The Dragon Stronghold

The Dragon Stronghold

The Dragon Stronghold is the third dungeon in the game. Don't be fooled by the level 10 entry. This dungeon is hard. If you are doing a slower paced game and you don't level too fast, you will be able to fight in here on level 14-15 only if you have 4 mercenaries, all fully equipped with current item level gear. The drops are not much better than the On the Run but still better. The boss is not that much stronger than the rest of the dungeon so assuming you are able to fight through to the boss then you should be able to defeat him as well.

Entry level: 10

Dungeon points to complete: 7

Level on which you can complete: Doable on 15. Boss is not hard. If you are really well geared it could be done on 14

Enemy and boss levels: 19-21

Minions item level drop: 16-23 Confirmed

Boss item level drop: 18-25 Confirmed

Parent Expedition: Misty Mountains

Advanced Dungeon: Yes, The True Owner (Level 70)

Previous Dungeon: On the Run (Level 10)

Next Dungeon: The Cave of Dark intrigue (Level 15)


There`s always something special about entering the lair of a dragon. At least that`s what a courageous hero`s widow would say! Fame, glory and the dragon`s hoard await the brave. Jewels, gold, magical weapons and golden eggs from happy hens! The cave is covered in spider webs, filled with monsters, overgrown with poisonous plants, full of deadly traps and dripping with blood... fair play to those who don`t wish to enter, but then they will certainly win less fame in their lives!

The Dragon Stronghold


1. Fight your way to the cave system

2. Shift the lever and disarm the pitfall trap

3. Show Barakun that you can overwhelm him

The Cave entrance is guarded by 2 Cerberus. Fight them to enter the cave.

2/2 Cerberus



Once you kill both of them you will complete the first quest
Quest 1 Completed

There is a pitfall trap ahead. You have to disarm it. Kill the divers.
3/3 Undersea Diver
Undersea Diver



You kill all 3 and pull the level

Quest 2 Completed

Now you have to face Barakun

1/1 Barakun



Defeating him completes the 3rd and final quest. You are ready to face the boss now.
Quest 3 Completed

The boss is a Dragon guarding a treasure!



Drops Item level: 18-25

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