The Last Resort

The Last Resort

The Last Resort is the advanced dungeon of Pirate Harbour and On the Run dungeon. Its entry level is an unusual but surely welcomed one. Dungeon is extremely long. This is also the first "Advanced" version of a dungeon in the game.

Entry level: 68

Dungeon points to complete: 14

Level on which you can complete: 68 shouldn't be a problem. Boss doesn't seem to be hard. Better weapons and better Mercenary levels compared to previous dungeon and you should be fine. Here is a screenshot of a kill on level 68 - here.

Enemy and boss levels: 77-79

Minions item level drop: 75-81 Confirmed

Boss item level drop: 76-89 Confirmed

Parent Expedition: Pirate Harbour

Advanced Dungeon: This is the Advanced dungeon of On the Run (Level 10)

Previous Dungeon: In enemy hands (Level 65)

Next Dungeon: The True Owner (Level 70)


The old harbour is a hideout and meeting point for all sorts of rabble and shady creatures. And amongst the dirt and fish stench filled alleyways, Gnaeus Aurelius Flavio is attempting to flee from his just punishment with some of his followers. The senator, the emperors` former confidante, is being charged with treason and fraternizing with the enemy.

He has to be stopped, before he reaches one of the smuggler`s ships and can escape with any knowledge he has gathered that could be dangerous for the kingdom.

The Last Resort


1. The senator has disguised himself and is trying to get to the pier undetected.
Fight your way past the traitor`s followers who want to stop you

First, you need to defeat 3 pairs of 2 Gnaeus` Follower

Phase 1

Gnaeus Follower



Once you kill all 6 of them you will complete first step

Quest 1 Completed

You see 6 Suspicious Fisherman approaching you. Seems like they want to fight

Phase 2

Suspicious Fisherman



Killing all of them rewards the 2nd quest completion

Quest 2 Completed

You get rid of the distraction but you see that the Senator is already on the harbour. You rush and catch up to him. You attack!


Gnaeus Aurelius Flavio



Killing Gnaeus isn't the end! There is someone else behind the whole smuggling operation!

Quest 3 Completed

The whole operation is stopped so you now need to deal with the mastermind behind all this! It's the infamous Captain Kratos. You've never had a better chance on making him pay so you charge with full strength


Captain Kratos




Special abilities:

Round 1, 9, 15, 21 or every 6 rounds: A loud roar echoes from the barbarian`s throat when he issues a sweeping blow. The blade cuts through the air so quickly that it becomes blurred. No one had a chance of escaping.

Mass damage to the entire group for 1400-1500 damage. The attack can double hit, crit or miss.

Round 2, 11, 20 or every 9 rounds: Recognition gleams in the barbarians` eyes. He has spotted your combat tactic and is nimbly evading all dangerous attacks.

Seems to be increasing the chance to miss an attack on Kratos, meaning that your attack can still damage him if they don't miss.

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