Externsteine is the most important dungeon in the game. It is fast and the treasures are priceless. It is a Dungeon where an Orange item has a better chance to drop. Not only from the boss but from the normal enemies as well. It is also probably the longest dungeon to run in the game because it spans 10 levels until the next dungeon and these are levels from 102-112 which would take a while (could be up to a year) to level up so in the meantime you are stuck in here but it's going to be the ride of your life. Very special ability of Wrath of the Mountain - the boss, 100% chance to avoid critical hits. So, essentially you can't crit the boss so you have to defeat him through sheer high Damage and Double hits.

Entry level: 102

Dungeon points to complete: 6 (if you start with Tree Shepherd and ignore the Fanatics)

Level on which you can complete: 102. You have enough time to gear up and prepare for this boss. Important to switch to the setup of dungeon character - tank, use a healing mercenary and 3x good Samnits/Murmillo with predominantly Antonius/Gaius (or any other high +Damage gear) and 500+ damage on the Samnits/Murmillos as the boss is immune to critical hits so you have to beat him with high overall damage . Here is an early setup of a 96 level (6 levels before Entry level) kill in Negotium X - here. Have in mind that you don't have to be this strong before 102, just make sure you are this strong at 102 so you can start farming this sweet instance right away.

Enemy and boss levels: 111-113

Minions item level drop: 107-117 Confirmed

Boss item level drop: 109-123 Confirmed

Parent Expedition: The green forest

Advanced Dungeon: Yes, it is the Advanced Dungeon of With all its might (Level 45)

Previous Dungeon: Sasama's last journey (Level 92, Africa)

Next Dungeon: Late Revenge (Level 112)


A mystical place that is filled with magic energy. An old rock formation, that is older than the Roman Empire itself. The Germanic tribes have gathered here to sacrifice a virgin, so that the leader of this place can summon all his power against the Roman Empire. You`ve arrived just in time, but the harbingers of destruction can already be felt



1. Fight your way past the territory`s many guards

2. Reach the maiden before she falls victim to the dragon

3. Hit back against the surprise attack

The first quest "Fight your way past the territory`s many guards" is actually deceiving. At the bottom you see 3 packs of Fanatics and at the top you see a Tree Shepherd. Go for him and skip the Fanatics and the bottom.

Do not go for the Fanatics


Go for Tree Shepherd

Tree Shepherd

Tree Shepherd



and you complete the first quest!

Quest 1 Completed

After going through the Tree you find out that a group of Druids are about to sacrifice a young girl to the dragon. This is the second quest "Reach the maiden before she falls victim to the dragon". Go for the 3 Druids


Druidic Priest



One you kill all 3 you will complete the 2nd quest and reach the maiden before she is sacrificed. However you find yourself being ambushed by a Dragon Maiden

Dragon Maiden

Dragon Maiden



Killing her completes the final quest "Hit back against the surprise attack" and you are ready to face the fearsome boss

Quest 3 Completed

The boss is a huge dragon

Extersteine Boss

You attack.....

Wrath Mountain




Special abilities:

Wrath Mountain is unlike any other boss. First, he is immune to Critical hits (100% chance to avoid critical hits) and second - he is breathing flames that do massive damage to the entire group and then the group burns for damage over time (dot) every round.

Round 1, 7, 13, 19, 25 or every 6 rounds : Wrath Mountain spouts a flame jet at {random NPC}. The flame jet burns {random NPC} for 4.

Wrath Mountain burns the entire group for 250-500 damage and this will repeat for 4 rounds. During this turn with the flame jets, Wrath Mountain will not make a normal hit. The {random NPC} will be "on fire" for another 500 damage that same round


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