Under a Blood-red Sky

Under a Blood-red Sky

Under a Blood-red Sky is the Advanced dungeon of Abducted. The boss' drop is well over the 100 item level so be prepared for some sweet loot. Also, this dungeon is a huge relief after the struggles with Fairground.

Entry level: 86

Dungeon points to complete: 14

Level on which you can complete: 86. Boss is easier than Papa Sasama and is not a problem on Level 86. Item level drop goes as high as 107! Here is a setup of a Negotium X early 82 level kill on Shetu who again is weaker than Papa Sasama - here.

Enemy and boss levels: 95-97

Minions item level drop: 93-99 Confirmed

Boss item level drop: 96-107 Confirmed

Parent Expedition: Bridge

Advanced Dungeon: This is the Advanced Dungeon of Abducted (Level 25)

Previous Dungeon: Fairground (Level 80) or Mysterious Laboratory (Level 80, Germania)

Next Dungeon: In the Heart of Decay (Level 90)

Screams pierce the cold African night air. Another Roman family has been dragged out of their house and into the desert. Usually help comes far too late and there are barely any traces left of the unlucky victims. However, this time torchlight has shrouded the riverbank in a sinister light that allows us a glimpse of the ghostly abductors.

Under a Blood-red Sky


1. Fight your way past the warriors to the bridge

2. Eliminate the beast that is blocking your entrance to the bridge

3. Prevent the two elephants from tearing down the bridge

a. Eliminate the elephants
b. Dispose of the Animal Master

4. Fight your way through to the Roman villagers

a. Kill the fanatical follower

The abducted family is in danger. You need to get to the bridge but there are warriors guarding it. You have to take them out. All of them

4/4 Warriors

Dark Warrior



Once you kill all 4 you complete the 1st quest

Quest 1 Completed

Now that the 4 Dark Warriors are out of the way you run to the bridge but just before you reach it a beast comes in your way

Phase 2

It's just a beast for you so attack is inevitable. It appears that it is a Lion




Killing the Lion completes quest 2

Quest 2 Completed

You cross the bridge but just before you put the final step an Animal Master commands two Elephants to destroy the bridge while you are on it. You rush and manage to jump on the other side just before the bridge collapses. The Elephants come for you in ferocious charge

2x Elephants

Pack Elephant



You complete the third quest after the Elephants

Quest 3 Completed

With pain in your heart you slay both of the Elephants although they were not responsible for the attack. The Animal Master is. Time for him to pay

Animal Master

Animal Master



Killing the Animal Master completes you the 4th quest

Quest 4 Completed

In your pursuit you are confronted by 3 fanatic followers

3x Fanatic Followers




Killing the 3 followers completes the last quest but something strange is happening to Shetu this time

Quest 5 Completed

After Shetu's body starts to deform, two watchguard tortoises charge at you!

2x Tortoise Watchman

Tortoise Watchman



Killing them both completes the final phase of the dungeon

Quest 6 Completed

You dust yourself off from the fight with the two tortoises and you look up. Shetu is not there anymore. You see a monstrous Tortoise in front of you


You attack

Shetu bin Seth




Special abilities:

Round 1, 13, 25, 37 or every 12 rounds: Shetu bin Seth retreats behind his armour. For 3 rounds your blades cannot find a weak point to attack. 

It seems that i sometimes let the attackers do 0 damage

Round 2, 10, 18, 28, 38, 46,  : The more effort {random NPC} puts in, the more bored Shetu bin Seth seems to become. For 3 the effect of the presence of {random NPC} is reduced. 

Doesn't seem to do anything significant to the affected NPC

Round 4, 26, 47 or every 21 rounds: Ominous dark clouds gather above Shetu bin Seth. Blood-red lightning bolts flash in the night sky and an unholy wind howls through the air, throwing stones and sand into the air. For 4 rounds every word is swallowed up by the storm. Sand in your eyes makes combat more difficult and debris has become a lethal weapon. 

The storm hurls pieces of stone around and hits the entire group for 100 damage and this is repeated for 4 rounds



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