In the Heart of Decay

In the Heart of Decay

In the Heart of Decay is an important dungeon because it will gear you up for the serious dungeons that await you on the higher levels. Gaius, Lucius and Antonius item level 100+ start to drop so you could expect to change your weapon and some parts of your armor here. Next dungeon is pretty hard so you will need to stay here for as long as it's necessary.

Entry level: 90

Dungeon points to complete: 15

Level on which you can complete: 90. Very interesting boss. Apart from the amazing and terrifying look of the creature she also possesses unique special abilities. Go to the bottom of the page to look at them in detail. In general, the boss has an aura that reduces damage and healing of your group by 1% each round. This means that the more rounds it takes you to defeat her, the more weakened your group is. So prolonged fights are not good. However, Corruption will heal for 50% of the damage she deals. These 2 special abilities mean that you need to have a strong tank with good armour and blocking % and high dexterity and good damage on the damage dealers so they can defeat Corruption in as little rounds as possible. Corruption has very low HP ~6700 so in general the fight should not take longer than 25 rounds.

Tips: Invest in tank gear - at this point Lucius is widely available, although with not good affixes. Take care of your stats with non-Lucius items and get your Agility and Charisma full, the rest fill up with Lucius gear to get as close as possible to 50% blocking and 11k+ Armour. As for damage dealers. Even if you are wearing the same weapons that you used to defeat Papa Sasama, it's all fine. Max damage around 445-450 should be fine for this boss. Just upgrade the level of the mercs. Buy new ones from the Auction House that are level 100+ with high Dexterity (close to 350 base Dexterity).

Here is a setup of a level 90 kill with comfortable farming rate (sometimes you lose) - here.

Enemy and boss levels: 99-101

Minions item level drop: 97-103 Confirmed

Boss item level drop: 99-111 Confirmed

Parent Expedition: Lost Harbour

Advanced Dungeon: Yes, this is the advanced dungeon of Poisoned Country (Level 35)

Previous Dungeon: Under a Blood-red Sky (Level 86)

Next Dungeon: Sasama's last journey (Level 92)


The scent of decay and corruption seems almost physically palpable at this place. Something evil has dug its way into the innards of this once flourishing harbour town and has swallowed up all the life within it.

This disaster keeps spreading and bit by bit and it`s taking over the fruitful riverside. We need to put a stop to this terrible disaster...

In the Heart of Decay


Destroy the Source of all Evil
1. Destroy the Mokele lying in wait in the house ruins

Fight your way towards the centre of the harbour town
2. Defeat the undead fishermen
3. Destroy the infected harbour master

Decay is once again spreading across the town but this time something far more sinister is going on. You go again. First, destroy the hiding Mokele creatures that are hiding across the town

Destroy the Mokele

You start picking them one by one




Once you seek and destroy all the mokele you complete the first quest

Quest 1 Completed

With all mokele out of the way you head to the town square where a group of undead decayed fisherman have gathered. You decide to disband they party and attack

4x Undead Fisherman

Undead Fisherman



Killing the fisherman completes the quest

Quest 2 Completed

Unfortunately the Harbour Master has been infected as well turning him into a formidable monster

Infected Harbour Master

You need to put him down

Harbour Master Haru



You take your knife out of the creature's body and you hear a strange chanting

Quest 3 Completed

A chant like this is never a good thing. Someone is trying to summon something terrible. You have to put a stop to it. You attack the worshipers.

Chanting heard

Seth Priest



Killing all 5 completes the final quest in the dungeon

Final Quest Completed

The priests are dead....but they have managed to finish their summoning ritual. What comes out of the water is the most terrifying creature you have ever seen

Just look at this....


Prepared for this or not... you have no choice but to fight.





Special abilities:

Every round: The poisonous vapours that surround the creatures gradually start weakening you more and more. All group members lose 1% of their damage value and their healing capability.

Mass debuff every round on the entire group losing 1% damage and 1% healing. This means that the longer the fight goes on the weaker the group is

Also, Corruption will heal for 50% of the damage she does in the attack -

Corruption hits Elite Spear Carrier. Elite Spear Carrier receives 2609 damage
Corruption delights in her victim`s pain Corruption receives 1304 healing

Round 4, 21, 36 or every 15 rounds : A tentacle shoots out of the ground and wraps itself around {random NPC}. He will need 3 rounds to liberate himself from its grasp.

The affected {random NPC} will not participate in the next 3 rounds

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