Guild Rules

Example of Guild Rules

Here are the guild rules ! For both applicants or members

We reserve the rights of changing the rules at any time but not before announcing this to the guild

1. Joining the guild -

  • Anyone can join the guild. The current entry level is none. However applications from below level 20 would most likely be ignored.
  • Joining the guild would not imply any taxes or entry fees but obligates the member in participating in building donations appointed by the Master or Admins.
  • Players can apply to the guild via the ingame application or in cases where the guild is full or the player is already in a guild, players can message anyone from the guild for an advice but preferably the Master or the Admins.

2. Donations and Buildings -

  • Donations will be collected at an appointed date and hour set by the Master or the Admins in his absence. Changes in the donation schedules can be done only with the authorization of the Master.
  • Skipping on donations will be allowed only by speaking and approving from the Master or an Admin in Master's absence
  • In case of vacation or planned inactivity during a donation period, an Admin or the Master need to be informed and a solution to be provided.

3. Aution House and item sharing -

  • Outbidding another guild member in the Auction House is not allowed. If a member needs an item that is already bidden by another guild member, after agreement on both sides in the guild chat, it is allowed for the outbid to occur.
  • The Guild Warehouse is subject to the Master's approval for item deposits or withdraws. The Master as the highest level in the guild will be providing items to the rest of the guild.
  • Items Trading. Item Trading is not only allowed but needs to be encouraged. Share an item with your guild mates by putting it into the Guild Market on vendor prices. Overpricing or exploiting the guild for gold benefits through trading is not allowed.

4. PVP -

  • Attacking a guild mate is strictly disallowed. Any attacks from a guild mate should be reported to ad Admin or the Master. A resolution to the problem will then be decided which can be but is not limited to lowering guild access or removing the player from the guild.
  • Attacking lower level players. Attacking a player that is minus 10 levels below the attacker is not allowed without the exclusive approval from the Admins or the Master. Such actions are a manner of diplomacy between the guilds and should be taken seriously.
  • Every player in the guild should be responsible for his own wealth and the wealth he loses when hit from another player. Players that are providing large sums of gold to attackers are more likely to be the subject of attacks, therefore making the guild more vulnerable.

5. Activeness, Vacation, Inactivity -

  • Members of the guild should be active. Activeness is defined by how often the player comes online and how much honor points he does per week. Ranking can be seen here.
  • Vacations are allowed whenever the player decides to do them. The game is agreed to be fun and it doesn't need to interfere with real life plans. Before doing a vacation the player needs to inform the Master or in his absence, any of the Admins. However frequent vacations leading up to poor activeness or prolonged inactivity of the player may be subject to removal from the guild by decision of the Master or the Admins.

6. Guild Ranks and responsibilities -

  • the Master and his responsibilities. The Master has the responsibility of being an example of guild dedication, donations, activeness and manners. His role is to organize the guild and be responsible for its progress and uniting the guild under one flag. No decisions like donations, rising a building level up or removing of a player from the guild will be done without the approval of the Master. In a prolonged organized vacation or absence the Master will appoint an Admin that will be responsible for carrying out these duties.
  • the Admins and their responsibilities. Admins responsibilities are very similar to the Master. The difference is that Admins should notify the Master before doing any changes.

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