Gladiatus Smelting

Gladiatus Smelting


In the Smelter you can melt down your equipment to earn resources. Simply select the item you no longer need and melt it down into its constituent parts. Of course the smelting process is not without its costs, and you will never recover all of the resources which were invested in an item.

Gladiatus Smelting

Smelting is the ability to smelt an item back to its forging goods (materials)

Smelting is the fundamental way of obtaining materials. Here is how it works:

You navigate to the Smelter interface - Forge -> Smelter tab

Smelting Interface

You simply drag the item you want to smelt and start smelting.

Smelting Interface

Here are some facts:

  • First two smelting slots cost Gold and the other 4 Rubies. Cost depends on the item level and type of the item being smelted
  • The duration of the smelt also depends on the item level, type and quality. Orange/Red amulets 100 item level + are taking 48+ hours to smelt
  • There is a small chance (~5%) that the smelt will also produce a scroll with either the Prefix or the Suffix. Might be beneficial to smelt items with Prefixes/Suffixes that you don't have but you need

Scroll drop from smeltingScroll drop from smelting

  • What type of materials you will get from the item that you want to smelt is entirely dependent on what the Prefix + Base Item + Suffix cost in materials to make. Therefore we can safely say that the materials that are required to forge an item will also be produced when smelting the same item, however the smelting will not guarantee the same amount of materials that are needed to forge the item
  • The above means that you can specifically target items with the desired Prefix and sometimes even Suffix to get the exact materials you need, knowing what materials are needed to forge these items. Items page can be very useful in that case. Example: If you need a lot of Amethysts or Crystals, you can target Gaius or Antonius weapons and smelt them. You can even buy Green or Blue quality from the Auction House if you need Amethysts to repair
  • The number of materials you get also depends on what the composition of the item is. If you are smelting Lucius you will get Tincture of Stamina in bigger quantities because it is also the most fundamental part of crafting a Lucius prefix - 30x Tincture of Stamina
  • Lesser qualities like Green or Blue will give less total amount of materials from a smelt than superior qualities like Purple/Orange/Red
  • The quality of the item determines what quality of materials you will get from the smelt. However, there is a rule which needs a little more explaining below
  • If you are farming for repair materials and you don't care about quality - you best search Auction house for a prefix which you know will smelt into the material you are looking for and try to choose item slots like gloves, helmets and boots who have shorter smelting time
  • The number of materials you get from the smelt seems to be directly linked to the number of materials needed to for the particular prefiix or suffix. If the suffix that is being melted has Amethysts as the most required to forge then it is safe to assume that you will get the highest number of materials in Amethysts from the smelt.

The general rule is that when you smelt an item you can get the same quality of materials as well as -1 and +1 qualities too.

Example: If you smelt Orange you can get Red, Orange and Purple materials.

Another rule is that you may get the same material in in different quality from the same smelt.

Example: You are smelting Orange item which can produce Crystals. You can get 1-2 Red Crystals, 4-5 Orange Crystals and 4-5 Purple Crystals from a single smelt. The same way if you smelt a Red item you will get a random variation of Red and Orange materials.

Let's backup these claims with some examples. Here we have a number of controlled smelts of Orange items and we observe the results

Example 1:

Smelt example

We are smelting an orange 120 item level ring. We can see the possible smelting materials and on the right side we can see what the smelt actually produced.

We can see that Copper and the Scroll did not come out of the smelt at all. Total materials from the smelt: 36

The rest of the materials came in different low quantities and both Amethyst and Obsidian came in two colors - Orange and Purple. No Red materials this time. Some materials came only in Orange and some only in Purple

Example 2:

Smelting example

Pretty much like the above example a couple of materials not present after smelting and a couple, in this case 4, came in two different qualities - Orange and Purple. No Red materials again.

Example 3:

Smelting example

Crystal comes in 3 different colors! Purple Orange Red

The rest of the materials show behaviour seen in the other examples - combinations of Purple and Orange. Again few of the materials didn't show up in the result at all. Total materials from the smelt: 38

Example 4:

Smelting example

This time we have all the materials present in the result! We even have a Red item and just like with the Crystal above - in all 3 possible colors. Interesting that the lowest color - Purple produces the most amount

Total materials from the smelt: 42

Example 5:

Smelting example

Only 1 item not show in the result. No tripple colors here. Just the usual combo of Purple and Orange

Total materials from the smelt: 32

Example 6:

Smelting example

Good smelt. Two Red materials. Both Sapphire and Obsidian produce all 3 colors. Total materials from the smelt: 30

Example 7:

Smelting example

In this example we don't have any Red items unfortunately but it shows the exact same pattern as the other examples. 2 materials in single color and the rest in 2 colors. Total materials from the smelt: 31

Let's try to smelt an entirely Red item

Smelt Red item

This is a very rare low level Red item. It is only a suffix applied to the item so the total material count is not high. From the 3 possible materials 1 is Red

Let's smelt another Red item

Smelt Red item

First, it takes 71 hours to smelt a 126 lvl Red amulet. Second, the results are conclusive. When you smelt Red, you will get a lot of Orange but you will have guaranteed Red materials from at least the top 2 materials

Let's smelt another Red. Zimbris

Smelt Zimbris Red

Pretty successful smelt. All of the materials involved into the Zimbris prefix and the Retribution suffix are present. Every possible material came Red!


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