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Game Updates and patch information

Changelog 3.0.2:

Fixed: Missing buffs in eventnews
If there were an event with the same buff but different effects only one of the effect was shown in newspost.
E.g. No durability loss on expeditions / arenafights / …

Fixed: Dungeon buffs links are not working as intended
When the dungeon buffs were active, the buff linked to the last expedition, instead to the last visited dungeon

Fixed: AE: Payment overlay not centered
The payment overlay was not centered in AE but right handed

Fixed: Statistics shown under 'victories' seem to get stuck/not getting updated
Were updated only when the eventhandler was restarted… so actually once a week instead of instantly

Fixed: Event locations counts as location 0
For missions, news and tasks event locations counted as location 0 of the current country.
e.g. if you have the task "Defeat rat 10 times" and you defeat the first opponent of an event location it counts as a rat.
Or defeating the boss of an event location when the first boss of a country hasn't been defeated yet triggers a servernews that the location 0 boss has been defeated the first time.

Fixed: Payment overlay not loading
Whenever a link was clicked (e.g. happy hour buff link, buy rubies) that forwarded to payment page and additionally should open the payment overlay, the overlay didn't open

Wednesday, 13.12. at 10:00

Changelog 3.0.1

Improvement: Adjusted quality distribution for vendor items
Added: Forge resources drops for Britannia mobs
Changed backend to prevent bugged auctions
Fixed: After travelling from Germania to another country sometimes the dungeon description was missing
Fixed: Serverquest 4th reward icon displays loca key instead of the actual reward

2017-10-25 at 14:00

Changelog 3.0.0

  • Higher max levels for guild buildings

    guild storage: 16
    Villa Medici: 18
    rest: 20

  • increased max storable gold in guild
  • Fixed: Chat crashes
  • New expedition NPC rating
  • New Country: Britannia

Changelog 2.10.2 = 27/07/2017 = 15:00

  • Fixed: Placing items in inventory using less space than actually necessary
    It was possible to place items in inventory although there was not enough room for it… e.g. 2 stacks of chicken (each 2x2) in a 2x4 box.

  • Fixed: Packages vs stack size
    If someone dragged e.g. a stack of 60 items out of his packages all other stacks were marked as possible "drop" (so highlighted green) although the sum of both stacks exceeded 100… if he/she dropped it there a "not possible" was shown and the package faded back.

  • Improvement: Delivery of prizes of reconstruction events is now more "fair"
    Now all users get a price which have at least as much resources spent as the top 20 user. Before if more then one user were on place 20 only one got the prize.

  • Fixed: Revenge-links didn't work on serverquest reports
  • Fixed: After servermerge some items were lost
  • Fixed: Wrong preselection value in "move stack"-overlay
  • Fixed: Quality indicator stays in inventory if a green item is dragged to smeltery
  • Fixed: Statistics in user's profile blank if not logged in
  • Fixed: Revenge link doesn't show ruby removal
  • Fixed: White page if no opponents can be found in provinciarum

Changelog 2.10.1 - 20/07/2017

  • reworked achievement system in backend
  • Changed chat-link to fix issue with tooltip in mobile view >> the chat link on the left top to open the chat (chat icon is the link not a textlink, but a graphic one) and this one was not reachable in mobile view
  • Some changes in drag & drop (We made some changes on drag on drop concerning stack sizes. E.g. it wasn't possible to drag a stack of 60 soulmirrors to a stack of 60 soulbounded items. Now this should be fixed. Now you can also drag a stack of 60 items to a stack of e.g. 70 items and then just 30 items will be moved.)
  • Fixed: Dead achievement links and javascript error (Achievement titles had a bad link)
  • fixed: Missing active class on comparison doll menu (On auction house the selected doll for comparison tooltips weren't highlighted correctly)
  • fixed:"Circus Provinciarum" Tab double spaced ( On Windows with Firefox the CP tab was double spaced)
  • fixed: Ajax Errors weren't shown on CP page
  • fixed: Buff "Increase Max Dungeon Points" broken in some cases

2.10.0 Known issue:

The new attack button in the combat reports currently has an issue where it doesn't warn you about your event points or Underworld points being empty. So if you are using it in an event location or an Underworld location, please be aware of the fact that using it might cost you rubies. We recommend you check the enemy overview first before attacking in these areas

Changelog v2.10.0: 12.07.2017 at 15:00

  • Personal game popups now appear instant instead without a page reload (levelup,…)
  • Feature: Level and quality to item icons
  • Expedition bonuses can be deactivated now
  • Fix: "To expedition" vs. event locations("To expedition" didn't work after an event-expedition)
  • Improvement: Arena/CT: Better AJAX-error messages
  • Feature: "Instant revenge"-links in battle reports (Arena, Circus, Expeditions)
  • Fixed browser console error spam after logout

