With all its might

With all its might

With all its might is the second expedition that you will face in Germania. Could be a quick one and hopefully an easy one for you. The Advanced expedition is probably the most important expedition in the game.

Entry level: 45

Dungeon points to complete: 9-11

Level on which you can complete: 45. Boss is a little harder than average, especially compared to previous boss from Dark Catacombs. Here is a setup of a 45 level kill but not winning every time. Click here. You will need your damage dealers to be ~200 dmg to succeed and ~50-51 Level Mercenaries.

Enemy and boss levels: 54-56

Minions item level drop: 52-58 Confirmed

Boss item level drop: 52-64 Confirmed

Parent Expedition: The green forest

Advanced Dungeon: Yes, Externsteine (Level 102)

Previous Dungeon: Dark Catacombs (Level 40)

Next Dungeon: Viking Camp (Level 50)


A mystical place that is filled with magic energy. An old rock formation, that is older than the Roman Empire itself. The Germanic tribes have gathered here to sacrifice a virgin, so that the leader of this place can summon all his power against the Roman Empire. You`ve arrived just in time, but the harbingers of destruction can already be felt

With all its might


1. Fight your way past the territory`s many guards

2. Reach the maiden before she falls victim to the dragon

There are 3 Fanatics on your way. Fight them.




Kill all 3

Once all 3 Fanatics are dead you face more enemies. Now you have 2 packs of 2 Stone Guards in front. Attack them

Stone Guard



At some point you will complete the Quest 1. You might not have to kill all Stone Guards

Quest 1 Completed

You will know this when the 3 Druids become available for attack

Phase 3

Now that you have fought your way past the many guards and completed Quest 1, you should attack the Druids and ignore the rest because you want to reach for the maiden before the Druids sacrifice her to the dragons. There are 3 Druids - kill them!

Druidic Priest



Once the druids are done you managed to save the girl from being sacrificed.

Quest 2 Completed

You have the boss in front. A huge green dragon on the top of the mountain.

Phase 4

You feel strong and you charge

Oak Lord




Special abilities:

Round 1, 14, 26, 38 or every 12 rounds : Oak Lord makes the attackers unable to move for 1 round(s) and withdraws health from them.

It's a mass damage to the entire group for 100 damage to each NPC and heals Oak Lord for the same amount

Round 2, 10, 18, 28, 36, 45, 53, 63, 71, 79, 87. Seems to be very 8-10 rounds: Oak Lord breathes deeply and spouts a cloud of toxic fumes at the attacker.

Another mass damage spell that will hit the entire group for 250 damage

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