Alpha & Omega

Alpha & Omega

Alpha & Omega is the last dungeon in the game. It is only for the highest level gladiators. It is also the longest - 20 dungeon points.

Entry level: 120

Dungeon points to complete: 20

Enemy and boss levels: 129-131

Minions item level drop: 127-132

Boss item level drop: 128-141 Confirmed

Parent Expedition: Dragon Remains

Advanced Dungeon: Yes, This is the Advanced Dungeon of Late Revenge (Level 112)

Previous Dungeon: Late Revenge (Level 112)

Next Dungeon: None, this is the last and the highest level dungeon in the game


Remains of long dead dragons lay all about this vale. Only the centre is excepted, as a ritual site has been constructed. Long before you see the site, you can feel its energy and power. But the evil can also be felt, the evil that seized possession of this power. 

Alpha & Omega


1. Shatter the bones

2. Kill the approaching servants

3. Release the victim

4. Stride through the fire

5. Light and shadow

6. Close the circle

You go into the circle and you see that Bone Golems are in your way

Phase 1

Bone Golem

Bone Golem

Bone Golem stats 

Bone Golem rewards

Once you kill all 5 you will complete the quest

Quest 1 completed

5 Black Warlock servants are standing between you and the victim

Phase 2

Black Warlock

Black Warlock

Black Warlock stats

Black Warlock rewards

After you kill all 5 Black Warlocks you complete quest #2

Quest 2 completed

You have now reached the victims on the poles but they are no longer alive or worth saving. In fact, they want to kill you. You have no other choice but to strike them

Phase 3

5 Victims ahead of you. You strike with no remorse

Undead White Warlock

Undead White Warlock

Undead White Warlock stats

Undead White Warlock rewards

Once you kill all 5 victims you will complete the 3rd quest

Quest 3 completed

You move on to the pyre. 2 Demons are now in front of you. One red and one blue.

Phase 4

You attack the red one first

Fire Demon

Fire Demon - Red

Fire Demon stats

Fire Demon rewards

And you attack the blue one

Fire Demon

Fire Demon - Blue

Fire Demon stats

Fire Demon rewards

Once you kill both demons you will complete quest #4

Quest 4 completed

From the corpses of the two demons, light and shadow witches arise. They both seem to be aggressive towards you. They attack you immediately

Phase 5

First you slay the Light witch

White Witch

White Witch

White Witch stats

White Witch rewards

Then you attack the shadow witch

Black Witch

Black Witch

Black Witch stats

Black Witch rewards

Killing the Black Witch completes quest #5

Quest 5 completed

Killing the witches completes the circle. Unimaginable horror spawns in the center of the bone pentagram. A huge bone dragon


The dragon is so huge that you cannot run away so your only choice is to attack



Dracolich stats

Dracolich rewards


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