Boss Analysis: Dragon vs Dracolich

Dragon vs Dracolich

Two of the best expedition bosses in the game. Let's go through some in-depth analysis of their stats, drops and differences

  Dragon Dracolich
  Dragon Dracolich
Gold Gold9056 Gold9635
Experience Experience15,5 Experience15,5
Honour Honour776 Honour791,5
Item level 109-130 113-130
Level Level121 Level125
Strength 459,5 375
Dexterity 484 468,5
Agility 508 656
Constitution 435,5 375
Charisma 1101 1224,5
Intelligence 484 500
Armour 21932 21620
Dmg Min 484 577
Dmg Max 594 708,5


Both bosses are with very close stat composition. Dracolich being the higher level boss is also stronger but not as much as you would expect if you look at the stats. However, in reality is considerably harder than Dragon, probably due to the higher damage. When you never lose a battle against Dragon, Dracolich can still give you 1 or 2 defeats every 10 battles at levels of 112-115.


Experience is absolutely the same. Which is weird. You would expect that the higher boss will reward better experience but that's not the case here. Honour is a bit more with Dracolich as well as gold Gold. Item level - this is another shocking story. Both Dragon and Dracolich can go as high as item level 130 with Dracolich's lower item level limit a bit higher than Dragon's - 113. That's a pretty wide range of item level drop. From own experience i can say that Dragon is pretty generous with the number of Orange items compared to Dracolich and despite it lower range to be item level 109, you can very rarely expect to hit it. He usually would award in the 120-128 range the most. One thing that i experienced while farming both was that at lower levels 108-113 i didn't have any item level 130 from Dragon and suddenly on 114 level he started dropping higher than 128 up to 130. Which means that there might be an unproved mechanism in the game where the boss item level drops adjust to your character level.


Having the above in mind the conclusion is this - Do not be tempted to fight Dracolich just because he is the better or higher boss. If you are steadily farming Dragon and you never loose (or you lose a random battle every 50 or so kills) but you lose even 1 in 10 battles with Dracolich, it's just not worth to switch to Dracolich yet. Item levels won't be much higher, Dragon seems to be dropping more Orange and the experience/honour you would lose from just 1 defeat from Dracolich compared to sure win against Dragon, just makes it unworthy. The right time to switch to Dracolich is when you overwhelm him completely and not lose more than 1 in 20 battles math-wise. Probably after 115 level.

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