Gladiatus Item Repair and Conditioning

Gladiatus Item Repair and Conditioning


Using the workbench you have a chance to repair your items. You won`t be able to make any new equipment, but with the right raw materials, at least you won`t have to enter combat with inferior gear. Are you short of time and materials? *Ahem* Just bribe the blacksmith. The things he needs to restore your item to its full splendour might be lying unused just around the corner... Wait a second now, who said anything about stealing? Maybe the blacksmith just buys the things he needs with the Rubies he earns. But you don`t really need to go sticking your nose in there. As long as the price is right, that`s all that matters!

Gladiatus Workbench

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In the Forge, there is a very special tab called Workbench. The Workbench can repair and condition your items. But let's first talk what that means

With the coming of Forging, the items also got themselves Durability and Conditioning.

Durability and Conditioning


Item has a fixed durability. The durability is higher on higher item levels. When the item drops below 100% nothing really happens. However, if the item completely breaks, reaching 0 durability, its stats will suffer and the item will go as it is one quality color behind (Unconfirmed). If you have an Orange item that breaks to 0 durability, its stats will be as if it was Purple


When the item reaches 100% Durability, it can now be conditioned. Conditioning increases all of the stats on the item as it is the next quality level. Conditioning increases the stats of an item with the exact amount as it is the next quality color. A Blue item for example, conditioned will have the stats as if the item was Purple

Green + conditioning = Blue value = 115%
Blue + conditioning = Purple value = 130%
Purple + conditioning = Orange value = 150%
Orange value + conditioning = Red value = 175%
Red + conditioning = 200% value, twice as better as normal Green item

This is huge and it means that every respected Gladiator will have to take care of his equipment all the time and make sure it's always conditioned. Conditioning is increased to 100%, just like Durability with repairing. Good to note is that even if you condition your item on just 1%, you will get the full stat increase. This means that it doesn't matter if your item is conditioned on 1% or 100%. It will benefit from the stat increase regardless. However, every hit made against a character can damage item so you can't keep it low on Conditioning as you will quickly loose the increased stat

Losing durability and conditioning

Durability is lost by receiving hits in every fight you do, no matter if it's an Expedition, Dungeon or Arena. This can be observed in great detail if you open one Battle report and look at it:

Losing durability

You can see the total loss of durability from that fight and in each round - what items have lost durability. Boots, Weapons, Amulets, Rings are heavily damaged in most fights. Gloves, Helmets and Chest Armours are rarely hit.

In Dungeons and Circus Turma the tank will take almost all durability hits because he is getting hit almost all of the time. Therefore, your damage dealing mercs and healer might not need repair at all!


You can repair your items in the Workbench section of the Forge. Simply navigate to Forge -> Workbench


If you drag an item you will be able to see what the repair will require. Repair requirements show are are always for repairing the item to 100% durability and 100% conditioning.

Repairing an item

Repairing an item requires Forging Goods (materials). It works just like Forging. You will purchase the workbench slot and then you will be able to start dragging materials into the bench. First two workbench slots cost Gold and the other 4 Rubies

Once you purchase the slot you can start dragging materials.

After dragging a material you can see how much this material will repair the conditioning


You don't have to put all the required materials in order to start repairing. You can only repair, with just one material invested.

Just click on the button Work on

In fact there is a tactic on how you can change the required materials, in case you don't have some of the required materials. Just drag 1 material, repair, bring back the item to the workbench and the required items to repair might be scrambled among the rest. I also have a video showing it

The materials an item needs for repairing are the same as the materials required to forge the item. How repairing works is that one forging good will repair X points of durability (or conditioning if 100% durability). How much one material repairs depends on the character level. On level 9, one material might only repair 1500 points of durability/conditioning but items on lower level also have less durability/conditioning. At around level 112, one material usually repairs between 8000-10000 durability/conditioning points. Example below. These Lucius boots are missing 40% conditioning which equates to 152181-92385=59796. We require 6x materials to repair these missing 59796 conditioning. This is 9966 per material.

Repair example

Let's insert 1x Scorpion Poison Blue quality


It will repair exactly 9966 as calculated. Let's use 1x Leather Purple quality now

Repair example

The 1x Leather added another 9966 exactly for the total of 19932. This teaches us 2 valuable lessons.

1. It doesn't matter what material you put in, whether it's Bull's Horn or Leather or Scorpion poison, they all equal the same amount of repair points

2. Higher quality materials does NOT provide more repair points

So let's see what the difference in stats between a conditioned item and non-conditioned item is:

Non-conditioned VS conditioned item


Let's summarize what we learned about repairing

  • You can repair up to 2 items at the same time for Gold. If you want more you can use the other 4 paid workbench slots but they cost Rubies
  • Repairing an item is quick - if repair a small portion of the missing durability/conditioning it can be a few seconds. The most a repair can take is 30 seconds
  • After an item reaches 100% durability, any further repairs will increase the conditioning of the item which increases stats
  • Conditioning the item with even 1% will boost all stats of the item. Falling under 1% conditioning will remove the extra stats from the item
  • Repairing requires materials (Forging goods). How many depends on the missing amount of durability/conditioning
  • Each material repairs an X amount of durability/conditioning, based on the character level and item level
  • The higher the item level, the more durability and conditioning points it has
  • The materials required to repair your item are exactly the materials needed to forge the item. However, only certain materials are actively required to repair at one time
  • You don't need to fully repair the item in order to repair. You can only repair a portion of the durability and try again. In fact this can change your required materials to more suitable ones if you do that
  • When a repair is finished, the item will be send as a package
  • Loss of durability happens to every character (even dungeon/turma) who is being hit
  • Boots, Weapons, Amulets and Rings are the most damaged items
  • Certain Micro Events or Dis Pater costumes removes any durability loss
  • Because it doesn't matter what quality of material you use to repair your item - save your Purple/Orange/Red materials for forging and repair using the Green/Blue ones. On high levels even Purple are fine for repairing as you are aiming for Orange and Red items only

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