Sasama`s last journey

Sasama`s last journey

Sasama`s last journey is the highest level dungeon in Africa and it will get you ready to depart to Germania for good. The story behind the dungeon is that in the previous lower level dungeon you have defeated the tribal lord Papa Sasama but something is happening in the village even after his death. You come back to investigate. Just 2 levels after In the Heart of Decay, you need to be very prepared to come here. Item level drops are slightly higher so you might want to fight through the dungeon and reset the dungeon before the boss and start over until you gear up to face him. You will stay here for a long time as the next dungeon is far away. The last minions are also very tough. You could be farming the boss easily and still sometimes loose against Voodoo Warrior or Spear Guard. Here is an example of a very good setup that still lost to Spear Guard. It's just that Spear Guard can critical hit very bad and killing your tank in 2 rounds and that's how you loose. Here is an example - click here.

Entry level: 92

Dungeon points to complete: 11

Level on which you can complete: 92. Boss is harder than corruption but very managable on 92. Here is a the setup of a character that farms the boss with very little losses on 92 Level - here. Here is also a very early kill on level 87 (Negotium X) - here.

Enemy and boss levels: 101-103

Minions item level drop: 97-107 Confirmed

Boss item level drop: 100-113 Confirmed

Parent Expedition: Umpokta Tribe

Advanced Dungeon: Yes, this is the Advanced Dungeon of Fairground (Level 80)

Previous Dungeon: In the Heart of Decay (Level 90)

Next Dungeon: Externsteine (Level 102, Germania)


A phalanx of tribal fighters is blocking the inquisitor`s path to the village square. A feast is being prepared. It is difficult to identify, what is going to be served today. A shaman is evoking a fire and throwing some mysterious powder into it. The smell of cinnamon is getting carried into all directions by the wind. Suddenly, the whole tribe starts to sing a song and starts rhythmically jumping up and down. This is your chance to take down the guards without being seen.

Sasama's Last journey


1. Get access to the village

2. Eliminate the threat of the Shamans

3. Resist the attacking warriors

4. Vex Papa Sasama and kill his pet

5. Eliminate Papa Sasama`s bodyguards

You get close to the village. Everyone is inside. You see that they are preparing for the burial of their tribal leader - Papa Sasama who you perosnally have taken care of. A feast when everyone is distracted is the chance to get inside the village. You start by taking out the Villagers

5/5 Villagers




Killing the 5 villagers gives you access to the village

Sasama's Remains

You take on the Shaman as well





Killing the Shaman completes Quest 2

Quest 2 Completed

By now the guards are already on alert for you so you see two warriors charging at you

2x Voodoo Warriors

Voodoo Warrior



Successfully defending against these two completes the 3rd quest

Quest 3 Completed

There are two guards defending the ceremony hut. You need to take them out.

2x Spear Guards

Spear Guard



Defeating the 2 Spear Guards completes the last quest

Last Quest Completed

Killing the last guard it's only you and the remains of the late Papa Sasama. You hear something coming out of the ceremony tent. This whole time Papa Sasama's wife has been the terrible beast Akhekhu. Body of a serpent with four strong legs and a head of a terrible monster. It came out of the tent and approached the remains of Papa Sasama. You are trapped and there is no running out of this.






Special abilities:

Round 1, 13, 25, 37 etc. every 12 rounds : With a rough throaty sound Akhekhu spews out a poisonous bile and spits it right into {random NPC}'s face. This will additionally weaken {random NPC}'s body for 5 rounds.

The poison weakens {random NPC} for 622 damage

The affected NPC will take 622 damage every round for 5 rounds

Round 2, 12, 22, 32, 42 etc. every 10 rounds : An obnoxious scent exudes from the creature's mouth and dazes all your senses. Your group will not be able to concentrate well for the next 3 rounds. This prevents any healing and weakens your attacks.

The healer will not heal for next 3 rounds and chance for every NPC not to attack/action at all and miss its attacks

Round 11, 21, 31, 44 etc. every 10-14 rounds  : Akhekhu starts rocking hypnotically and a beautiful song fills the air. Every group member that cannot resist it, will not be able to move for 3 rounds.

Chance for some NPCs to resist it. The ones who resist will be able to attack and action in the next 3 rounds. The ones affected will not take part in the round at all


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