expedition enemies to discover stats

- Created the Italy Dungeons page


- Created the Germany Expedition page and the Italy Expedition page


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