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Gladiatus Orange drops

Gladiatus Orange drops

So the most important part of the game. Orange drops. Well maybe forging is the big source of godly gear now but a good drop from a boss is still worth a lot. Especially with the new conditioning feature.


Below are my ever-growing gallery of orange drops but unfortunately this is not my entire orange drop collection, just the one i screenshotted and preserved

So far I have drops from:

Tatzelwurm: 21

Externsteine mobs: 5

Wrath Mountain: 5

Seidr: 1

Dragon: 17


So there is a reason for all this. I personally think that Wrath Mountain has the most % to drop an Orange but you fight it just a couple of times a day while Tatze and the other expedition bosses you farm tens of times a day so even with a lower chance they will drop the most oranges.


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