Micro Events

Micro Events

 Micro Event

The gods look favourably upon us!

Micro events are non-official events lasting 48 hours that do not involve costumes or event expeditions but temporary buffs. Here are some examples:

-20% Ruby cost for Centurion


+40% gold loot on expeditions

-50% regeneration time for expedition points

+50% expedition points


1.25 times success when forging

-10% forging time


+200% experience points for the attacker in arena battles

+200% experience points in dungeons

+30% experience points on expeditions

Here is another good example of a very nice Micro Event. This is actually the best Micro Event we've seen so far.

Good Micro Event

These are just examples. There are many more combinations. These events are common and almost every week

Here is the official EN thread for announcing Micro Events - http://board.en.gladiatus.gameforge.com/board477-news-announcements-and-rules/board478-news/49437-micro-event/index3.html#post473939

You can find past info in the Events tab next to News

Micro Events

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