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Underworld Rules

Underworld was the long waited new content where people can fight. Underworld is something like expeditions but with different rules

You need to enter the Underworld from the Hermit and you must finish it by defeating the last boss without dying or at least without quitting.

Here are some of the rules:

- Requires level 100+

- There are 3 different levels of difficulty - Normal, Medium and Hard

- The next level of difficulty can only be activated if you have successfully defeated the previous difficulty (You have to start with Normal, then Medium and then you unlock Hard)

- There are 4 areas in Underworld - Entrance to the Kingdom of the Dead, Court of the Dead, Tartarus and Erebus

- Just like expeditions there are 3 mobs and a boss in each of the 4 areas. You can progress to the next area once you have defeated all the mobs in the previous area

- After defeating the last boss of the Underworld or if you get killed and leave Underworld unfinished you are not allowed to enter for another 5 days

- Travel costs Gold8000 and it takes 30 minutes to travel to the Underworld. You can travel instant for the cost of 5 Work Clothing or 5 Rubies if you don't have work clothing.

- Turning back (in Hermit while traveling to Underworld) button gives you a 2 day cooldown icon on the left but you can still re-enter and choose another difficulty if you have changed your mind but the Turn Back button is available only during your 30 minutes travel to the Underworld

- Underworld consists of 4 Areas with 3 enemies and a boss in each. Totaling of 16 enemies

- Entering the Underworld you are using another set of Expedition points - 18x Expedition point. The normal Expedition and Dungeon points outside of the Underworld are not consumed. If you run out of the 18 Underworld expedition points, every attack starts to cost 1 Rubies . This means that you can have 2 defeats tops if you want to finish Ruby-free/boost free. Also, it's good to know that Blessing's of Apollo pact's ​"You have 10% chance of not using up any expedition points." works in the Underworld. The 10% expedition points increase however, doesn't work.

- There is one way to top up your Underworld expedition points - Mobilisation, which drops from Divine Chest of Faith


- Underworld Hard mobs DO NOT have any loot drop and only award gold and experience. This means that you should rule out Underworld Hard as any possible type of farming spot for items or scrolls

- If your Underworld run is going good and you have spare points in the end, you have the option of increasing the stakes with this slider. Slider increases the gold loot from the opponent but it makes the attack cost 2 or 3 times more expedition points or Rubies and cooldown between attacks to increase to 20 min or 30 min respectively

Slide 1 Slide 2 Slide 3

- You can attack every 10 minutes and this cannot be lowered in any way

- If you already have an Underworld costume equipped by the time you defeat Dis Pater, you will not get a new costume

- You cannot eat food in the Underworld. The only way to heal yourself is Regeneration, Pray, Guild medic and 100% Healing Potions

- Underworld Regeneration can be increased by praying in the Guild Temple. You can pray while in the Underworld as well. You pray to Ceres and the praying today counts for the next day

- The expiration time of the packages is frozen for the duration of your Underworld run

- If your HP reaches 0 HP you are thrown out of the Underworld and you can enter again in 5 days. offered to leave the Underworld or you choose to stay you can heal yourself with a 100% healing potion and continue. On Hard you also loose one random stat point. The video below shows how to stay in the Underworld even if you die.

- You can be attacked in Arena while in the Underworld so beware of low HP. Refresh the page before you hit an enemy in the Underworld. You might have been heavily attacked in the Arena, lowered on HP and then lose the fight to the Underworld enemy because of low HP and get thrown out of the Underworld. Has happened to me

- Once you enter the Underworld you will receive quests related to the Underworld. Some of them are easily doable but some of them are quite hard to do without spending extra points like defeating a certain mob 4x times. Note that on higher levels, the quest rewards from the underworld quests can be comprised of underworld-only rare prefix or suffix. Underworld quest rewards are always item level = your character level.

Underworld Quest

- The reward for completing the Underworld gauntlet is a costume that can be worn for 2 days and in Hard you have 1 additional reward - Free training point

Free stat point

- Underworld is by far the hardest challenge in Gladiatus. Normal which is the weakest difficulty is so strong that at any level you can still loose fights in Normal. Expect Hard to always give you troubles so arm yourself with a lot of 100% Healing pots and Rubies

- There are 3 different reward costumes for the 3 difficulties. More about them below

- There is a reason why the tooltip of the mobs does not have any damage or armour. It's because the mobs damage and armour is calculated based on your character's

- Finishing the Underworld resets the costume cooldown. Unconfirmed

- There are no level restrictions to enter Medium and Hard. The only requirement to enter is to beat the previous difficulty. Normal starts at level 100

- Enemy levels are:

Normal - Your character level minus (-) randomly 27 or 28

Medium - Your character level

Hard - your character level plus (+) randomly 27 or 28

There are suggestions that the above numbers may vary, being a bit lower (-+25 levels) around Level 100 and higher at Level 120+

Don't be fooled by the levels. Stats are important. Here is a comparison of Dis Pater (the final boss) for each difficulty. You can see that while the Hard Dis Pater is obviously stronger than Normal, the stats are not too far off and some stats like Dexterity are even higher on Normal. This means that even if you are decently geared you could still lose a battle against an 80 level normal underworld opponent.

