Fairground is the first of the high level dungeons in Africa. It is available at level 80 but don't be fooled. The leader of the mighty Umpokta is a formidable boss. You need to be highly geared to face him. A good preparation for him is if you are able to beat Zagrash in Zagrash's Fort. If you beat Zagrash most of the times, you might be able to land some kills on Papa Sasama. Generally, he is an extremely hard boss and you will be waiting for 86 to skip this dungeon and move to the next one. Read the Zagrash guide and how to gear up to beat him. Same tactic applies for Papa Sasama but with even higher levels and stats.

Entry level: 80

Dungeon points to complete: 12

Level on which you can complete: 83-86. If you are beating Zagrash most of the times, you will sometimes beat Papa Sasama. This is the rule. Incredibly hard boss. You need to gear up with multiple Antonius/Gaius/Ichorus gear on your mercenaries and weapons well above 200 damage and some good critical strike. Here is an example of a setup that kills Papa Sasama on level 82 - here. Note that this setup does not farm Papa Sasama and is a very early kill (in terms of gear) and you will need a lot better to farm him or defeat him efficiently.

Enemy and boss levels: 89-91

Minions item level drop: 87-93 Confirmed

Boss item level drop: 88-100 Confirmed

Parent Expedition: Umpokta Tribe

Advanced Dungeon: Yes, Sasama's last journey (Level 92)

Previous Dungeon: Zagrash's Fort (Level 78)

Next Dungeon: Under a Blood-red Sky (Level 86)


A phalanx of tribal fighters is blocking the inquisitor`s path to the village square. A feast is being prepared. It is difficult to identify, what is going to be served today. A shaman is evoking a fire and throwing some mysterious powder into it. The smell of cinnamon is getting carried into all directions by the wind. Suddenly, the whole tribe starts to sing a song and starts rhythmically jumping up and down. This is your chance to take down the guards without being seen.


1. Get access to the village

2. Eliminate the threat of the Shamans

3. Resist the attacking warriors

4. Vex Papa Sasama and kill his pet

5. Eliminate Papa Sasama`s bodyguards

In order to get to the leadership you first need to gain access to the village. It is really crowded and it's going to be hard. There is no other way but to start to attack. You see them gathered for some sort of a ritual or celebration so the time for an attack seems right. You start by taking off the villagers





You kill all 5 and manage to get through

Quest 1 Completed

Now that the crowd is gone, time to pick on the individual elements. Take off the shaman.

Phase 2




Also completes the 2nd quest in the game

Quest 2 Completed

Your quick slicing through your enemies have alerted some of the royal guards of the village. They attack you.

Phase 3

Voodoo Warrior



Killing both of them rewards you the third question completion

Quest 3 Completed

A huge crocodile attacks. Looks like the boss' pet

Phase 4

Nile Crocodile



Quest 4 Completed

Killing the pet didn't seem to be enough as two of the personal bodyguards of the tribal leader Papa Sasama charge furiously at you

Phase 5

Spear Guard



Killing both of them completes the final quest in this long dungeon. Papa Sasama is exposed!

Quest 5 Completed

You have exposed the tribal leader Papa Sasama. He is alone! Time to attack


Papa Sasama




Special abilities:

Round 1, 22, 42, 62, 82: Papa Sasama raises his hands to his chest, speaks the magic words and thrusts his hands towards the group. During the next 3 rounds, all attacks pass through him, but blood is suddenly splattering out of the open wounds of the attacker.

Papa Sasama receives 0 damage from attacks for the next 3 rounds. Also he counter's back some attacks for the amount of the damage done

Round 2, 7, 12, 17 or every 5 rounds : Papa Sasama spins in a circle and creates a magic swirl. A magical shield appears and covers the whole body of Papa Sasama. The shield will lose his effect after 5 Rounds.

He casts a shield on himself that absorbs damage. It lasts for 5 rounds or until it absorbs 600 damage. The idea is that the shield lasts for 5 rounds and he re-applies it every 5 rounds so you just have to out damage it

Round 3, 15, 24, 39, 64: Papa Sasama draws a cross in the air and throw his fist in the direction of {random NPC}


Round 4, 24, 32, 57, 65, 86, 91: Papa Sasama draws a mirror in the air. All actions from {random NPC} are suddenly reversed. The spell loses its power after 2 rounds.

If cast on your healer, the healer will do damage equal to the heal to your NPC that was supposed to receive the healing. If cast on a damage dealer, the attack will instead heal Papa Sasama. Example:

Murmillo hits Papa Sasama.    Papa Sasama receives 187 healing

Skarsburning heals Murmillo.    Murmillo receives 1501 damage

Round 21, : Papa Sasama speaks a quick incantation. Surrounded by a green light his wounds begin to close.

Papa Sasama heals himself for ~1350 healing (can also Crit heal)

Round 27, 51, 75 or every 25 rounds: Papa Sasama describes a cross in the air and throws his fist towards {randon NPC}. Magical energy hits Elite Spear Carrier and disables Elite Spear Carrier`s tongue.

Makes the affected NPC to probably miss hitting at all

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