Late Revenge

Late Revenge

Late Revenge is a dungeon in the last Gladiatus expedition - Dragon Remains. It is the long waited new dungeon after Externsteine. The 10 Levels in Externsteine to reach this dungeon are more than a year worth of regular play. It is also the longest in the game which is not pleasant especially after Externsteine's 6 dungeon points to complete. However, the item level drop is significantly higher. Even to the extent that on Levels 112-115 you might not be able to wear the highest level items the boss can drop.

Entry level: 112

Dungeon points to complete: 18

Level on which you can complete: 112. Boss is hard but you just have too much time to prepare for him gear-wise.

Enemy and boss levels: 121-123

Minions item level drop: 117-127 Confirmed

Boss item level drop: 120-133 Confirmed

Parent Expedition: Dragon Remains

Advanced Dungeon: Yes, Alpha & Omega (Level 120)

Previous Dungeon: Externsteine (Level 102)

Next Dungeon: Alpha & Omega (120)


Remains of long dead dragon lying all over this valley. Only the center is an exception, where it is the place for rituals. Long before you see the place you can feel the energy and power. But evil can also be felt, the evil that usurp this power.

Late Revenge


1. Defeat the undead hordes

2. Kill the approaching ritualists

3. Remove the fiery wrath

4. Meet retribution

You reach a quiet central place in the Dragon Remains valley only to find that someone is performing a ritual. Too late unfortunately you see some skeletons risen

Bone Golems

You attack one

Bone Golem

Bone Golem stats
Bone Golem reward

only to find that it was immediately replaced by a Lemures


You kill it too


Lemures stats
Lemures reward

No more undead rise after the Lemures so you go and slaughter the next Skeletons and their Lemures replacements


After all the undead masses are killed and you complete the first quest

Quest 1 Completed

Immediately you see the figure that is commanding the ritual to order ritualists to take the form of the pentagram and to start praying to something dark

Black Warlocks

Black Warlock

Black Warlock stats
Black Warlock reward

Once you kill all 5 you will complete quest number 2

Quest 2 completed

You defeat everything that the mysterious figure spawns for you. However, this time he summons something really unholy and unnatural. Demons from fire itself.

Fire Demons

Too late to retreat you choose to attack the Red Fire Demon first

Red Fire demon

Fire Demon

Fire Demon stats
Fire Demon reward

Burnt and exhausted you move on and attack the Blue one

Blue Fire Demon

Fire demon

Fire Demon stats
Fire Demon reward

This completes the 3rd Quest

Quest 3 Completed

Completely burnt you finally face the mysterious ritualist that is doing all this. Who is he?


Valerius Filius Gustavo

Valerius Filius Gustavo stats
Valerius Filius Gustavo reward

Special abilities:

Round 1, 4, 7, 10, 21, 24 etc. every 3 rounds for 3 and then in 10 rounds again: Valerius Filius Gustavo makes a sign in the air and three small vortexes charge at the group.

The vortex hits 3 random targets for 1000-1500 damage

Round 2, 12, 16, etc. every 4 rounds : Valerius Filius Gustavo spits out 3 beams of water that fire upon the group.

The water beam hits 3 random targets for 500-1000 damage

Round 3, 9, 15, 18, 25 : Valerius Filius Gustavo forms a circle in front of their chest using their hands and creates a fireball.

The fireball hits all 5 group members for 500-1500 damage

Round 5, 23: Valerius Filius Gustavo stamps on the ground and the earth starts to rear up in breaking waves.

The wave of earth hits all 5 group members for 500-1500 damage


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