Gladiatus Forging

Gladiatus Forging

Forging is by far the biggest change that ever came to Gladiatus. As any such game, Gladiatus is all about your gear. However, the game has been struggling with a gearing problem because the best items Orange were too rare and only dropped at high levels (100+). Red items were always in the game filters but never actually dropped. Waiting forever for an Orange to drop and for it to roll useful suffix and affix were in the 0.00%. Now that's one slot of your gear of one character and you had to gear 6 characters. This is all solved by the new Forging system. It came on 19th February 2015 and changed the game forever.

So the Forging system is the ability to collect forging goods either by smelting gear or drops from your adventures to ultimately forge an item of your choosing by selecting the prefix and the suffix and to determine what the item quality will be based on the used forging goods. With this came the durability and conditioning of items. More about this below. This is what each component is:

Forging foods

Used to craft items. Click on the image below for extensive info

Forging goods


Using the forging goods and the required recipe you can forge items of our choosing. Click on the image below for extensive info



You can smelt items that you don't need and smelt them down to the basic forging goods. Click on the image below for extensive info


Item Repair and Conditioning

Workbench gives you the ability to condition an item increasing its strength and stats above the normal values. Click on the image below for extensive info


Forging Tools

Forging tools are a paid optional extra to boost your forging success chance, forging time and etc.


Scrolls and Recipes

Prefixes Suffixes

Scrolls Prefixes and Suffixes