Chamber of Pyro

Chamber of Pyro

Chamber of Pyro is the third dungeon in Africa. Very interesting dungeon and very long. It is based on luck so you could spend all your dungeon point easily before reaching the boss.

Entry level: 30

Dungeon points to complete: 10-21. Most of the times it will be between 10-14. 21 is hypothetically the worst luck possible

Level on which you can complete: Minions are easy. Pyro is a bit harder but you can kill him with your Abucted mercenary and gear, just make sure you upgrade your Mercenary to current levels (~40 level mercenaries) and upgrade your weapons with 70 damage +. Here is an example of a setup that kills Pyro on level 30 - here.

Enemy and boss levels: 39-41

Minions item level drop: 38-43 Confirmed

Boss item level drop: 38-49 Confirmed

Parent Expedition: Blood Cave

Advanced Dungeon: No

Previous Dungeon: Abducted (Level 25)

Next Dungeon: Poisoned Country (Level 35)


There is a rotten smell coming from the entrance of the cave. You won`t have an easy time here. Whoever enters this cave has to be prepared to encounter deadly animals and decay. Cobwebs and nasty beetles are reducing all the joy of investigation to a minimum.

Chamber of Pyro


1. suffocate the stream of scorpions

2. You`ll see three doors. On each door there is a kind of a lock with three round coloured indentations.
a. Find the violet stone
b. Find the green stone
c. Find the blue stone

You head to the entrance and a huge swarm of scorpions is blocking your path. You have no other way but to fight your way through them

Phase 1

Pantinus Imperator



After you kill all 6 you will complete Quest 1

Quest 1 Completed

You finally make it through and you enter the main chamber. Coming in you actually feel more confused. Lots of enemies, 3 stones to find. You have a choice where to start

Phase 2

Here are the 3 stones that you are looking for

Phase 2 1 Stones

Also to note that you should not attack these. They are not necessary

Do Not Go

Let's say we first go for the violet and attack the spiders

You have a chance to find the stone without killing the whole stack of 5 spiders but that's up to luck but it's not unusual to take the whole 5 kills




You will know when you've found one by seeing the quest completion

Quest 2 Completed

Once you find the Violet stone let's go and find the other one. Let's pick the green one as next target

Phase 2 2

Remember, you have a chance to discover the stone from any of your attempts. Might be the first one, might be from the 5th.

You attack what seems to be snakes

Spitting Cobra



Wait for this one to find out if you have found the green stone

Green stone found

With 2 of the stones in possession, it's time to move on to the last one - the blue. Attack the Shamans

Phase 2 3 Blue stone




When you find the blue stone from killing Shamans you should see

Quest 3 Blue Stone Completed

All the quests are now completed so you look at the middle of the arena where the mysterious red chest sits

You open it and something terrible comes out


You have no choice but to attack





Special abilities:

Round 1, 7, 13, 19 etc every 7 rounds: Pyro takes a deep breath and blows a cloud of smoke in the direction of {random NPC}, the cloud disappears before it can reach {random NPC}

OR Pyro breathes in deeply and blows a cloud of smoke, enveloping {random NPC}. {random NPC} loses orientation for 2 rounds.

It's an attack on random NPC of your group which misses quite a lot but if it succeeds, the targeted NPC will not attack/take action for 2 rounds

Round 2, 4, 6, 8 etc. every 2 rounds: Pyro changes his strategy and no longer directly hits his opponent, but hits his neighbour instead.

Every two rounds Pyro will not hit the tank but his neighbour. This is the Mercenary you in your next Mercenary slot.

Round 3 only: Pyro speaks a short spell. A red light surrounds him and he seems to be able to foresee all attacks on him.

Seems like an attack that increases the chance to miss Pyro in this round of attacks


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