Changelog v2.9.3: (28.06.2017 at 15:00)

Fix for user lags: Under certain circumstances accounts could get stuck in loading (=not playable anymore)

Changelog v2.9.2:

  • Fixed: Several layout issues (buttons, texts, etc.).
  • Improvement: Some more push notifications (e.g. automatic update on level-up)
  • Fixed: Forge tools are not stackable in forge anymore; was possible under certain circumstances before (with no effect).
  • Improvement: Nicer progression bars in reconstruction event
  • Fixed: Serverquest did not start properly on some servers
  • Fixed: Dungeon points regeneration micro-event was broken
  • Fixed: Expedition buffs like Centurio's reduced waiting time do not apply anymore to the Underworld.

Changelog 2.9.1

  • some backend changes
  • Some improvements for push notifications (faster, added some events, etc…)
  • Fixed drop of non-droppable affixes on smeltery
    "There are still items in game with old affixes which should not be dropped anymore.
    If such an item was put to smeltery there was a low chance to get those no-use-anymore affixes as a forge recipe"

  • Expedition cooldown cancelled
    "If the expedition- or dungeonpoints got full a running cooldown was cancelled after 1 minute"

  • Expedition/dungeon: time for next point displayed incorrectly
    "In time zones other than DE, the time stamp for the next expedition / dungeon point was displayed incorrectly. They were shown in DE timezone"

Changelog 2.9.0

  • Changed: Actions in vacation mode

    Enabled the following pages vacation mode:
  • Messages (list, read, write, folders etc)
  • Viewing player profiles
  • Game rules
  • Memo

    Disabled the following drag&drop actions in vacation mode: >> [normally those actions were already disabled in v-mode however it was possible to still undertake them if you played in two tabs or more and kept them opened after starting vacation mode]
  • Taking packages
  • Buying & selling from / to vendor
  • Consuming items (i.e. drop on avatar or guild library)

  • Added: Player autocomplete in search field if player search selected
  • Improved expedition-points/dungeon-points calculation - this change should also fix those "activated centurio but didn't get expedition points filled up" - bugs
  • Improved "on that page" actions in packages - before that change it was possible that other packages were deleted than the ones a player could see (e.g. if new packages arrived between loading the page and the use of the option). Now only packages which can be seen (on the page) are affected
  • Feature: Added warnings regarding Dis Pater costume
    1.) added a warning when entering the Underworld that says "you already have the costume for this difficulty. Defeating Dis Pater again will not give you another costume until you use the one you already have."
    2.) Altered the confirmation dialog when removing the Dis Pater costume to include a highlighted warning explaining that the costume will disintegrate once removed.

  • Unify ellipsis logic
    1.) Added shortening also on package-page (e.g. for sender names)
    2.) If a text is shortened by "…" e.g. nicknames now a cursor with "?" is shown when hovered.

  • Ellipsis logic works now also on first underworld opponent (mirror)
  • Clicking next to a information pop-up now cancels the pop-up instead of "OK" it

Changelog 2.8.3

  • fixed: No market tooltips on mobiles ("tooltips for market items didn't work properly on mobiles")

  • fixed revenge buttons in combat report ("now the revenge is made in the same arena like the initial combat")
  • fixed some issues with notifications on DE201

The release of 2.8.3 will be on 20.04.17 at 15:00

Changelog 2.8.2

  • fixed: Login does not always work properly
    (Sometimes the general error page occurred. Also trying to login to a server from another one while another user is already logged in did not work as well)

  • Event points don't regenerate at correct time
    (event points were restored after 90 minutes instead at midnight)
  • Change: Message after consuming items with more than one effect show all effects instead of just one

The release of 2.8.2 has been scheduled for: 06.04.2017 at 15:00

Changelog 2.8.1

  • fixed: header links not working under certain circumstances
    if there was a header update while a cooldown was running the link behind didn't work anymore

  • change: NodeJS-Server for push notifications
  • fixed: Microevent changes during running microevent
    on servers which are not in the german timezone, buffs weren't removed properly in some cases

  • fixed: Style issue in packages
    If the gold value of packages were too long a linebreak caused some style issues

  • fixed: praying bonus is not shown in health tooltip
  • fixed: scroll is shown in smeltery preview although it cannot be dropped in some cases
  • fixed: New player search is missing on market seller field
  • fixed: confusing colouring used in items tooltips
  • Feature: New in-game rules page
  • some backend fixes

planning to get this update tomorow 16:00 - (German time)

with the update installed you will be able to view the new global rules for gladiatus (those rules will come into force on 10th of April).

 Source: http://board.en.gladiatus.gameforge.com/board477-news-announcements-and-rules/board478-news/36638-game-update/index8.html#post473543