Dis Pater

Normal Medium Hard
Dis Pater Normal stats Dis Pater Medium stats

Dis Pater Hard stats

Dis Pater Normal stats Dis Pater Medium stats

Dis Pater Hard stats

- If you want to leave the Underworld on your own will, when entering Underworld Ceres would give you as a package 1x Golden Branch Golden Branch. If you want to leave, put the Branch in your inventory, go t o Leave the Underworld button and drag the branch onto the exit gate, shown below. This will make you leave underworld on your own will

Leaving Underworld

Farewell Underworld


The Rewards

Normal Costume

Dis Pater Normal costumeDis Pater Normal costume Female

Dis Pater Normal costume

  • Bonus 1: Normal expedition points: 12 or 24 (Centurio) or 48 (Centurio + Blessing of Apollo pact). With Dis Pater Normal Costume: 24 or 48 (Centurio) or 72 (Centurio + Blessing of Apollo pact)
  • Bonus 2: Activating the costume restores the expedition points to full. Make sure to spend them all and activate the costume on 0.
  • Bonus 3: It increases the expedition points regeneration 3 times. This means that if your expedition points regenerate with 1 every 45 min (with Centurio), with Dis Pater Normal costume you will regenerate 1 expedition point every 15 minutes
  • Bonus 4 & 5: Doubles the gold in expeditions. This can be further boosted with Mercury's Blessing pact. Also the item % drop chance becomes 100% so every kill = an item.

Mercury's Blessing bonus

  • Bonus 6: No durability or conditioning loss in expedition. This is good news as this amount of expedition you will be doing will damage your equipment and you will have to repair frequently

This costume, despite coming from the easiest Underworld difficulty is an essential part of the game. Provides basically endless amount of expeditions with tons of gold and therefore good for quick leveling. Make sure to have Blessing of Mercury while with this costume and you might switch is with Blessing of Apollo every 24 hours (twice during the duration of the costume)


- Hard to say what Cons such a great costume has. With such a high regeneration of expedition points and such high number of total expeditions you will feel tempted to try and play them all, resorting to Hourglass items which generally might cost you Rubies if you don't have enough of them

- You will accumulate a lot of gold while farming expeditions with this costume so be aware of arena attacks. Make sure to have a good spending strategy. Use scrolls or deposits of amulet and rings. Sell them all, train a stat or more and start buying them off from the vendor one by one to spend your gold

- Even with such a great costume you will still miss some of the ordinary costume bonuses like Neptun's Might or the Wrath's Mountain Scaled Armor. No strategy around that. 2 out of 5 days you will be wearing this and the rest of the days - normal costumes. Except for events. Event Costumes are also quite good and will make you wonder which to wear even more. Perhaps a combination of all during a festival event.

Example of the Gold dropped by Dragon, the boss in Koman Mountain (Level 108):

Dis Pater Normal costume Gold

Medium Costume

Dis Pater MediumDis Pater Medium costume Female

Dis Pater Medium Costume stats

  • Bonus 1: Normal dungeon points: 12 or 24 (with Centurio). With this they become 24 or 48 (with Centurio)
  • Bonus 2: Same as Dis Pater Normal costume activating the costume will restore all your dungeon points to max so make sure to spend them all and active the costume when you have 0 left
  • Bonus 3: Increases dungeon regeneration rate 3 times. Normal dungeon regeneration for 1 dungeon point is 1 hour 30 minutes for 1 dungeon point or 1 hour with Centurio. With this costume regeneration will be every 30 minutes or every 20 minutes with Centurio
  • Bonus 4: Every opponent in a dungeon will drop an item guaranteed. Dungeon item drop rate is quite high anyway but this will make it a guaranteed item drop
  • Bonus 5: Doubles the gold dropped in dungeons but that's not much to begin with. Not a huge increase. ~400-500 gold per dungeon opponent
  • Bonus 6: No durability or conditioning loss in a dungeon. This is good news as this amount of dungeons you will be completing will damage your equipment and that of your followers and you will have to repair frequently. This solves the problem

Costume is equivalent of Dis Pater Normal but for dungeons. Of course Expeditions and Dungeons are quite different and so are the rewards. Personal opinion is that this costume is the weakest of all 3.


- Does not provide the same gold, experience or honour as the rest of the costumes so in general weaker in rewards


Hard Costume

Dis Pater Hard costumeDis Pater Hard costume Female

Dis Pater Hard costume stats

  • Bonus 1 & 2: Reduces the Arena and Circus cooldowns to just 1 minutes 15 seconds with Centurio
  • Bonus 3: 3 times more Gold from  the periodic prize money for staying at Rank 1 in Arena or Circus Turma. See example below

Dis Pater prize money

  • Bonus 4: 3 times larger jackpot for defeating rank 1 - See example below. 2x 1.6 million Gold pots turned into 9.6 million Gold

Dis Pater hard jackpot

  • Bonus 5: No loss of durability or conditioning from arena fights. With this costume and the crazy arena cooldowns this is a must!
  • Bonus 6: 11 times more Gold from wining an Arena or Circus Turma. This is the real deal !!!

Dis Pater Hard costume bonus 3

  • Hidden bonus: When you defeat Dis Pater on Hard - 1 free stat point with no gold cost. In high levels this is millions of Gold worth of a bonus

Really different from the other 2 costumes. Definitely the most value from all 3, especially if you are good stats and gear. If you are a very weak arena and circus player, Dis Pater normal can be more valuable


- With 2 minute cooldowns on Arena and Circus you must be online constantly for the duration of the costume to get the most out of it. Can be tiring and time consuming

- Not as good as Normal Dis Pater costume if you are aiming for high experience gain. Expeditions bring more experience points than duels

- You will accumulate a lot of gold while farming expeditions with this costume so be aware of arena attacks. Make sure to have a good spending strategy. Use scrolls or deposits of amulet and rings. Sell them all, train a stat or more and start buying them off from the vendor one by one to spend your gold


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