Scrolls and Recipes

Gladiatus Scrolls and Recipes

Forging recipes are learned through scrolls. Scrolls can drop from mobs in expeditions and dungeons or through Smelting. There are different color variations of the scrolls but they seem really random and not important or tied in any way to the actual recipe. You can see all type of scrolls and how they look here - Scrolls.

Here is an example how Lucius Scroll drops from Dragon, the boss in Koman Mountain.

Lucius scroll drop

Here is an example how a scroll with a prefix or suffix can drop from Smelting too. However the drop chance is low - about 5%.

Scroll from Smelting

Scrolls however, on their own, are nothing special. They are just recipes of Prefixes/Suffixes that you can learn by dragging them onto your character profile picture. Once learned they will be available in the Forge and you can start making items with that Prefix/Suffix. If you want to know more about what Prefixes and Suffixes or Items in general are out there go to the Items page.

Here are some facts about Scrolls:

  1. Scrolls drop from mobs around the world
  2. Scrolls can be produced by Smelting an item. At low (~5%) chance every smelt can produce a scroll with the prefix or suffix of the smelted item
  3. Scrolls are not soul bound and can be sold in the Market
  4. Scrolls have item levels. A lot of things are dependent on the item level. For example a scroll of 94 item level cannot drop for you before your character is 94 level
  5. One Prefix/Suffix can be learned only once. If a Scroll drops for a second time and you already have this prefix or suffix, you won't be able to learn the scroll again
  6. Scrolls sell for a lot of Gold in the vendors. If you don't immediately need need it or if you already have it, you can sell it for gold in the vendor or use it for gold saving from attacks maneuver (sell it, train a skill point, when you gather the money to buy the scroll, simply buy it so you don't hold a lot of gold with you)
  7. Also how much Gold a Scroll is worth is random between a range. For example, Lucius Scroll can sometimes be 250.625 Gold but for someone else it can drop and sell for 222.216 Gold. It's random amount in a fixed range.
  8. Every prefix/suffix adds levels to the item when applied. This is the Scroll item level -10. Example: of Fatuity suffix Scroll is 46 item level. This means that the suffix will add 36 item levels to the item to which is applied. More info on the Items page.



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